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Asisbiz English to Spanish Dictionary

English Spanish


a carrot fisherman money-order separate
abandon carry fishing-rod monk separately
abandonment cart fission monkey separation
abate case fist monkey-wrench sepia
abatement cash fit monologue september
abbess cashier's-stand fitness monopoly serene
abbey casserole fitting month series
abbot castile five monthly serious
abbreviate castillian fix monthly-nurse serpent
abbreviation castle fixed monumental servant
abc cat flag mood serve
abdicate catalogue flake-off moon service
abdomen catalonia flame moor service-charge
aberrance catalonian flanders moorish set
aberration catch flannel moped set-a-trap
abet catching flat morality set-a-trap-for
abhor catechism flat-iron more set-conditions
abhorrence catering flatter more-and-more settle
abhorrent caterpillar flavour moreover settlement
abide cathedral flaw moresque seven
abiding cathode-tube flea morning seventeen
ability catholic flee moroccan seventh
abject caucasus fleece moroccan-woman several
abjure cauliflower flemming morocco several-times
able cause flemmish mosaic severe
abnormal cause-pain flesh mosaic-work seville
aboard cause-pain-to flight moscow sew
abode cause-to-take-place float moselle sewer
abolish caution flood moses sew-on
abolition cautious floor mosque sex
abominable cavalier flour mosquito sexual
abominate cavalry flow most shack
abomination cave flower most-important shade
aboriginal cavern flu motel shadow
abort cavity flute mother shallow
abortion ceaselessly fly motionless shame
about cede foam motion-picture shampoo
above celebrate fog motive shanty
above-all celebrating-one's-birthday fold motor share
above-board celebration folk motor-boat shareholder
abreact celery follow motorcycle shark
abridge cell followers motor-launch sharp
abridgement cellar following motor-road shave
abroad cello fondle motorway shaving-brush
abrogate cemetery food mouldy shawl
abrogation censor fool mount she
abrupt censurable foolish mountain shear
abscess censure foot mountain-chain she-bear
absence centennial for mountaineering-boot shed
absent centimetre forbid mountain-hut sheep
absent-minded central force mountain-peak sheet
absent-onself central-heating forehead mountain-range sheet-metal
absolute centre foreign mountain-top shelf
absolutely century foreigner mourn shell
absolute-ruler ceremony foresee mouse shelter
abstract certain forest moustache sherry
abstracted certainly foreward mouth she-wolf
abstraction certificate for-example move shifting-spanner
abundance chain forget movie shine
abuse chain-of-mountains for-instance movie-theatre ship
abyss chair fork moving shirt
academic chalk forks,-knives-and-spoons mr shiver
academy chamber form mrs shock-absorber
academy-of-music chamber-pot former much shoe
accede champagne formerly mucus shoe-horn
accelerator chance forsake mud shoe-lace
accelerator-pedal change forswear mudguard shoe-lift
accent channel for-the-greater-part muhammad shoemaker
accent-mark chaos for-the-most-part mulberry-tree shoot
accentuate chaotic for-the-reason-that mule shoot-dead
accept character for-the-time-being multiply shop
acceptable charcoal fortification munich shore
acceptance charge fortress murk short
access chariot fortunately muscle shortage
accessible charitable fortune museum short-circuit
accession charity found mushroom shortcoming
accessory charm foundation music shorten
accidence charming fountain musician shortness-of-breath
accident chase four mussel short-pants
acclaim chasm fourteen must shorts
acclamation chastity fourth mustard short-sighted
acclivity chat fowl mute should
accommodating chatter fox mutton shoulder
accommodation chauffeur fragment my shout
accomodate cheap france mystify shovel
accompaniment cheat free myth show
accompany check freezing-cold mythology shower
accomplish checked french nail show-window
accomplished checker french-language nail-scissors shrove-tuesday
accomplishment checkers frenchman nail-varnish shrub
accord check-up-on frenchwoman naked shut
accordance cheek frequently name shut-off
accordion cheer fresh nameless siberia
accost cheers freshen nandu siberian
account cheese fresh-water nap siblings
accountable chef friday napkin side
accountant chemist friend naples sideboard
account-book chemistry friendly narrate side-issue
account-for chemist's-shop friendship narrow sidewalk
accredit cheque friesland nasty side-way
accretion cheque-book frieze nation side-whiskers
accrue chequered fright national siege
accumulator cherry fringe nationality sigh
accurate cherry-tree frisian native sight
accusal chest frisian-woman natural-gas sightseeing-trip
accusation chestnut frivolous naturally sign
accuse chestnut-tree frog nature signal
accused chew frog's-legs naughty-boy signalman
accustom-oneself chewing-gum from nausea signature
ace chic front naval-cadet signify
acerbic chick frontage nave silence
acetous chicken frontier navigate silver
ache chicory frost navy similar
achieve chief froth near simple
achievement chief- fruit nearby since
acid chiefly fruit-tree nearly sincere
acknowledge child fry near-sighted sing
acknowledgement child's-bed frying-pan near-to singer
acolyte chile fuel-tank necessary single
acquaint chilean full necessity sink
acquaintance chilean-woman fully neck sir
acquiescence chilli fun necktie sister
acquire chilly function need sit
acquisition chimerical fund needle sit-down
acquisitive chin funeral needy six
across china fungus negative sixteen
across-from chinaman funnel neglect sixth
act chinese funny négligé sixty
act-for chippings fur negligent sizable
action chisel fur-coat negro size
activate chive furious neighbour skate
active chlorine furnace neighbourhood skeleton
activity chocolate furnish neighbouring ski
act-of-grace choice furniture neither skilful
