Junkers Ju 88 G-6a I./NJG6 (2Z+ ) Luftwaffe wings Gerhard Friedrich Groß Sachsenheim 1945 01

Photo 01: The reverse mottle finish on this Ju 88G-6a has been achieved by overspraying the 75 uppersurfaces with 76 in such a way that patches of the original 75 remain. Note, however, that the pattern on the wings is quite different from that on the fuselage, a result, perhaps, of these components being produced in different factories. This particular aircraft, photographed in 1944, was flown by Hptm. Gerhard Friedrich, the Staffelkapitän of I./NJG6, who was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 15 March 1945 but was killed the next night when his 33rd victim exploded and his own aircraft was caught in the blast.

Luftwaffe wings Luftwaffe aircrew NJG6 pilot Gerhard Friedrich 01

1 Staffel I Gruppe Nachtjagdgeschwader 6 - 1./NJG6

Junkers Ju 88G 1./NJG6 (2Z+LN) 01

Photo 01: Note again how the mottles on the fuselage of this Junkers Ju 88 differ from those on the uppersurface of the wings. In each case, however, the effect has been achieved by spraying 76 over a base of 75.

4 Staffel II Gruppe Nachtjagdgeschwader 6 - 4./NJG6

Junkers Ju 88 G-6 4./NJG6 (2Z+HM) WNr 620751 Aschaffenburg 1945 00

Profile 00: Junkers Ju 88G-6 of 4./NJG6, Aschaffenburg, May 1945. The operational markings 2Z+HM on this machine were in black with the individual aircraft letter 'H' in white outlined in black. The Werknummer 620751 was painted in black above the Hakenkreuz on the fin, and the aircraft was finished in the typical night fighter scheme of 75 and 76.

Junkers Ju 88G 4./NJG6 (2Z+HM) WNr 620751 Aschaffenburg 1945 01

Photo 01: Captured at Aschaffenburg in 1945 was this Junkers Ju 88G-6 of 4./NJG6 with the port wing clearly showing the 76 sprayed over a solid application of 75.

12 Staffel IV Gruppe Nachtjagdgeschwader 6 - 12./NJG6

Junkers Ju 88G 12./NJG6 (2Z+EW) Bad Aibing Rosenheim May 1945

Profile Source: Flugzeug Classic 2009-04

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Knights Cross

Gerhard 'Gerd' Friedrich

Units: KGzvb-106, Stab III/NJG-1 (6/43), 10/NJG-4, Stab II/NJG-4, Kdr I & II/NJG-6 (7/44 Mainz-Finthen)

Awards: RK(3/15/45), DK-G(10/1/44), EK 1 & 2, Wound Badge (4/17/43), Night Fighter Operational Clasp

Known Aircraft: Ju 52, in KG-106, Ju 88G-6a, Bf 110 & Ju 88G in I/NJG-6, Ju 88G-6 WNr 621801 '2Z+LB' (lost 3/45)

Remarks: KIA 16/17 March, 1945 when the bomb load of a Lancaster, 'PB 785' of RAF No. 576 Sq., he had hit, exploded, killing him as well as 7 Lancaster crew and the 3 others in his Ju 88 Wk# 621801. Remaining crew (all KIA): Lt Lewerenz, Ofw Giesen and Uffz Meyer. WIA 16/17 April, 1943 when he was shot down at Hochspeyer. All victories were Night victories. One known victory, a Halifax 2 km E of Xanten on 23 June, 1943. Another, a Lancaster at Seeburh, NW of Murrhardt on 26 February, 1944. A Halifax 60 km S of Saarbrücken on 2 March, 1944. A '4 mot' NW of Kaiserlautern on 18 March, 1944. A Halifax III NW of Nürnberg on 31 March, 1944. A Lancaster and a Halifax at Montdidier on 11 April, 1944. A Halifax W of Friedrichshafen on 28 April, 1944. A 2nd Halifax, same day, at Schaffenhausen. A Lancaster near Deelen on 13 June, 1944. A Lancaster S of Darmstadt on 12 September, 1944. Magnus, 33 victories.

Gerhard 'Gerd' Friedrich was born on 16 September 1917 at Berlin-Johannisthal. Friedrich initially served as a transport pilot. He participated in the invasion of Crete with KG z.b.v. 106. He underwent conversion training as a night fighter pilot and was posted to III./NJG1 at the beginning of 1942. Friedrich claimed his first victory on the night of 16/17 June when he shot down a RAF Wellington twin-engine bomber.

