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Asisbiz English to Swedish Dictionary

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a chimney get-mouldy needle shield
abandon chin get-tired negative ship
abandoned chinaman ghastly negligent ship's-boat
abase chinese gherkin negotiate shirt
abasement chisel ghost negro shiver
abashed chive giant neigh shoe
abattoir chlorine gift neighbour shoe-lace
abbess chocolate gigantic neighbourhood shoo
abbey choice gill neither shop
abbot choke gin neither-nor shopkeeper
abdomen choose ginger nephew shopping-street
aberration chop giraffe nerve shore
abhor chord girder nervous short
abide chorus girdle nest shortage
ability chrestomathy girl net shortcoming
abject christ give nettle shorthand
abjure christen give-an-account network short-pants
able christening give-in neutral shorts
abnormal christian give-notice never short-sighted
abode christianity give-off-an-odour never-mind short-story
abolish christmas give-pain-to nevertheless should
abominate chromium give-rise-to new shoulder
aboriginal chronicle give-up newspaper shout
abort chuck give-way new-year show
abortion church glad next shower
about church-building gladness next-of-kin shrew
about-face cigar glass next-to shrub
above cigarette glasses nice shuffle
above-board cinder glaze niche shy
abrade cinema glide nickel shyness
abridge circle globe nickname siberia
abroad circumstances glove niece siberian
abrogate circus glow niggard siblings
abrupt citation glow-with-heat night sicily
absence cite glue nightingale sick
absent citizen gnat nightmare side
absent-onself city gnaw night-prayers sideboard
absolute city-hall go nine sidewalk
absolutely civil-status goat nineteen side-way
absolution clamp go-away nineteenth siege
abstraction clap goblet ninety sieve
abstruse clarify go-broke ninth sift
abundance clasp god nipple sigh
abuse class god's-acre nitrogen sight
abysmal classic go-for-a-walk no sign
abyss classical gold nobility signal
academic claw goldfish noble signature
academy clay gold-mine nobleman sign-board
accelerator clean goldsmith nobody signify
accelerator-pedal cleanse good node silent
accent clear good-afternoon noise silhouette
accept clef goodbye non-attendance silk
acceptance clergyman good-bye noncom silk-
access clerk good-day non-commissioned-officer silken
accession clever good-evening none silkworm
accidence client good-friday no-one sill
accident clientèle good-health normal silver
acclaim climate good-hearted north similar
acclamation climb good-morning north-america similarity
accommodating clinic good-natured northern simple
accommodation cloak goodness north-sea simplify
accomodate cloakroom goose northward sin
accompaniment clock gooseberry northwards since
accomplish close gossip norway sinew
accomplished closet go-through norwegian sinful
accomplishment clothes go-up nose sing
accord clothes-press gout nostril singer
accordance clothing govern not singing
according-as cloud government not-at-all single
according-to clover gown note sink
account club grade notebook sir
accountable cluster grain noteworthy sister
accountant coal gram nothing sister-in-law
account-book coast grammar notice sit
account-for coat gramme notice-board sitting-room
accredit cock grandchild notion situation
accrue cockroach granddaughter not-on-any-account six
accumulation cocktail grandfather notwithstanding sixteen
accumulator cocoa grandmother nought sixteenth
accurate coconut grandparents noun sixth
accusal cod grandson novel sixtieth
accusation coddle granite november sixty
accusative code grant now size
accuse codfish granule nowadays skeleton
accuser coffee grape nowhere skeptical
accustomed coffee-house grapevine nucleus skin
acerbic coffin grapple nude skinflint
acerbity cognac grass null skirt
ache cohabit grasshopper number skull
achievable coin gratitude number-of-the-house sky
achieve coir grave numberplate slander
achievement cold gravel numeral slaughterhouse
achromatic collar graveyard nun slave
acid colleague gravy nurse slavic
acidify collect grease nursery-school slay
acknowledge collection great nut sleep
acknowledgement college great-britain nuts sleeping-accomodation
acorn colonel greece nymph sleeping-car
acquaint colony greediness oak sleeping-place
acquaintance colossal greedy oar sleeve
acquire colour greek oasis slender
acquirement column greek-woman oath slim
acquisition comb green oats slip
acquisitive combine greenweed obedient slipper
acquittal come greet obey slippery
acrimony come-about greeting object slogan
across-from come-across grenade obscure sloop
act come-close grey observe sloth
action come-closer grief obstacle slow
activate comedy grisly obstetrician sly
active come-on groan obtain smack
actor comet grocer obvious small
actress come-to-an-end grotto occasion smallpox
actual come-together ground occur smart
acuity comfort ground-floor occurence smash
ad comfortable grounds ocean smell
adage comic group o'clock smell-bad
add comical grow october smile
adder coming grown-up oculist smith
addition comma grow-sour odd smoke
additional command grub odor smokers
addled commander grudge odour smokestack
address commence gruesome of smooth
address-list commencement gruff of-all-sorts smuggle
add-up commend guarantee offence snail
adherents commendable guard offend snake
adieu commerce guess offensive sneeze
adjective commission guest offer snow
adjournment committee guide office snowdrop
adjudication commodity guidebook officer snow-white
adjustment common guilt official so
adjutant commonplace guiltless offset soap
administer commotion guilty offspring so-as