actor choke fur-piece nephew skilfulness
act-out cholera future nerve skill
actress choose fuzzy net skilled
actually chord gag nettle skillful
acuity christ gain network skillfulness
acute christian gaiter never skim
ad christianity galicia new skin
adam christmas galician new-amsterdam skirt
adapt chuck gall news skull
a-day chunk game new-south-wales sky
add church gangway newspaper sky-blue
adder church-building gaol new-year's-day slab
addition cider garage new-york slander
additional cigar gardener new-york-city slanting
addled cigarette garlic next slat
address cinder gas next-to slaughter
address-list cinderella gas-cannister nicaragua slav
add-up cinema gas-cylinder nice slavic
adept cipher gasolene nickel slay
adherence circle gasoline night sledge
adherent circuit gas-tank nightingale sleep
adherents circular gate night-shirt sleeping-accomodation
adhere-to circumcision gateway nile sleeping-car
adhesive-plaster circumference gather nimwegen sleeping-place
adhesive-tape circumstance gaunt nine sleeve
adieu circus gazette nineteen sleigh
adjacent cistern gear-box nip slender
adjective citadel gear-case no slice
adjoining citation gem noah slipper
adjournment cite general nobility slope
adjunct city generally nobody slow
adjust city-hall generative node slug
adjustable-wrench civil geneva no-doubt sluice
adjustment civilian genoa noise slum
adjutant civilization gentle no-longer slumber
administer claim gentleman none small
administer-the-last-sacraments clap genuinly non-military small-minded
administration clapper geographer non-skid smell
administration-of-the-last-sacraments clarify geographic non-skid-chain smell-bad
administrator class geographical noon smell-of
admiral classify geography no-one smile
admire clause german nor smoke
admission claw german-language normal smoked
admission-fee clay german-woman north smokers
admission-ticket clean germany north-america smooth
admit cleanliness get north-holland snack
admittance cleanse get-cold north-sea snail
admixture clear get-dressed norway snake
admonish clear-away get-married norwegian snap-at
admonition clergyman get-mouldy norwegian-woman snare
ado clerk get-off nose snarl-at
adopt clever get-out nostalgia sneeze
adopted client get-rid-of not snifter
adoration clientèle get-up notary snore
adore climate get-used not-at-all snorter
adorn climb ghastly note snow
adorned climber's-hut ghent notebook snowflake
adornment clip gherkin notepad snowy
adroit clippings gibraltar nothing snub
adstringent clique gift notice so
advance cloak gifted notification society
advancement cloakroom gill notify sock
advantage clock gin notion sofa
advantageous clod ginger not-on-any-account soft
adventure close giraffe not-well soil
adventurer closed girder nought soiled
adventurous closet girdle noun sole
adverb cloth girl nourish sole-agent
adversary clothe give nourishment solicitor
advert clothes give-an-airing novel solid
advertence clothes-press give-a-ring novelty soliloquy
advertency clothing give-as-an-excuse november solitary
advertise cloud give-a-ticket now so-long
advertisement club give-back nowadays solve
advice clutch give-birth-to now-and-then somber
advise coach give-in nowhere some
advise-against coach-work give-notice nude somebody
april crash-into holland pelvis surrender
aptitude crayfish hollander pencil surroundings
aquarium cream hollow pending suspect
arab create homy peninsula suspenders
arabesque credit honduras pentecost suspicion
arabia credit-card honest penthouse suspicious
arabian crete honey penury sustain
arabic crevice honor people sustained
arch- crew honour pepper swaddling-cloth
archbishop crime hood per swallow
archbishopric crisis hoof percent swallow-up
archduke criticism hook percentage swamp
archimandrite criticize hooker perchance swap
archipelago crockery hooter perform swear
architect crocodile hope perfume swear-off
archive cross horizon perhaps sweat
archives cross-roads horn peril swede
archivist crown horrible period sweden
are crude horror periodical swedish
arena crude-oil horse periphery sweep
argentina crumble horse-chestnut permanent sweeper
argentine crumble-away horsepower permission sweet
argentinean crumble-off horseradish permit sweet-and-sour
argentinian-woman cry horse-radish persecute sweetheart
argument cry-out hospital persia sweet-potato
arise cuba hospitality persian swift
aristocrat cuban hostel person swiftly
arizona cubic hot personal swim
ark cucumber hotel personality swimming-bath
arm cuddlesome hour perspiration swimming-pool
armchair cuddly house persuade swimming-trunks
army cul-de-sac house-charge peru swindle
aroma cultivate housefly peruvian swine
around culture house-of-worship peruvian-woman swing
arrange cunning how petrol swiss
arrangement cup how-are-you petroleum switch
arrears cupboard how-do-you-do petrol-tank switch-off
arrest curaçao how-long petty switch-on
arrested-person cure how-many pharmaceutical switzerland
arrival curious how-much pheasant swoon
arrivals currant hub phenomenal syrup
arrive currant-juice hub-cap philippine-islands system
arrive-afterwards currency hug philippines table
arrogant current human-being phlegm table-cloth
arrow currently humid phone-booth taco
arse curry humiliating photograph tagus
art curse humour photographer tail
artery curtain hundred physician tail-light
arthritis curve hungarian physics tailor
artichoke cushion hungarian-woman pick taint
article cuss hungary pickle take
artificial custom hunger pick-out take-along
artillery customer hunt pick-up take-apart
artilleryman customs hurriedly picnic take-a-shower
artist cut hurry picture take-away
artistic cut-into hurt picture-postcard take-care
aruba cutlet husband picturesque take-care-of
as cut-off husk pie take-down
asbestos cuttings hut piece take-in
ascend cycle hyaena pier take-into-account