By October 1942, Oberleutnant Friedrich was serving with II./NJG2. He gained at least one victory with this unit, when he shot down a RAF Halifax four engine bomber near Bar-le-Duc on the night of 24/25 October as his fourth victory. Friedrich was serving with 8./NJG4 by December 1942. He gained one victory with this unit claiming another Halifax shot down near Courouvre on the night of 6/7 October as his fifth victory.

On 1 January 1943, Friedrich was appointed Staffelkapitän of 10./NJG4. Friedrich gained a further three victories with 10./NJG4. However, on the night of 16/17 April, his Bf-110F-4 (W.Nr. 4755) was hit by return fire from RAF bombers he was attacking and he and his bordfunker were wounded. Both managed to bale out of the stricken aircraft near Hochspeyer. On 1 August 10./NJG4 was redesignated 1./NJG6. On the night 25/26 February 1944, Hauptmann Friedrich claimed a RAF Lancaster four-engine bomber shot down near Seeburg as his 10th victory. Friedrich was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of I./NJG6 on 12 July 1944. He had 18 victories to his credit at this time.

On the night of 11/12 September, Friedrich claimed a Lancaster shot down near Darmstadt to record his 20th victory. He claimed four Lancasters shot down near Pforzheim on the night of 23/24 February 1945 (26-29). On the night of 14/15 March, he claimed a further three Lancasters shot down (30-32). On 15 March 1945, Friedrich was awarded the Ritterkreuz for 29 victories. On the night of 16/17 March 1945, Friedrich collided with a RAF Lancaster four-engine bomber near Stuttgart at 21:00 hours. Friedrich and his crew were killed in Ju 88G-6 (W.Nr. 621801) (2Z+LB) along with the seven crew of the British bomber.

“Gerd” Friedrich was credited with 33 victories. All his victories were recorded at night.

No Date Time A/c Type Unit Location / Comments
1 17.6.1942 3:08 Wellington III./NJG 1 5km W Ijmuiden
2 20.6.1942 3:13 Wellington III./NJG 1 10km N Zandvoort
3 26.7.1942 2:12 Wellington III./NJG 1 6km W Zieuwent
4 24.10.1942 21:50 Halifax II./NJG 2 Bar-le-Duc
5 6.12.1942 19:27 Halifax 8./NJG 4 Courouvre
6 9.3.1943 23:35 Lancaster 10./NJG 4 NW Rinuthalb
7 17.3.1943 0:16 Halifax 10./NJG 4 Börnloß
8 11.4.1943 3:23 Wellington 10./NJG 4 Luinbach-Weuir
9 6.9.1943 0:57 Halifax 1./NJG 6 Nr Mannheim-Sandhofer
10 26.2.1944 1:33 Lancaster 1./NJG 6 Seeburg
11 2.3.1944 4:04 Halifax 1./NJG 6 60km S Saarbrücken
12 18.3.1944 22:32 Halifax 1./NJG 6 Preist
13 31.3.1944 0:57 Halifax 1./NJG 6 NW Nürnberg
14 11.4.1944 0:03 Lancaster 1./NJG 6 Montdidier
15 11.4.1944 0:13 Halifax 1./NJG 6 Near Montdidier
16 28.4.1944 2:00 Halifax 1./NJG 6 W Friedrichshafen
17 28.4.1944 2:34 Halifax 1./NJG 6 Schaffenhausen
18 13.6.1944 1:25 Lancaster 1./NJG 6 Near Deelen
19 12.9.1944 0:15 Lancaster I./NJG 6 S Darmstadt
20 12.9.1944 22:46 Lancaster I./NJG 6 NW FuF “Christa”
21 28.1.1945 23:53 Lancaster I./NJG 6 S Wildbad
22 1.2.1945 19:20 Lancaster I./NJG 6 Ludwigshafen
23 2.2.1945 23:20 Lancaster I./NJG 6 Karlsruhe
24 2.2.1945 23:25 Lancaster I./NJG 6 Karlsruhe
25 21.2.1945 20:45 Halifax I./NJG 6 10km SW Worms
26 23.2.1945 20:00 Lancaster I./NJG 6 E Pforzheim
27 23.2.1945 20:08 Lancaster I./NJG 6 E Pforzheim
28 23.2.1945 20:12 Lancaster I./NJG 6 SE Pforzheim
29 23.2.1945 20:15 Lancaster I./NJG 6 S Pforzheim
30 14.3.1945 23:15 Lancaster I./NJG 6 -
31 14.3.1945 23:18 Lancaster I./NJG 6 -
32 14.3.1945 23:24 Lancaster I./NJG 6 -
33 16.3.1945 21:03 Lancaster I./NJG 6 7km S Echterdingen / Lancaster I (PB785) “UL-L2” of 576 Sqn, RAF flown by F/L Dotten, 7 killed