administration communication guitar of-ill-repute sobriquet
administrator communism gulf of-noble-birth social
admiral community gulf-of-bothnia of-sand socialism
admiration companion gum of-silk society
admire company gun often sock
admirer compare gunpowder of-the-body sofa
admission comparison gymnastics of-the-sun soft
admission-ticket compartment gypsy of-the-winter soften-up
admit compass habit of-which softness
admittance compassion hack oh soil
admixture compel hail oil soiled
admonition compensate hair okay solair
ado compensation hairdresser old soldier
adopt competent hairpiece old-fashioned sole
adore competition half olive solicitor
adorer complain hall omelette solitary
adorn complete ham omen soloist
adroit compliment hammer omnibus so-long
adult compose hand omnipotence solve
advance composer hand-bag omnipotent some
advancement computation handbook omniscient somebody
advantage computer handle on someone
advantageous comrade handlebars on-account-of some-one
adventure conceal handsome once-more something
adventurous concede hang one sometime
adverb concept hangman one-another sometimes
adversary concern hang-onto one-hundred somewhat
adverse concerning happen onerous somewhere
advert concert happiness one-thousand son
advertence conclusion happy onion sonata
advertency concord harbor only song
advertise concrete harbour only-just son-in-law
advertisement concurrence hard on-the-occasion-of soon
advice condemn hardly on-time soot
advise condition hardworking on-top sorcery
advocate condom hare opal sorrel
aerodrome conduct harem open sorrow
aeroplane conduct-oneself harmful open-up sorrowful
a-few confectioner harmonica opera sort
affable confectionery harmonize operate sound
affair confess harmony operation sound-the-alarm
affect confession harp operative soup
affectation confide harrier ophtalmologist sour
affection confidence harrow opine source
affiliation confine harsh opinion south
affined confiscate harvest opponent south-america
affinity conflict haste opportunity southern
affirm congratulate hat opposed-to sovereign
affirmation congress hate opposite sow
affix conifer haul opposition spa
afflict connect have oppress space
affluence connect-up have-bad-luck optician spaceman
affluent conquer have-compassion-on optimism spacious
afford consciousness have-confidence-in option spade
afraid conservative have-enough oracle spain
afresh conserve have-faith orange spaniard
africa consider have-faith-in orchestra spare
african consolation have-good-luck order spare-time
after console have-got ordinarily spark
afternoon consonant have-to ore spark-plug
again conspiracy hawk organ sparrow
against constant hay organization speak
age construct hazard oriental speaker's-platform
agency consul hazel original spear
agent consulate hazelnut originate special
aggrandize consult hazel-tree ornament speciality
aggravate consume h-bomb orthodox specimen
aggravating contact he ostrich spectacle
aggression container head other spectacles
aggressive contempt headache other-than speechless
aggressor contented header ought-to speed
agile contention heading our speed-limit
agitated contents heal out spell
agitation contest health outfit sphere
ago continent healthy outline spider
agog continual heap out-of spiderweb
agonize contract hear out-of-date spinach
agonizing contractor heart out-of-order spine
agony contradistinction heart- outside spinster
agrarian contralto hearty outskirts spiral
agreeable contralto-voice heat oval spirit
agreement contrary heath oven spiritualism
agree-with contrast heaven overall spite
agriculture control heavenly overcoat spitsbergen
ague controller heavenly-body overhead splinter
ah control-oneself heavy overpower split
aid convention hebrew overshoe sponge
aide-de-camp conversation hectolitre over-there sponger
ailment conversion hedge ow spoon
air conviction heel owing-to sporadic
aircraft convince he-goat owl sport
airdrome co-occupant height own sportsman
airfield cook heighten owner spot
airplane cool heir ox spray-gun
airport cooperate hell oxygen spring
airy co-operate hello oyster springtime
akin copenhagen helm pace spruce
alacrity copper helmet pacific spruce-fir
alarm copy help pacific-ocean spy
alarmclock cord helper pack square
alarmed cordial helpful packet square-decametre
alas core helpless pad square-metre
alcohol cork hemisphere pagan squatter
alcoholic corkscrew hemp pail squeeze
alder corn her pain squirrel
alderman corner herb painful stab
ale cornflower herd paint stack
alert coronation here painter stage
alga corporal hereditary painting stage-manager
alien corporeal heresy pair staid
alike corpse heretic pal staircase
alimony corpulent hero palace stairs
a-little correct heroic pale stake
alive correspond heroin palm stalk
all cost heroine palmtree stallion
all-about costly heron pamper stamp
allegoric costume herring pamphlet stamped
alley cotton herself panic stanchion
all-hallows cotton-wool hesitate pantechnicon stand
alliance couch hesitation pantechnicon-van standard
all-knowing cough hiccup panties staple
all-over-again counsel hidden pantomime star
alloy count hide pants stare
all-powerful counter hideous paper starling
all-saints'-day count-in high-school paperback start
all-sorts countless high-tide paperer state
all-sorts-of country hill paper-hanger statement
all-the countryman him parachute statement-of-policy
all-the-time countryside himself parade station
allude coupé hind paradise statistics
allusion couple hinge paraffin statue
almanac coupon hinny paraffin-oil statute
almighty courage hint paragraph stay