ascension-day cycle-bag iberian pig take-leave
ash cyclone ice pigeon take-leave-from
ashamed cylinder iceland piglet take-off
ashen cymbal idea pike take-over
ashtray cynical ideal pilgrimage take-somebody's-name
asia cypres identify pill take-steps
asia-minor czech idol pillar take-the-place-of
asian czechoslovakia idolatry pillow taking
asiatic daily idol-worship pin taking-over
as-if dainty if pincers talent
ask dairy ignition pine talented
ask-for dam ignore pineapple talk
ask-oneself damage iguana pine-tree tall
asparagus damaged ill-fated pink tame
aspect damp illiterate pinnacle tampon
asphalt dance illness pioneer tangerine
aspirin dandruff illuminate pipe tangle
as-regards dane image piston tank
ass danger imagine pit tap
assailant danger-of-skidding imitate pitcher tape-recorder
assault dangerous imitation pitiful tapestry
assent danish immediately pity tar
assessment dare impediment placard tardy
asset dark impel place target
assets darkness impetus place-of-birth tart
assist data implore place-of-worship taste
assistant date imply plaice tasty
associate daughter important plain taunt
assortment dawn impossible plan tax
assure day imposter plane taxi
aster daybreak impulse plank taxpayer
asthma day-ticket in plant tea
as-though dazzle in-action planting teach
as-to dead in-addition plaster teacher
astronaut deaden in-a-hurry plastic teapot
asturias deaf in-all-respects plate tea-pot
as-well-as deal-with in-a-way platform tear
asylum dear inborn platter tear-off
at death inbred plausible technics
at-all debris in-cash play technique
at-daybreak debt incendiary-bomb plaza teetotalism
at-first decanter incite plea telegram
athena decapitate inclination pleasant telephone
athene decay include please telephone-booth
athens decayed including pleased telephone-kiosk
athlete deceitful inclusively pleasing television
athletic deceive inconvenient pleasure tell
athletics deceiver increase pledge tell-a-lie
at-home december increasingly plenty-of temper
atlantic decent incredible plough temperature
atlas decently indecisive pluck temple
at-last deceptive indeed plug temporarily
at-least decide index plug-in temptation
atmosphere decimetre india plum ten
atmospheric decision indian plunge tendency
at-most decisive indian-corn poetry tender
atom deck indicate point tend-to
atom-bomb declaration indication pointed tennis
at-once declaration-of-policy indictment point-out tension
atpersand declare indigence point-out-to-be tent
at-present decline individual poise tented-camp
attach decorate indonesia poison terminate
attachement decoration indonesian poisonous terms
attachment decrease induce poland terrace
attack decrepit inducement pole terrain
attacker deduce indulgence pole-pruner terrestrial
attain deem industry police test
attempt deep in-easy-circumstances policeman testimony
attend defeat inebriety police-station text
attendance defection in-every-respect policy thames
attention defence in-every-way polish than
attentive defendant in-exchange-for polish-woman thank
at-that-place defense inexpensive polite thanks
at-the-back define in-fact politeness thank-you
at-the-instance-of definite-article infant politician that
at-the-outset deflect infect politics that-is
at-the-right-time defray-the-cost-of infected pond that-kind-of
at-the-same-time degree infection pony that-much
attic dejected infectious pool that-over-there
attitudinize delay infer poop that's-too-bad
attitudinizer delegate inference poopdeck that-way
attract delete inferior poor thaw
attractive deliberately inflammation poplar the
attune deliberation inflate population theatre
aubergine delicacy influence pork the-day-after-tomorrow
audience delicate influenza port the-day-before-yesterday
audit delightful inform portable thee-and-thou
auditorium delight-in information portal the-far-east
august deliver in-front-of portent theft
aunt delivery infusion porter the-hague
australia delusive ingredient port-side their
australian demand inhabitant portugal then
austria demolish inherit portuguese the-netherlands
austrian demolition inhibit portuguese-language there
author demonstrative initial portuguese-woman thereafter
authority demonstrative-pronoun initial-velocity pose there-are
authorization den initiate poseur therefore
autobus denmark injection possess there-is
autocrat denounce injure possible thermometer
automatic dentist injured possibly thermos
automoton deny injury post thermos-bottle
autonomic depart ink postage thermos-flask
autonomous departure inn postage-stamp these
autumn depend innate postcard these-days
avail dependence inner poster they
available dependent inner-tube postman thick
avalanche depend-onldepend-upon innocent post-office thief
avenge depict in-no-way postulate thigh
avenge-oneself depose inoffensive pot thin
avenue deposit in-order-to potato thing
average depository in-principle potato-flour think
aversion depravation in-question pottery think-about
aviation depressed inquiry poultry think-well-of
avidity depression inquiry-office pound third
avoid depth inquisitive pour thirst
await depute insect pour-in thirteen
award-a-prize deputy inside poverty thirty
away derivation insidious powder this
awful derive insist practicable this-evening
axe descend insistence practice this-here
axiom describe inspection practised thisle
axis description inspire praise this-morning
axle desert instalment prawn those
aztec deserve instant pray thou
baby design instantly precipice though
bachelor desire instigate precise thought
back despise instigator precursor thoughtful
back-door dessert instinct predominant thousand
background destiny instruct prefer thrash
back-of-the-head destitution instructor preferably thread
backpack destroy insulation pregnant threat
back-street detail insult prejudice threaten
backward detain insurance premium three
