Joachim Fingerlos

Units: 3./KG51 (10/44)

Awards: Wound Badge, Bomber Operational Clasp

Known Aircraft: Me 262A-2a '9K+XL' (lost 10/44)

Remarks: Shot down with wounds in October, 1944, in his me 262, by a P-51 piloted by Lt C.W. Mueller of 353FG. His right engine was hit and exploded in a mass of flames, but he bailed safely in spite of his serious wounds. Osprey publ.

Asisbiz database list of 1 aerial victories for Joachim Fingerlos

Date Pilot Name Unit EA Type Height Time Location
Friday, March 16, 1945 Lt Joachim Fingerlos Stab I./KG(J)51 P-47 Thunderbolt   - -

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