almond courageous hip parallel stay-over
almost course hippo paralyse steak
alms court hippopotamus parapet steam
alone courteous hire parasite steel
alongside courtyard his parcel stem
a-long-time cousin history pardon stench
alphabet cover hit parenthesis stenography
already covet hither parents step
also covetousness hoarse parents-in-law steppe
altar cow hock parish sterile
alter crab hoe parisian stew
alteration crack hog park stick
alternative cradle hold parliament stiff
although cramped hole parlour still
altitude crane holland parrot sting
altogether crawl hollander parsley stingy
alum crayfish holy part stink
always craziness home parthian stipulation
amateur crazy homy partial stock-exchange
amaze cream honest particular stocking
ambassador create honey partridge stoic
ambiguous creature honor party stoical
ambition credit honorary passable stomach
ambitious creep honour pass-away stomach-ache
ambulance crew hoof passenger stone
american cricket hook passion stone-cutter
american-indian crime hooker passionate stonemason
ammunition criminal hooter passport stop
among crisis hope paste storage-battery
amount criticism horizon pastor storage-room
amphitheatre crocodile horizontal patch store
ample crook horn patch-up storey
anaemia cross horrible pate stork
analogy cross-roads horse patent storm
analysis crossword-puzzle horse-chestnut paternal-aunt story
anarchist crow horse-fly paternal-grandfather stove
anatomical crowd horsepower paternal-grandmother straight
anchor crucify horseradish paternal-grandparents straightedge
anchorage crude-oil horse-radish paternal-uncle straightforward
anchovy cruel horseshoe path strait
and crush hospitable patience strange
anecdote cry hospital patient stranger
anemone cry-out hospitality patriarch strangle
anew crystal host patrol straw
angel cube hostage patron strawberry
angle cuckoo hostel pattern stream
angry cucumber hostess pause street
anguish cultivate hostile pavement streetcar
animal culture hot pavilion strength
anise cunning hotel paw stress
ankle cup hour pawn stride
annotation cupboard house pay strike
announce curate housefly pay-attention striking
announcement cure house-of-worship pay-attention-to string
annoy currant house-owner payment strip
annul current hovel pay-off stripe
annunciation currently hover pay-the-expenses-of stroke
anonymous curry how pea stroll
another curse however peace strong
answer curtain howl peach struggle
ant curve how-many peacock student
antarctic curved how-much pear studio
anthem cushion hug pearl study
antidote cuss huge peasant stumble
antique-dealer custom hull peculiar stupid
antithesis customary hum pedal sturgeon
anvil customer human pedestrian sty
any custom-house human-being peel style
anybody cut human-race peer subject
anything cutlet humor pelican subscribe
anywhere cycle humour pelvis subscriber
apart cyclone humourous pencil subscribe-to
apart-from cylinder hump peninsula subscription
apartment cynical hundred pen-knife subsidy
apartment-building cypres hungarian pension substantive
ape czar hungary pentecost subterfuge
apiarist daffodil hunger people subtle
apologize dagger hungry pepper suburb
apostle daily hunt per subway
apparatus daily-paper hunter percent success
appeal dalecarlia hurray percentage such
appeal-to damage hurricane perchance such-a
appear dame hurried perform such-as
appearance dance hurt perfume suck
appear-to-be dancer husband perhaps sudden
appellation dandruff husk peril suffer
appetite dane hut period sugar
applaud danger hyaena periodical sugarbowl
apple dangerous hydrogen-bomb periphery sugar-bowl
apple-sauce danish hygiene perish sugar-cane
apple-tart dare hygienic permanent suggest
apple-tree darkness hymn perplexed suggestion
appraise darling hypnosis persecute suit
appraiser data hypnotic-trance persecution sulphur
appreciate date hypnotist persian sum
apprehension date-palm hypnotize person summer
approach daughter hypothesis personal summon
approval daughter-in-law hypothetical personality sun
approve dawn hysteria personal-number sun-
approximately day hysterical perspiration sunbeam
apricot daybreak -ible persuade sunday
april dazed ice pessimistic sunflower
aptitude dazzle iceberg pestilence sunrise
aqueduct dead icecream pet sunset
arab deadly iceland petrol superficial
arabian deaf icelander petroleum superior
arabic deaf-and-dumb icelandic phantom superstition
arc deal-with idea pharmaceutical superstitious
archangel dear ideal pheasant supervise
archbishop death identical phenomenon supper
archipelago debt idiot philosopher supply
architect decanter idol phlegm support
archive deceitful if phone-booth supporter
archives deceive il- phosphorus supporters
archivist deceiver ill photograph suppose
arctic december illness photographer sure
arctic-ocean decide illuminate photography surely
are declaim illusion physical surgeon
area declaration illustrate physician surgical
arithmetic declaration-of-policy im- physics surgical-operation
arm declare image piano surly
armchair decorate imitate pick surmise
armenia decree immaterial pick-out surname
armpit dedicate immensely-rich pick-up surpass
army deem immigrate picture surprise
around deep impartial picture-postcard surround
arouse deer impatient pie suspect
arrange defeat impel piece suspicion
arrangement defence impertinent piece-of-furniture suspicious
arrest defend imply pig sustain
arrival defense important pigeon sustained
arrive defiantly impossible pigeonhole swallow
arrow deformed imposter pigmy swamp
art defray-the-cost-of improve pike swan
artery degree in pile swarm
arthritis delay in- pilgrimage swear
