Eduard Schallmoser

Units: JV-44 (4/45 M√ľnchen-Reim Ger.)

Awards: EK 1 & 2, Fighter Operational Clasp

Known Aircraft: Me 262A-1a WNr 111745 'White 5'

Remarks: A. Galland's JV-44 wingman. His 1st victory, he rammed a P-38 over Riem AP on 3 April, 1945. His 2nd victory, a B-26 in the Lanberg area on 16 April, 1945. His 3rd, a B-17 in the Munich area, involving a collision, on 17 April, 1945. On 20 April, 1945, he attacked a B-26 (victory # 4) formation and accidentally struck the tail of one of the Marauders. He bailed out as both AC fell to the ground. All victories in JV-44. Nickname 'Rammer'.

Asisbiz database list of 3 aerial victories for Eduard Schallmoser

Date Pilot Name Unit Enemy A/C Type Height Time Location
Tuesday, April 03, 1945 Eduard Schallmoser JV44 P-38 Lightning   - bei Munchen-Riem
Monday, April 16, 1945 Eduard Schallmoser JV44 B-26 Marauder   - Raum Lanberg
Tuesday, April 17, 1945 Eduard Schallmoser JV44 B-17 Fortress   - Raum Munchen

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