Obstlt Wolfgang 'Bombo' Schenck

Obstlt	Wolfgang 'Bombo' Schenck

Units: Kdr I./ZG1 (3/42), Stafkpt 1./SKG210, Kdr SchG2 (10/43), Kdr SG2, Kdr KG51 (6/44 Chateaudun Fr.)

Awards: RK(8/14/41)-EL(10/30/42), EP(11/40), EK 1 & 2, Bomber Operational Clasp w/Pendant

Known Aircraft: Bf 109F, Bf 110C & Me 210 in ZG-1, Fw 190F in SG units, Me 262A-2a/U1 in KG-51

Remarks: 400+ combat missions as Destroyer, Assault and Bomber pilot. 5 tanks destroyed by 1941 while with E.Gr.-210. Three of his known victories; a Soviet Il-2 SE of Belgorod on 10 June, 1942, an MBR-2 on 25 July, 1942 and a Pe-2 on 2 August, 1942. He also served as Inspector of Close Support Units, November 1943. Then in June 1944 was in charge of bomb dropping tests with the Me 262 as Kdr KG-51 'Edelweiss'. Next, he was named Kdr of Kdo 'Schenck' in January, 1945. At the time of his surrender, he was Inspector for Jet Aircraft. Alternate spelling: Schenk. Photo

Asisbiz database list of 3 out 18 aerial victories for Wolfgang Schenck

Date Pilot Name Unit EA Type Height Time Location
Wednesday, June 10, 1942 Wolfgang Schenck Stab I./ZG1 Il-2 Sturmovik Low Level 03:32 SE Belgorod
Sunday, July 26, 1942 Wolfgang Schenck Stab I./ZG1 MBR-2 300m 16:45 9877-9711
Sunday, August 02, 1942 Wolfgang Schenck Stab I./ZG1 Pe-2 Low Level 05:35 075

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