artichoke deliver in-action pill sweat
article delivery incense pillar swede
artificial delta inch pillow sweden
artillery democracy inconceivable pilot swedish
artist demolish inconvenient pin swedish-language
as demonstrate incorrect pine sweep
as-as den increase pineapple sweet
ascend denmark incredible pine-tree swim
ascension-day dentist incubate pink swimming-bath
ascetic deny indeed pioneer swimming-pool
ash depart independant pious swimming-trunks
ashtray department index pip swindle
asia dependant-on india pipe swine
asian dependence indian pirate swing
asiatic dependent indian-corn pistol swiss
ask deportment indicate pit switzerland
ask-for deposit indication pitch-black swoon
ask-forgiveness depository indifferent pitcher sword
asparagus depressed indignant pity sycamore
aspect depression indistinct pivot syllable
aspen depth individual placard symbol
asphalt derive industrial place symmetric
ass derrick industrious place-of-birth sympathetic
assailant describe industry place-of-worship sympathy
assault description inebriety plague symphony
assemblage desert in-exchange-for plaice synagogue
assemble deserving inexpensive plain syrup
assent design inexplicable plan system
assert desire infant plane systematic
assertion desk infantry planet table
asset desolate infection plane-tree table-cloth
assist despair inference plank tablet
assistent desperate infertile plant tabulation
associate despise influence plate tail
associate-with despite inform platform tail-light
assortment despotic in-front-of platinum tailor
assure dessert inhabitant platter take
aster destroy inherit plausible take-account-of
astonishment detached inheritance play take-along
astrologer detached-house inhibit plaza take-down
astronaut detail initial pleasant take-in
astronomy detective injury please take-into-account
at detention ink pleased take-leave
at-all determine inkpot pleasure take-leave-from
atelier detrimental ink-well plot take-offence-at
atheism device inlet plough take-over
atheist devil inn pluck taking
at-home devote innkeeper plug taking-over
atlantic dew innocence plug-in tale
atlantic-ocean diabetes innocent plum talent
atlas diagram in-no-way plume talk
atmosphere dial in-order-to plunder talkative
at-night dialect inquiry plunge tame
atom diamond inquisitive pocket tangerine
atom-bomb diarrhoea insane poem tangle
atomic-energy diary insane-asylum poet tank
at-present dictate insanity poetry tapestry
at-some-time dictionary insatiable point-out tar
attach die insect poison tart
attack diet inside poisonous taste
attacker difference inspect poland tasteless
attain different inspection pole tasty
attempt differently inspector police tax
attend difficult in-spite-of policeman taxi
attention difficulty install police-station tea
attest dig instant policy teach
at-that-place dike instinct polish teacher
at-the-same-time diligent instruction polite tea-pot
attic dimension instructor politeness tear
attitude diminutive instrument political technical
attraction din insubordinate politician technics
attractive diploma insult politics technique
at-variance direct insurance polyp teeth
auction direction insure pond teetotaller
audience directions inter pool telegram
audit director intercessor poor telegraph
auditory directory interest pope telephone
augment dirty interesting poplar telephone-booth
august dis- interment poppy telephone-kiosk
aunt disabled intermission popular television
australia disadvantage international population tell
australian disagreeing interpret porch tell-a-lie
austria disagreement interpreter porcupine temper
austrian disappear interrupt pork temperature
authentic disappoint interval port temple
author disappointment interview portable tempt
automatic disapprove intestine portal temptation
automoton disapprove-of intestines portent ten
autumn disc in-the-evening porter tenant
avail disciples in-the-morning portfolio tendency
avalanche discipline intimate port-side tender
avaricious discontent into portuguese tenderness
avenge discontented intolerant position tendon
avenge-oneself discontentedness intoxicated possess tend-to
avenue discord introduce possession tenor
average discount in-vain possible tenth
avidity discover invective possibly term
avoid discovery invention post terminate
await discrete inverted-comma postage term-of-abuse
awaken discuss investigation postage-stamp terms
awareness disease invincible postal-code terrace
axe disgust invitation postcard terraced-house
axis dish invite poster terrace-house
axle disinfect invoice postman terrain
baboon dislike invoke post-office terrible
baby dismal inwards post-paid territory
baby's-bottle dismayed in-what-way post-up terrorism
bachelor dismiss ireland pot test
back disobedient irish potato testament
backbiting dispatch-note irishman pound testify
back-of-the-neck display iron pour testimony
backpack displeased island poverty teutonic
backside displeasure italian powder text
backward dispose-of italy powerful textile
backwards disposition itch practicable than
bacon dissatisfaction it-doesn't-matter practical thank
bacterium dissatisfied its practice thank-for
bad dissemble itself practise thankful
badger dissension ivory praise thankless
bad-luck dissolve ivy prawn thanks
bag distance jack pray thank-you
baggage distil jackal prayer thank-you-very-much
bairn distinct jacket preach that
bait distress jail preacher that-kind-of
bake distribute jam precipice that's-all-right
baker distribution january precise that's-okay
baker's-shop district japanese precursor that's-too-bad
bakery distrust javan preferably that-way