backwards detective insurance-policy prepare three-piece-suite
back-wheel detention insure presage three-times
bacon deter insurer prescription thrice
bacterium determine intend presence thrifty
bad detract-from intense present throat
bad-luck develop intensive presentation throne
bag deviate intention present-day through
bagasse device inter present-with throw
baggage devoted intercessor preservation throw-up
bairn dew interchange preserve thrust
bait dexterous interest press thumb
baize diabetes interesting pressing thunder
bake diagram interference pressure thursday
baked-goods dial interment presume thus
baker diameter intermission presumption thwart
bakery diamond internal pretence ticket
balance diarrhoea interpreter pretend ticket-window
balance-sheet dictionary interrupt pretty tidbit
balcony die intestines prevent tide
bale diet in-the-beginning previous tidy
balearic-islands differ in-the-cuban-way previously tie
baleen difference in-the-daytime previous-to tie-on
balkans different in-the-evening price tie-up
ball differently in-the-morning price-list tiger
ballast difficult in-the-rear pricey tighten
ballet difficulty intimate priest tile
ballet-dancer dig in-time prince till
balloon digestion into princess timber
ballot digit intone principal time
balloting dilapidated intoxicate principally time-table
ballpoint-pen dim intoxicated principle timid
balm dimension introduce print tin
balsam diminish in-vain prior tin-can
baltic diminutive invent prison tin-opener
baltic-sea din inverted-comma prisoner tin-plate
balustrade dining-room inverted-commas prize tint
bamboo dinner invest probably tip
ban diploma investigation problem tire
banana direct invite proceed-with tired
bandage direction invite-tenders-for procession tired-out
bandit directly invoice proclaim tiresome
banisters director invoke proclamation to
bank directory in-what-way procure toad
bank-account dirty iodine produce toast
banker disabled ireland product tobacco
banking-account disabled-person irish profess today
bank-manager disapprobation irishman profession toe
bank-note disapproval iron professional together
bankruptcy disapprove iron-clothes profit together-with
banner disapprove-of ironing-board profound toilet
banquet discard iron-wire programme toilet-paper
bar discharge irrigate progress token
barbarian disciples island prohibit tolerate
barbaric discount isolation project tomato
barber discourage israeli promise tomb
bare discover israelian pronounce tomorrow
barefoot discovery israelite pronunciation tomorrow-evening
barely discrete issue proof tomorrow-morning
call fertilization metropolis scissors wounded
call-box fertilize meuse scold wrangle
call-on fervor mexican scooter wrap-up
calm fervour mexican-woman scot wrench
calm-down festival mexico scotland wrest
calorie fetch mexico-city scotsman wretched
cambric fever midday scottish wring
camel fewer midday-meal scratch wrist
camera fiancé middle scream wrist-watch
camp fiancée middle-ages screw writ
camping-ground field middy screwdriver write
camping-site fifteen midnight scrupulous write-down
camp-of-tents fifth midshipsman scuffle write-off
camp-out fig mile sculptor writer
can fig-tree milk scythe writing-paper
canada figurative millimetre sea wrong
canal figure milliner sea-dog x
canary file million seagull x-rays
canary-islands files minced-meat seal xylophone
cancel fill mind seam yacht
candle fill-in mineral seaside yam
candlemas filling-station ministry season yard
candlestick fill-up mint seat ye
cane film minute secede year
can-opener filter minutes second yearly
cantabrian filthy mirror second-cousin yellow
cap fin miscarriage secondhand yes
capability finally miscellaneous second-hand yesterday
capable find mischievous secret yet
capital find-oneself miserable secretion yield
capital-city fine misery sect yoghourt
capitulate finger miss section yoghurt
capsule finish mist secure yoke
capture finished mistake security yon
car finishing-off mistaken see yonder
carafe finland mister seek you
carburettor finn mistletoe seem young
card finnish misty seemly youngster
care finnish-language misunderstanding seize your
care-about finnish-woman miter seized-with-emotion youth
career fir mitre seizure youth-hostel
care-for fire mitten seldom yugoslavia
careful fire-alarm mixture self-interested yule
careless firebrand moan selfish zeal
caress firecall mode selfless zealand
caressing firing-cap modern self-possessed zealander
carnation firm modest sell zero
carnival first mohammed send zinc
car-park first-aid moist sender zipper
carpet first-aid-station moment send-off zither
carriage firstly monastery sensation zone
carrier-cycle first-name monday sense zoo
carrier-tricycle first-of-all money sensitive zucchini
carrion fish money-box sentence  
advocate coarse give-off-an-odour number someone
aerate coast give-pain-to numberplate some-one
aerial coat give-rise-to numeral something
aerodrome cocaine give-tongue nurse something-new
aerogramme cock give-up nut sometimes
aeronautics cockroach give-way nutmeg somewhat
aeroplane cocoa glad nylon son
afar cod gladness oak song
a-few code glass oar son-in-law
a-few-minutes codfish glasses oasis soon
affable coffee-house globe oats soothe
affair coffee-pot glorious obey sore
affect cognac glove object sorrow
affectation coin glue objection sort
affecting cold go objectionable so-so
affection collar goal obligation so-that
affectionate colleague go-astray oblique so-to-speak
affiliate collect goat observation soul
affirm collection go-away observe sound
affirmation college go-back obstacle soup
affix collide go-backwards obstruct sour
afflict collide-with go-beyond obtain source
affluence collision goblet obtuse south
afford cologne god obviously south-africa
afraid colombia go-down occasion south-african
afresh colony go-downhill occiput south-america
