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Dornier Do 17 E-1 7./KG77 (3Z+BR) Germany May 1939

Photograph Source: Flugzeug Classic 2012-02

Civilians and RAF personnel with a Dornier Do 17 that crash-landed among hops in Kent, July 1940.

Fliegender Bleistift 'flying pencil' one of the earliest enemy aircraft crashes in Kent was this Dornier Do 17Z WNr. 2642 3Z+'red'GS of 8./KG77 shot down by Hurricanes of 32 Squadron into a hop garden between Beech Farm and Sheephurst Farm at Collier Street, Paddock Wood, near Tonbridge, Kent, England 3rd July 1940. One of the RAF airmen guarding the wreck points out the many bullet holes that had ripped into the Dornier’s fuselage.

Intercepted over Tonbridge by three Hurricanes at 8,000 ft. and jettisoned their remaining bomb load of nine 50 kg bombs (having previously dropped six 50 kg over Kenley airfield). The first attack killed the rear gunner and the pilot made for some clouds but a further two attacks were made before the aircraft crashed in a hop field, killing the wireless operator. Although the nose of the aircraft was badly smashed, it did not catch fire and the engines were virtually undamaged. Markings: a white shield bearing a black eagle was painted on either side of the nose. Armament: the aircraft was fitted with six MG's, one in nose, two side top, one rear top and two lower. Armour plate was fitted behind the pilot and the wireless operator. (aircrewremembrancesociety)

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Richard Brandes. - Wounded.
Observer: Oberleutnant. Hans-Georg Gallion. - Badly wounded.
Radio/Op: Obergefreiter. Erich Hoffmann. – Killed. CC 1/248.
Flt/Eng: Unteroffizier. Waldermar Theilig. – Killed. CC 1/249.
(Colourised today by Doug)

Imperial War Museum IWM HU 104728

Imperial War Museum IWM HU 104717


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