balance dive javanese pregnant thaw
balance-sheet divide jaw prejudice the-antarctic
balcony divine jawbone preparation the-arctic
bale divorce jaws prepare theatre
ball divorced jay presage theatre-play
ballast do jealous prescription the-dustman
ball-bearing do-business jealousy presence theft
ballet dock jeer-at present their
balloon doctor jelly-fish present-with theme
balm document jenny-ass preservative the-netherlands
balsam doe jerk preserve theory
baltic dog jest president the-power-of-suggestion
baltic-sea dogma jew press there
balustrade doll jewel pressure thermometer
bamboo domestic jeweller presume the-sandman
banana domestic-animal jewish pretend these-days
band donate job pretext the-ukraine
bandage donkey join prevent thick
bandit don't-mention-it joint prey thickness
banisters door joke price thief
bank double journal pricey thigh
bank-clerk doubt journalist pride thin
bank-note doubtful journey primeval-forest thing
bank-official dough joy primitive think
bankruptcy dove judge primrose think-about
banner down judgment prince third
banquet downstairs jug princess thirst
baptism dowry juice principality thirsty
baptize dozen july principle thirteen
bar drag jumbled-up print thirteenth
barbarian dragon jump prison thirty
barbaric drama june privilege this-evening
barber draw june-bug probable this-way
bare drawer just probably thither
barely drawers justice problem thorn
bark drawing just-now procedure thou
barley dreadful kangaroo proceed though
barn dream keel process thought
barometer dreary keen procession thousand
baron dress keep proclamation thread
baroness drill keeper-of-the-records produce threat
barrack drink kernel product threaten
barracks drink-to-excess kettle production three
barrel drip key profess threshold
barren drive kick profession thrifty
barrier drive-away kidney professor throat
barrister drive-on kill profile throb
barrister-at-law driver kiln profit throne
base driving-licence kilo profound through
basement dromedary kilometre programme throw
bashfulness droop kind project throw-up
basin drop kindle proletarian thrush
basket drown king promise thrust
bass drug kingdom prompt thumb
bast drugstore kirk proof thunder
bat drunk kiss prop thursday
bath drunkenness kitchen propaganda thus
bathing-box dry kite property ticket
bathing-suit dryness klaxon prophesy tidy
bathroom dual knapsack prophet tie
baton duchess knead prose tie-up
battalion duchy knee prosecute tiger
battery duck knife protect tile
battle duke knight protection till
bavaria dumb knock protégé tillage
bavarian dumbfounded knot protégée timber
bay duplicate know protest time
bayonet during-the-night know-how protestant time-off
bazaar dusk knowledge prototype time-table
bc dust laboratory proud timidity
be dutch laborer prove tin
be-able-to dutchman labourer proverb tiny
be-absent dwarf lace provided-that tip
beach dwell lack province tired
be-acquainted-with dwelling lad provincial tired-out
be-afraid-of dye ladder proximity title
beak dynamite laddie prussian titmouse
be-alive each ladies-and-gentlemen psalm to
beam each-other lady pseudonym toad
bean eager lady-day psyche toast
bear eagerness lake psychiatrist tobacco
beard eagle lamb psychiatry toe
bear-the-cost-of eagle-owl lame psychic toga
bear-witness-of ear lamp public together
be-ashamed earl lance publicity toilet
beast early land public-square toilet-paper
beast-of-prey earn landlady publish token
beat earnest landlord publisher tolerant
beautiful earth landscape pudding tolerate
beauty earthquake landslide pull tomato
beaver east lane pull-down tomb
be-bankrupt easter language pulpit tone
be-bold eastern lapland pulsate tongue
be-called easy laplander pulse too
because-of echo lapp pump tool
become economy lappish punctual too-much
become-engaged ecstasy larch punish tooth
become-engaged-with edge large punishment toothache
become-the-fiacée-of edging lark puppet tooth-brush
become-the-fiancé-of edible larva purchase tooth-paste
become-the-husband-of edition lass purchase-money toothpick
become-the-wife-of editor last purchaser topgallant-mast
bed educate lasting pure topic
bedroom education last-night purge torch
bee eel latvia purple tortoise
beech effect laud purse torture
beef effort laugh pursue torturer
beefsteak egg laughter pursuit to-some-extent
beehive egg-nog laundress push total
bee-keeper egypt lava put total-abstainer
bee-master eight law put-down touch
beer eighteen lawn put-in-order tourist
beetle eighteenth lawsuit put-on-the-stage tourist-agency
be-fond-of eighth lawyer put-out-of-countenance toward
before eighty laxative putty towards
be-found elastic lay put-up-with tower
be-full elbow lay-down puzzle town
beg elder lay-hold-of puzzle-over town-hall
beggar elect layman pyjamas toy
beggar-woman election lazy pyramid trade
begging electric lead quadrangle tradition
begin electricity leader quality traditional
beginner element leaf quarrel traffic
beginning elemental leaflet quarter train
be-glad elementary lean quarter-of-an-hour tram
behave elements leap quash transformation
behavior elephant leap-year quay transgress
behaviour elevator learn queen transgression
behind eleven lease question translate
be-hungry eleventh leather quicksilver translation
be-in-command elf leave quit transmit
be-indignant elk lector quite transport
be-indignant-with elm lecturer quiver travel
be-lacking else leech quotation travel-agency
belgian elsewhere leek quotation-mark traveller
belgium embankment left quote treacherous
belief emblem leg rabbi treasure
believe embrace legal rabbit treat
believe-in emerald legation rabies treatment