africa colossus god's-acre occupation south-american
african colour go-fast occupy souvenir
african-woman columbus go-in occur soviet-union
after column going-down occurence sow
afternoon comb gold ocean spa
afterwards combination goldfish oceania space
again come good oceanica spaceman
against come-about goodbye o'clock spade
agate come-across good-bye october spain
age come-afterwards good-day oculist spaniard
agency come-back good-evening odor spanish
agenda come-close good-friday odour spanish-language
agent come-closer good-health of spanish-woman
aggrandizement come-later good-morning of-all-sorts spanner
aggravating come-on good-natured of-fantasy spark
aggression come-to-a-halt goodness offence spark-plug
aggressor come-to-an-end good-night offend sparrow
agitate come-together go-off offer spawn
agitated come-up-to go-on offer-of-marriage speak
agitation comfort goose offer-of-parriage special
ago comfortable gooseberry office spectacles
agog coming go-out officer speechless
agonizing coming-from goth official speed
agony command gothic officially speedy
agrarian commander go-through offset spell
agree commence go-to-bed offspring spend
agreeable commencement goulash of-ill-repute spice
agreed commend go-up of-noble-birth spider
agreement commerce gourd often spiked
agree-to commercial-at-sign gout oh spinach
agricultural commission govern oil spine
ague commit-aggression government oil-of-olives spinster
ah committee gown okay spirits
aha commodity grab okra spit
ahead common grade okra-plant splinter
aid commonplace gradually old split
aide-de-camp commotion gram old-materials spoil
ailment communicate grammar olive sponge
aim communication gramme olive-oil spoon
air communication-cord grammophone-disc olive-tree sport
air-balloon communion grandfather omelette sports-ground
airbed communist grandmother omen sports-shirt
air-conditioned community grandson omnibus spot
air-conditioning company granite omnipotence spring
aircraft compare grape omnipotent springtime
airdrome compartment grapefruit omniscient spur
airfield compass grapevine on spur-on
airless compel grapple on-account-of square
air-letter compensate grasp once square-decametre
airmail compensation grass once-more squeeze
air-mattress compete grasshopper one squirrel
air-out competition gratitude one-and-a-half stab
airplane complain grave one-hundred stable
airport complaint graveyard one-person staid
airsick complete gravy onerous staircase
airy-fairy completed grease one-thousand stairs
aix-la-chapelle completely greasy one-time stake
alarm complex great one-way-traffic stale
alarmbell compliment great-britain onion stall
alarming component greatgranddaughter only stallion
alas composed greatgrandson only-just stamp
album composer greece on-one's-back stanchion
alcohol comprise greediness on-purpose stand
ale compulsory greedy on-that-account standard
alexander computer greek on-the-left stand-up
algebra concave greek-woman on-the-other-side-of stand-up-to
algerian conceal green on-the-right star
algerian-woman conceited greenland on-top start
algiers concept greet open starting-point
alibi concern greeting open-up start-running
alien concerned grey opera state
alike concerning grieve operate statement
alimony concert grind operative statement-of-policy
a-little concise grip ophtalmologist station
alive conciseness grisly opinion stationer's-shop
all conclude groan opium statue
all-about conclusion grotto opportunity stay
alley concord ground opposed-to stay-for
all-hallows concrete ground-floor opposite stay-on
all-knowing concurrence grounds opposite-side stay-over
all-of-a-sudden condemn group oppress stay-with
all-over-again condemnable grow oppressive steak
allow condemnation grown-over optician steal
all-powerful condition growth or steamship
all-saints'-day condom grub orange steel
all-sorts conduct gruesome orange-juice steep
all-sorts-of conduct-oneself gruff orange-tree steer
all-souls'-day conductor guarantee orbit steering-wheel
all-the confectioner guard order stem
all-the-time confectionery guatemala ordinary stench
almanac conference guatemala-city origin stenotypist
almighty confess guelderland original step
almond confession guelders originate stern
almond-paste confidence guess ornament stew
almost confine guest orthography stewardess
almound-pastry confined guide ostrich stick
alms confined-to-one's-bed guidebook other stick-to-the-pan
alone confirm guilder other-than stiff
along confirmation guile ought-to stiffling
a-lot-of confiscate guileless our-lady still
alphabet conflagration guilt out stimulate
alpine-hut conflict guiltless outer sting
alps confront guilty outer-cover stink
already congenital gulden outfit stipulate
also congentital gulf outing stipulation
altar congratulate gum out-of stir
alter congress gumbo outside stir-up
alternate connect gun outside-of stocking
alternation connection gunner outskirts stodgy
although connect-up habit oven stoke
altitude conquer hackneyed over stomach
altogether consecutively haddock overall stone
alum consent haemorhoids overalls stone-chippings
aluminium consequence hail overcoat stop
aluminum conservation hairdresser overdrive storage-battery
always conservative hairy overgrown store
amateur conserve half overhaul storey
amaze consider hall overhead storm
amazon considerable halt overlay story
ambassador consideration ham override stove
amber consignee hamlet overtake straggler
amen consistency hammer over-there straigh-ahead
america consistent hamper overthrow straight
american consist-of hand overwhelm straight-ahead
american-indian console hand-bag ow straight-along
american-ostrich constant handbook owe straightforward
american-woman constantly handicap owl strait
ammonia constipation handicraft own strait-of-gibraltar
amnesty constitution handiwork owner strasbourg
