I have decided to post these videos as I believe the information is truly startling. Janet Ossebaard who originally posted these video's under 'Seeking Truth - We are Q do you belong' and you can subscribe to their feeds. Whilst watching the series of videos they had put up I was sad to see that 'YouTube' had already taken down part 5 of the series and decided to make sure this information was still available. For me personally it is earth shattering and needs to be seen even if you disagree. Watch with a open mind even though I have been aware of much of the information contained in the video's it has been complied in a way that you can following the dots and understand why the need for change. Janet Ossebaard and the people behind these video series are true hero's. Thank you!

Janet Ossebaard

Chillion THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take.rar

this is a large file and may take about an hour to download Matthew

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