belly emergency legend raccoon tree
be-located emigrate legible race trefoil
below emissary legitimize rack-one's-brains tremble
belt emmet lemon racoon triangle
be-lucky emotion lemonade radiate triangular
be-married emperor lend radio trick
be-missing empire length radish trickery
bench employ lengthen raffle trip
bend employee lens raft triple
beneath employer lentil rag trite
benefit empress -less ragout triumph
bent emptiness lesson railing tropical
be-present empty let railroad trouble
be-quiet enchantment let-know railway trousers
be-related-to encounter letter rain trout
berlin encyclopaedia letterbox rainbow truck
berry end lettuce raincoat true
beside ending level raise truly
besides end-up lever raise-the-alarm trumpet
besiege endure lewd rake trunk
be-similar enemy liberal ram trust
be-sorry-about energy librarian ranch trust-in
best engagement library rancour trustworthy
bet engine lie rand truth
be-taken-ill engineer lieutenant rank try
betray england life rapier tub
betrothal english life-boat rare tube
better englishman lift raspberry tuberculosis
between enigma light rat tuesday
beverage enjoy lighthouse rate tug
bevy enjoyable lighting rather tulip
be-willing-to enlarge lightning ravine tummy
bewitch enmity like raw tummy-ache
be-worth enthusiasm likely ray tumult
biased entice like-that razor tune
bible entire likewise razor-blade tunnel
bicycle entirely lilac reach tup
bid entomb lily reaction turk
big entrance lily-of-the-valley reactionary turkey
bike entrust limb read turn
bile envious lime reading-matter turn-around
bill envoy lime-tree ready turn-away
bill-board envy limit real turn-round
billiards epiphany limp reality turn-to-good-account
bind episode linden-tree realization tv
birch epoch line realize twelfth
bird equal lineage really twelfth-night
birth equally link rear-lamp twelve
birthday equator lion rear-light twentieth
bishop equilibrium lip reason twenty
bit era liqueur rebel twenty-one
bite erect liquid rebound twig
bitter err liquidate rebuke twins
black error lira recall two
blackberry escape listen receipt two-hundred
blackberry-bush escort listener receive type
blackbird eskimo liter recess typewriter
bladder establish literature recipe typical
blade estate litre recite tyrannize
blame esteem little recline tyrant
blank estimate little-red-ridinghood recognize udder
blanket estonia little-snow-white recollect ugly
blaspheme ethical live recollection ukraine
blasphemer eunuch live-in-lodgings recommend umbrella
blasphemy europa lively recommendable un-
bleak europe liver recommendation unarmed
bleed european liver-sausage record unbearable
blend evade live-together records uncertain
bless even live-to-see recover uncle
blessing evening living-alone recovery unclean
blind evening-meal lizard recruit unconscious
blister event load rector uncooked
block ever loaf red uncover
blockade everlasting loan reek under
block-of-flats every loathe reflect-on under-age
blond everybody lobster refusal underground
blood every-kind-of local refuse underneath
blood-relationship every-one location regal underpants
bloom everything loch regard understand
blot everywhere lock régime understandable
blotter evident locust regiment undulate
blotting-paper exaggerate logic region unemployed
blouse examination long register unfortunately
blow examine long-for regret ungrateful
blow-up example longing regrettable unhappy
blue exceed longitude regrettably uniform
blueberry except look regular unimportant
blunt except-for look-after regularly unintelligible
blushing excise look-at regulations unintentional
board excise-duty look-for reindeer-sledge union
boarding-house exclusively looking-glass reindeer-sleigh unique
boarding-school excuse lord reject unite
boast excuse-me lorry rejoice united-states-of-america
boat excuse-oneself lose relate unity
bodily executioner loss related universal
body exercise lottery relation universality
body- exercise-book loud relations universe
boil exhausted lounge relationship university
bold exhibit louse relative unkind
bolt exhibition love relatives unknown
bomb exhortation lovely release unmarried
bone existence lover reliable unmarried-woman
bookcase exit low relief unpack
book-keeper expect low-tide relieved unpleasant
bookseller expectation loyal religion unreliable
boon expel luck religious unripe
boot expensive luggage relinquish unripe-fruit
boozer experiment luggage-van rely-on unthankful
border expire lukewarm remain until
bore explain lump remainder untrue
borrow explanation lunacy remarkable unusual
bosom explode lunatic remedy up
boss exposition lung remember uphill
botany express lupine remit upon
both expression lust removal upset
bottle extend luxury rent upstairs
bottom extensive lyceum rental upwards
bough exterminate lying-in-woman renter urban
bouillon extra lynx rent-money us
boulevard extraordinary lyre rent-out usa
boundary eye lyric repair us-citizen
boutique eyebrow machine repay use
bovine eyelid mackerel repeat used-to
bovine-animal fabric mad repentance useful
bow façade madam repertoire use-up
bowl face madness replete usual
box facile magazine reply usually
box-room facilitate magic report usurp
boy fact magical repose uterus
bra faction magnet representation utilize
brace factory magnetic representative vacation
bracelet factual magpie reproach vaccinate
bracket faculty maid reproduction vaccine
brag fail mail reprove vacuum-cleaner
brain failure mailbox reptile valiant
brake faint mailman republic valley
bramble fair mainland request valuable
branch fairy-tale maintain require value
brandish faith maize rescue valve