Victories : 33
Awards : Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (1 October 1944)
Ritterkreuz (15 March 1945)
Units : NJG1, NJG4, NJG6

Asisbiz database: list of 33 aerial victories for Luftwaffe wings Gerhard Friedrich

Date Pilot Name Unit Enemy A/C Type Height Time Location
17-Jun-42 Gerhard Friedrich Stab III.NJG1 Wellington 15m 03.08 5km W. Ijmuiden
20-Jun-42 Gerhard Friedrich Stab III.NJG1 Wellington Low Level 03.13 10km N. Zandvoort
26-Jul-42 Gerhard Friedrich Stab III.NJG1 Wellington 5800m 02.12 6km W. Zieuwent
24-Oct-42 Gerhard Friedrich Stab II./NJG2 Halifax 4500-5000m 21.50 Bar-le-Duc
06-Dec-42 Gerhard Friedrich Stab II./NJG4 Halifax 3000-2500m 19.27 Courouvre (Meuse)
09-Mar-43 Gerhard Friedrich 10./NJG4 Lancaster 4500m 23.15 NW Rinuthalb
17-Mar-43 Gerhard Friedrich 10./NJG4 Halifax 3400m 00.16 Bornloss
11-Apr-43 Gerhard Friedrich 10./NJG4 Wellington 3900m 03.23 Luinbach-Weuir
11-Jun-43 Gerhard Friedrich Stab /NJG1 4-mot. Flzg.   01.22 05 Ost S/FM-79
23-Jun-43 Gerhard Friedrich Stab /NJG1 Halifax 5700m 01.40 2km E Xanten
06-Sep-43 Gerhard Friedrich 2.NJG6 Halifax 3400m 00.57 Raum Mannheim-Sandhofen
26-Feb-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Lancaster 6700m 01.33 400m Seeburh NW Murrhardt
02-Mar-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Halifax 6000m 04.04 60km S Saarbrucken
18-Mar-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 4-mot. Flzg. 5800m 22.32 NW Kaiserslautern
31-Mar-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Halifax III 5600m 00.57 NW Nurnberg
31-Mar-44 Gerhard Friedrich 4./JG54 Il-2 Sturmovik 100m 08.13 88 413
07-Apr-44 Gerhard Friedrich 4./JG54 Il-2 Sturmovik 200m 09.46 88 353
11-Apr-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Halifax 3200m 00.13 b Montidier
11-Apr-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Lancaster 4000m 00.03 Montdidier
28-Apr-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Halifax 6100m 02.34 Schaffenhausen
28-Apr-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Halifax 6300m 02.00 West of Friedrichshafen
13-Jun-44 Gerhard Friedrich 1./NJG6 Lancaster 4100m 01.25 10-30˚ Course Deelen
12-Sep-44 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster 5300m 00.15 S Darmstadt
12-Sep-44 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster 4800m 22.46 040˚ FuF Christa
28-Jan-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.53 S. Wildbad
01-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   19.20 Ludwigshafen
02-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.25 Karlsruhe
02-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.20 Karlsruhe
21-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Halifax   20.45 10km SW Worms
23-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   20.12 SE Pforzheim
23-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   20.00 E. Pforzheim
23-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   20.08 E. Pforzheim
23-Feb-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   20.15 S. Pforzheim
14-Mar-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.15 -
14-Mar-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.24 -
14-Mar-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   23.18 -
16-Mar-45 Gerhard Friedrich Stab I./NJG6 Lancaster   21.03 7km S. Echterdingen

Aschaffenburg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany Map

Bad Aibling, Rosenheim, Germany Map

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