a-moment construct handle ownership strawberry
among consul handlebars ox stray-from-one's-subject
amortize consulate hand-over oyster stray-off
amount consultation handsome pace stream
amount-to consume hang pacific strecher
amputate consumer hang-onto pacific-ocean strech-out
amsterdam contact happen pack street
amuse contagious happy package streetcar
amusement contain harbor packet strength
amusing container harbour pad stress
an contaminated hard pail strict
anathema contempt hardly pain stride
a-native-of contented hard-worked paint strike
anchor contest hardworking painter string
anchovy continual hare painting strip
ancient continually haricot pair stripe
and continue harm pair-of-pincers stroke
and-also continuous harsh palace stroke-of-apoplexy
andalusia continuously harvest pale strong
and-as-well contract haste palm strong-drink
andorra contractor hastily palm-off-on struggle
anecdote contradict hat palm-sunday student
anew contralto hate palmtree study
angle contralto-voice haul pamphlet stun
anguish contrast havana panama stupefy
animal control have pancake stupid
anise controller have-a-bath panties sturdy
ankle convention have-a-good-time pants sturgeon
annals conversance have-compassion-on paper sty
annex converse have-got paperback subject-to
annexation conversion have-to paperer subjunctive
annotation convert hay paper-hanger subscribe
announce convey hazard paprika subscriber
announcement convince hazardous parade subscribe-to
annual cook hazelnut paraffin-oil subscription
annul cookie he paragraph subsequently
annunciation cool head paraguay subside
anonymous cool-down headlight parallel substantive
another copper head-up parapet substitute
answer copy heal parcel substitution
answer-to cord health parents subtract
ant cordova heap parings subway
antecedent cork hear paris succeed
antenna corkscrew hearing-aid parisian successor
antifreeze corn hearsay park such
antilles corner heart parking-bay such-a
antique corpulent heartburn parking-garage such-as
antiquity corpus-christi heat parking-place suck
antiseptic correct heath parrot suction-apparatus
antwerp correspond heating parsley suddenly
anus correspond-to heaven part sue
anvil corridor heavy parthian suffice
anvil-pruner corridor-train hebrew partially sufficient
anxious corroborate hectolitre particular sufficiently
any corruption hedge-clippers partition suffocate
anybody corsica hedge-shears partly sugar
anything cosmetic-powder heel partridge sugarbowl
apart cost he-goat party sugar-bowl
apart-from costa-brava height party-members suggest
apartment costa-rica height-of-the-barometer pass suit
ape costly helm passable suitability
apocalypse costume help passage suitable
apocryphal cot helper passageway suitcase
apologize coterie helpful pass-away sultry
apology cotton her passport sum
apoplectic-fit couch herb pass-through summer
apostasy cough herd past summery
apostate counsel here-are paste summit
apostatize counsellor here-is pastor summon
apostle count herring patagonia sum-up
apparatus count-down hesitate patch sun
apparent counter hesitation patch-up sunday
apparently countermand hidden pate sun-glasses
appeal counterpane hide path sunrise
appeal-to count-in hide-oneself patience sunset
appear country hideous patriarch superficial
appearance countryside high patron super-highway
appear-to-be coupé high-tide pause superior
appease couple hill pavement supermarket
appellation coupon hillside paw superscription
appendix courage him pay supersign
appetite courageous hinder pay-attention supervise
applaud courgette hindrance pay-attention-to supper
apple course hindu payment supplement
apple-juice court hind-wheel pay-off supplication
apple-sauce courteous hip pay-on-account supply
apple-tart courtyard hippo pay-out support
apple-tree cousin hippopotamus pay-the-expenses-of supporter
apply cover hire pea supporters
appoint covered hired-out peace suppose
appointment covered-with-blood hirsute peach supposing-that
appointment-book coverlet his peak suppress
appointment-to-office covet history peanut sure
appraise covetousness hit pear surface
appreciate cow hoax pearl surgeon
apprehension crab hoe pear-tree surinam
appropriate crack hog pedal surly
approval cradle hold pedestrian surmise
approximately craft hold-against peel surname
apricot craftiness hold-back peel-off surpass
apricot-tree cramped hole peg surprise
baritone discrimination italian prop tongs
bark disease italian-language proper tongue
barley disgust italian-woman properly too
barman dish italy property tool
barn dishwasher itch proposal too-much
bar-of-chocolate disinterested its prosecute toothache
barometer dislike ivory prostitute tooth-brush
barometer-reading dismal ivy protect tooth-paste
baron dismiss jack protect-from top
baroness dispatch jacket protection topical
barque disposal jade protégé to-some-extent
barrack dispose-of jail protest total-abstinence
barracks disposition jam protestant to-the-left
barren disquiet january protocol to-the-right
barricade dissolve japan proud touch
barrier dissuade-from japanese prove touching
barring distance japanese-language provided-that touch-upon
barrister distant japanese-woman provoke tourist
barrister-at-law distinct java provost tourist-agency
bar-stool distinguish javan prudish tow
bartender distract javanese pruning-knife toward
basalt distracted javanese-woman prussia towards
base distraction jaw prussian towel
basement distress jawbone psalm tower
basic distribute jeer pseudonym towing-line
basin district jeer-at psychiatrist town
basket disturb jelly-fish pub town-hall
basketball disturbance jest public-square township
basque ditch jesus-christ publish toy
basque-country divan jew publisher trace
basque-language dive jewel pudding trace-out
bas-relief diverge jeweller pull track
bass diversion jewish pull-down trade
bass-voice divert job pulverize traffic