brandy faithful major resemblance vampire
brass falcon major-road resemble vanilla
brave fall make resentment vapor
brazil fall-ill make-acquaintance reservoir vapour
brazilian fall-in-love-with make-a-mistake residence varnish
bread false make-a-noise respect vary
bread-and-butter family make-a-note respiration vase
break famine make-clean respond vast
breakable famous make-fast responsibility vat
break-down fanatical make-fun-of responsible vegetable
bream fancier make-up rest vehicle
breast fantasy make-use-of restaurant veil
breath far-east make-war restrain vein
breathe farewell malay restraint vend
breathless farm male restrict vengeance
breed farmer male-cook result venture
breeze farming malt retirement veranda
brick farm-out mam reveal verb
bride fashion mammy revenge verdict
bridegroom fasten man revolution verify
bridge fast-train manage revolutionary vermin
brief fat manager revolver vermouth
brief-case father maneuver reward very
brigade father-in-law mankind rhine very-much
bright fatherland manner rhine-wine vessel
brim fatherless manoeuvre rhino vest
brimstone fault mantle rhinoceros vibrate
bring-along favor manure rhyme vicar
bring-up favour many rhythm victim
brink favourable map rice victor
brisk fear maple rich view
britain feather marble riddle viewpoint
british february march ride vigour
briton fee margarine ridiculous viking
brittle feeding-bottle mark rifle vile
broad feign market right village
broadcast fellow marketplace righteous villain
broken felt marmelade righteousness vine
broker female marriage rigid vinegar
bronze female-cook married rim violet
brooch female-hairdresser married-people ring violin
broom female-laborer marry riot viper
brothel female-singer marsh ripe virgin
brother female-teacher marten ripen virginal
brother-in-law femal-labourer martial risk visa
brothers-and-sisters femal-worker martyr ritual visé
brow feminine marvel rival visible
brown fence marvel-at river visit
brush fence-off masculine road visitor
brussels-sprouts ferry mask roam vixen
brutal fertile mason roar viz
bubble fertilizer mass roar-with-laughter vocabulary
bucket festival massive roast voice
bud fetch mast roastbeef void
buddy fever master rob volcano
buffalo fiancé master-builder robber volt
bug fiancée match robe volume
build fiber material rock voluntary
builder fibre maternal-aunt rocket vomit
build-from-wood fief maternal-grandfather roe vote
building field maternal-grandmother rogue vowel
building-contractor field-hospital maternal-grandparents role voyage
building-plot fifteen maternal-uncle rôle vulgar
building-site fifteenth mathematics roll vulture
bulgaria fifth matter roller wadding
bulk fifty mattress roller-blind wade
bulky fig mature rolling-in-money waffle
bull fight mauretanian roman wage
bullet figure maximum romania wager
bulletin file may romanian wages
bumblebee files maybe rome wage-war
bump fill mayhap roof wait
bunch fill-in mayor room waiter
bundle filling-station meadow rooster wait-for
bungalow fill-up meal root waiting-room
bunker filter mealies rope wake
burden filthy mean rose wake-up
burdensome fin meaning rostrum walk
bureau final means rotten wall
burglar financial measles rough wall-covering
burial find measured round wallet
burn find-oneself medal round-off walloon
burn-down fine medicine route walnut
burst finger mediterranean routine wander
bury finish meet row want
bush finished meeting rowan-berry war
business finland mellowness row-boat wardrobe
business-deal finn melody rowing-boat warehouse
business-friend finnish melon royal wares
businessman fir melt rub warlike
business-relation fire melting rubber warm
but firewood member ruby warmth
butcher firing-cap memory rudder warn
butcher's-shop firm menace rude warrant
butter first mend rudiments warrior
butterfly first-name mental ruin wart
button fish menu rule wash
buy fisherman merchandise ruler washing-bear
buyer fishing-rod merchant rules wasp
buzz fist mercury rumanian waste
by fit-together merry rumor watch
by-accident five message rumour watchmaker
by-chance fix messenger rump watch-out-for
bye fixed metal run watch-over
by-laws fix-up metalled run-away watchword
by-means-of fjord method run-for-election water
by-mistake flag metre russia water-bottle
byname flame metropolis russian water-colour
by-night flanders mexican rust waterfall
by-no-means flannel microscope rusty waterlily
by-now flat middle-ages rye wave
by-ship flat-iron midget sabbath wave-about
by-the-way flatter midwife sack wax
by-way flattery mild sacrament way
cabbage flax mile sacred way-out
cabin flea milk sad we
cabinet flee miller saddle weak
cable fleet million sadness wealth
cactus flemming mind safe wealthy
cadaver flesh mine safety weapon
cadger flexible miner safety-pin wear
café flight mineral sagacious wear-out
cage fling mingle sage weasel
cake flint minister sail weather
calculate float ministry sailor weave
calculation flood minority saint wedding
calendar floor mint salad wedding-feast
calf flour minute salamander wedding-party
call flow miracle salary wednesday
call-box flower miraculous sale week
caller fluent mirror sales-activity week-end
camel flute miscarriage saliva weep
camera fly miscarry salivate wee-willie-winkie
camphor foam miscellaneous sallow weight
camping-ground fog miser salmon welcome
camping-site fold miserable salon well
canadian folder miserly salt well-known
canal foliage miss salt-water well-mannered
canary folk mist salty well-off
cancel follow mistake salute well-then
cancer following mister salvage wench
candidate fondle mistress salvation west
candle food misty salvation-army western