bast divide join pump trailer
bastard divorce joining punish train
bath dizzy joint punishment train-ticket
bathe do joke puppet tram
bathing-box do-away-with journalist purchase tranquil
bathing-suit_1 doctor journey purchaser transfer
bathing-suit_2 document joy pure transitive
bathroom dog joystick purge translate
baths-superintendant do-harm-to judge purity transmit
bath-superintendant doll judgement purpose transport
batiste dollar judgment purse travel
baton domestic jug pursue travel-agency
battalion done juice pus traveller
battery donkey july push tray
battle door jump push-button treat
battlefront dose junction put treatment
bay dot june put-down treaty
bay-of-biscay double junto put-in-order tree
bazaar double-bed just put-off tree-trunk
be-able-to doubt just-now put-on tremble
beach dough keep put-on-airs tribunal
beacon dove keeper-of-the-records put-on-the-stage tribute
be-adrift downhill keep-on put-out trick
be-afraid-of downstairs keep-one's-hands-off put-out-to-tender trifle
be-a-guest-of down-the-slope keepsake put-to-bed trinity
beak doze key put-up trip
be-alive drag kick put-up-with trite
beam draining kick-off pyjamas trouble
bean dram kidney pyrenean trousers
be-appropriate draw kill pyrenees trout
bear drawers kiln quality truck
beard dream kilo quantity true
bearing dreary kilometre quarrel truly
bear-the-cost-of dress kind quarter trumpet
be-ashamed dresser kindle quash trunk
be-asleep dressing king quay trustworthy
beast dressing-gown kingdom queen truth
beastly drift kiss quell try
beat drink kitchen question try-on
beautiful drinking-water klaxon quick tube
beauty drip knapsack quickly tuesday
beaver drive knee quicksand tug
be-bold drive-away kneel quicksands tummy
be-born drivel knife quiet tumor
be-burnt-down drive-off knight quit tumour
be-called driver knock quite tumult
because driving-licence knock-at-the-door quiver tuna
because-of driving-mirror knock-kneed-legs quotation tuna-fish
become dromedary knot quotation-mark tune
becoming droop know quotation-marks tunis
be-considered drop know-how quote tunnel
bed drown knowledge quotes tunny
bed-clothes drug koran rabbit tup
bedding drugstore laborer race turk
be-dependent-on drum labor-exchange radiator turkey
be-detained drunk labourer radio turkish
be-detrimental-to drunkenness labour-exchange radish turkish-lady
be-different dry lace radius turkish-woman
bedridden dry-nurse lack railing turn
bedspread dual lad railway-carriage turn-around
bedstead duck ladder railway-ticket turn-away
bee dues laddie rain turned-in-legs
beech dull lady rainbow turnip
beef dumb lady-day raise turnip-rooted-celery
beefsteak dump lady's-bag ram turn-off
be-encamped duplicate laggard ranch turn-on
beer during-the-day laid-up rand turn-over
beet dusk lake rank turnpike
befit dust lake-of-geneva rap-at-the-door turn-round
be-fitting dutch lamb rapid turn-to-good-account
before dutch-language lame rare tv
be-found dutchman lamp raspberry twaddle
beg dutch-woman land rat twelve
beggar duty landing rate twenty
begging dwell landing-stage rate-of-exchange twenty-one
begin dwelling-place landscape ratepayer twice
beginner dwelling-place-residence landslide rather twin
beginning dye lane raven twins
begrudge each language ravine two
behave each-time lantern raw type
behead eager lapland ray typewriter
behind eagerness lapsed razor-blade tyre
behold eagle large reach ugly
beige ear lark react ulcer
be-in-command ear-drop lass read ultimately
be-kept-in early last ready umbrella
be-lacking earn lasting reality uncle
be-late earnest last-night realization unclean
belgian earring late realize unconscious
belgian-woman earth lath really uncooked
belgium earthen latin rear uncover
believe earthenware latvia rearguard under
bell earthly latvian rear-lamp undergarment
belly earthquake laud rear-light underground
be-located earth-satellite laugh rear-platform underneath
belong-to easily laugh-at rear-wheel underpants
beloved east laughter reason understand
below easter laundry rebate understandable
belt easy laurel rebuke understanding
be-married eat-up lava receipt understood
be-missing ecuador law receive undertake
bench edge lawless recent undoubtedly
bend edging lawn recently undress
beneath edible lawsuit recess unfaithful
benefit eel lawyer recipe unfortunately
bengal effective laxative recipient unhappy
bengal-light effectual lay recite unique
bengal-lights efficacious lay-by recline unite
be-on-a-visit effigy lay-down recognize united-states-of-america
be-one-of effort lay-hold-of recollection university
be-on-the-decline efforts lazy recommend unkind
be-painful egg lead recommendable unknown
be-quiet eggfruit leader recommendation unlearn
beret eggplant leaf record unload
berlin egypt leaflet records unmarried
berry egyptian league recover unmarried-woman
beside eight lean recruit unpleasant
besides eighteen leap red unrest
besiege eighth leap-year red-cross unroll
be-similar eight-hundred learn red-currant until
be-situated eighty leather redeem untroubled
be-sorry-about elbow leather-goods redeemer unwind
best elder-brother leave redemption upon
bestial elder-sister leave-behind red-herring upset
be-suitable elect leave-out-of-account red-indian upstairs
bet election leek red-sea up-to-date
be-taken-ill electric left reduce-the-price urban
better electric-fan leg reed urge
between electricity legging reef urgency
beverage elegant lemon reek urgent
bevy element lend refined urgently
be-washed-ashore elements length reflect-on urge-on
be-worth elephant lengthen refusal urinate
be-worthy-of elevator lens refuse urine
be-wrong eleven lentil refuse-dump uruguay
beyond elm less regard us
bib el-salvador less-and-less region usa
bible else lesson register us-citizen
bicarbonate-of-soda elsewhere let registered use
bicuit embalm let-know regret used