cane fool misunderstanding sample west-indies
canker foolish mitten sanctuary wet
cannibal foot mix sanctum whale
cannon for mixture sand wharf
canoe for-a-long-time moan sand- what
canteen force mock sandal what-a
cap forecast mockery sandbank what-a-pity
cape forehead mode sap wheat
capital foreign model sarcastic wheel
capital-city foreign-country modern sardine when
caprice foreigner modest sassenach whence
capsule forest mohammedan satisfied where
captain foretell moist saturday where-to
capture for-example mold sauce which
car forge mole sauna which-one's
carafe forget molecule sausage while
caravan forgetful mom savage whim
carburettor forget-me-not moment save whisper
card forgive mommy saw white
cardboard for-instance monastery say whither
cardiac fork monday say-goodbye whitsunday
care form money say-goodbye-to who
career formal money-box say-yes whole
careful formidable mongolia scaffold wholly
careless formula monk scale whore
caress for-rent monkey scandal whose
carnation forsake monopoly scandinavia wide
carnival for-sake-of monotonous scandinavian widow
carp for-sale monster scar widower
carpenter fortunate month scarcely width
carrot forty monument scatter wife
carry foul-weather mood scene wig
case found moon scenery wild
cashier foundation moor scent wild-boar
cashier's-stand fountain moorage sceptre wild-duck
casino four mooring schedule will
caspian-sea fourteen moose scheme willing
castigate fourteenth moped school willingness
castigation fourth more science willow
castle fowl mormon scientific win
cat fox morning scientist wind
catalogue fragile morphia scissors window
catarrh france morphine scold wine
catastrophe free mortgage scot wing
catch freedom moscow scotland win-over
category freemason moslem scotsman winter
caterpillar free-standing mosque scottish winter-
cathedral freeze moss scrap wipe-out
catholic freezing-cold most scratch wireless
cauliflower french moth scream wisdom
cause french-language mother screw wise
cause-pain frenchman mother-in-law screwdriver wish
cause-pain-to frenchwoman motive scuffle witch
caution frequently motor sculptor witchcraft
cautious fresh-water motorcycle scythe with
cavalier friday motorist sea within
cavalry friend motto sea-dog without
cave friendly mould seagull without-a-name
caviar friendship mount seal with-reference-to
ceaselessly frieze mountain seaside with-young
cedar fright mountain-ash-berry season witness
cede frindge mountain-chain seat witty
ceiling fringe mourning seaweed wizardry
celebrate frisian mouse second woe
celebrating-one's-birthday frog mousetrap secret wolf
celebration from moustache secretary wolverine
celery from-where mouth sect woman
celestial frontier move section womb
cell frost movie-theatre secure wonder
cellar froth mow security wonted
cello fruit mr seduce wood
cement fruit-tree mr-and-mrs see wooden
cemetery fuel mrs seed woodpecker
censor full mucus seek woods
centennial full-grown mud seem wool
centimetre full-payment mule self word
centipede fun multiply self-command work
central function multitude self-confidence worker
centre fund mummy self-conscious work-hard
century funeral munition self-control working-man
ceremony fungus murder self-possession workman
certain funnel murderer self-reliance work-of-art
certainly funny murk sell work-out
certainty fur muscle semitic work-room
certificate furious muse send workshop
chain furnace museum sender world
chair furnish mushroom sense worldglobe
chairman furnished music sentence worldwide
chalk furniture musical separate worm
chamber furniture-van musician september worn-out
champagne future muslim serb worse
champion fuzzy mussel serenade worship
chance gadfly mussulman serf worshipper
change gag must sergeant worst
channel gain mustard series worth
chaos gall mute serious worthless
chapter gallery mutton sermon worthy
character gallop muzzle serpent wound
characteristic galosh my servant wrangle
characterize game mysterious service wreath
charge gang mystery set wrench
charity gaol mystic set-straight wrist
charm gape mystical settlement wrist-watch
charming garden myth seven write
chase gardener naïf seventeen write-down
chase-away garland nail seventeenth writer
chasm garlic nail-brush seventh writing-desk
chaste garrison naïve seventy wrong
chastise gas naked several-times xanthippe
chastisement gasolene name sew xylophone
chat gasoline nameless sewer yacht
chatter gate namely sex yard
chauffeur gateway nape sexual ye
cheap gather napkin shack year
cheat gathering narcissus shade yearn
check gaunt narrate shadow yeast
checker gawk narrative shallop yellow
check-up-on gay narrow shallow yes
cheek gaze nasturtium shame yesterday
cheerful gazelle nasty shamrock yet
cheers gem nation shanty yield
cheese general national shape yoghourt
chemist generality nationality share yoghurt
chemistry generally native shark yon
chemist's-shop generative natural sharp yonder
cheque generous natural-gas sharpen you
cheque-book gentle nature sharpness young
cherry gentleman naught shatter youngster
chessboard genuinly nausea shave you're-welcome
chess-board geography navy shawl youth
chest geological nazi she yule
chestnut geometry near sheaf zenith
chewing-gum german nearby she-ass zephyr
chew-the-cud germanic nearly she-bear zero
chick german-language nearness shed zilch
chicken germany near-sighted sheep zinc
chief gesture near-to sheet zip-code
chief-of-police get necessary she-goat zipper
child get-a-divorce neck shell zone
childless get-divorced necklace shelter zoology
chilly get-married need she-wolf  



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