bicycle embark lett regrettable use-up
bid embassy letter regrettably ussr
bide embrace letterbox regularly usual
big emerge lettuce regulation uterus
bike emergency level regulations utilize
bikini emigrate level-crossing reject vacation
bile emissary lever relate vain
bill emmet library relation valencia
billow emotion licentious relative valiant
bind empire lick release valid
binding employ lid reliable valise
birch employee lie religion valley
bird employment-exchange lie-encamped relinquish valuable
birds empty liège remain value
birth encounter life remainder valve
birthday encourage lift remark vampire
biscay encouragement light remedy vanilla
biscuit encyclopaedia lighten remit vanity-bag
bishop end lighter remote variety
bit endeavour lighting remote-control variety-entertainment
bite ending lightning remotely vary
bitter endive like remove vase
black endorse like-that remove-the-cloth vat
blackberry endow likewise rendezvous veal
blackberry-bush end-up lilac renounce vegetable
blackbird endure limb renown vegetarian
bladder enemy lime rent-out vegetation
blame energy lime-tree repair vein
blameworthy engine limit repayment velvet
blank engineer limited repeat vend
blanket england limp repentance venereal-disease
blaspheme english linden-tree replace venezuela
bleak english-language line replacement vengeance
bleed englishman lineage replenishment ventilate
bleeding englishwoman lining reply ventilator
blind engulf lion report venture
blind-alley enjoy lip repose verge
blister enjoyable liqueur represent verge-of-a-road
block enjoy-oneself liquid representation verify
blond enlargement liquidate representative vermin
blood enormous liquor reproach vermouth
blood-letting enough lisbon reproof verse
blood-stained enter list reprove very
bloom enterprise listen republic very-much
blot entertain liter repute vessel
blotter entertaining lithuania request vest
blotting-paper entertainment litre require veterinarian
blouse entire litter rescue vicar
blow entirely little resemble vice
blue entomb little-by-little reserve vice-versa
blueberry entrance little-snow-white reservoir vicious
blunt entreaty live residence victory
blushing envelop liver resign vienna
boar envelope liver-sausage resist view
board envious livestock resources vigour
boarding-house environment livonia respect village
boarding-school environs load respectable vine
boat envoy loaf respiration vinegar
body envy loan respond violate
boil equal loathe responsibility violet
boiled-egg equality lobster responsible viper
bold equally location rest visa
bolivia equatorial-guinea loch restaurant visé
bomb erect lock restrain visit
bonbon err locust restrained vistula
bon-bon errand lofty restrict vitamin
bond erroneous loin restricted vocabulary
bone error london result voice
bonnet escort londoner resumé void
book eskimo long retain voltage
bookcase especially look retardation volume
book-keeper esperanto look-after retarded vomit
bookseller establish look-at retention vote
bookshop estate look-for retreat voting-by-ballot
bookstore esteem looking-glass retrograde voyage
boot estimate loose return wage
booze estimates lord return-ticket wager
bordeaux estonia lorraine reveal wages
border estremadura lorry revenge waggon
bore etna lose reverse waist
boring europa lose-flesh reversed waistcoat
borrow europe lose-in-weight reverse-side waistline
bosom european lose-one's-way revise wait
boss european-union loss revive waiter
both evade lost revue wait-for
bother even lothringen reward waiting
bottle evening loud rezignation waitress
bottle-opener evening-meal loudly rheumatism waive
bottom event lounge-suite rhine wales
bough ever louse rhino walk
bouillon every louvain rhinoceros wall
boundary everybody lovable rhythm wall-covering
boutique every-kind-of love ribbon wallet
bowl every-one loved-one rice walnut-tree
box everything lovely rickety wander
boxer every-time lover ride wander-from-one's-subject
boy everywhere low ridicule want
bra exact lower ridiculous wanton
bracelet exaction lower-arm rifle wantonness
braces exactly low-relief right war
brain exaggerate low-tide right-away ward-off
brake examination lucifer right-now wardrobe
brakedown examine luck rigid warehouse
bramble example luggage rim warm
branch exceed luggage-ticket ring warn
brandy except luggage-van ring-the-bell warning
brass except-for lukewarm rio-grande warrant
brave exchange-rate lump riot wash
bray excise lunch riotous wash-up
brazil excise-duty lung ripe wasp
brazilian excite lupine rise waste
brazilian-woman exclude luxemburg risk watch
bread exclusively luxemburger risky watchmaker
bread-and-butter excommunication luxury rival watch-out-for
break excursion lynx river watch-over
break-down excuse-me lyric road water
breakfast exercise macaroni road-metal water-colour
break-of-a-habit exhale machine roast watercourse
bream exhausted mackerel roasted waterfall
breast exhibition madam rob wave
breath exhortation madrid robe waver
breathe exile magazine robust wavering
breathless exist magnet rock wax
breed existence magpie rocket way
brevity exit maid roe way-out
brick expect mail roll we
bride expedite mailbox roll-call weak
bridge expense main roller weaken
bridle expensive mainly roman wealth
brief experience maintain romanesque weapon
briefcase experienced maintenance romania wear
briefness expert maize romanian wear-away
briefs expertness major rome wear-off
bright expire majorca roof wear-out
brilliant explain majority room weather
brim explanation major-road rooster wedding
bring exploit make rope wedding-party
bring-along exposition make-a-contract rose wednesday
brinjal express-condolences make-a-mistake rotten weekly
brink extend make-an-offer-of rough weep
britain exterior make-a-note round weigh
british external make-a-project-of round-off weight
briton extinguish make-clean rouse welcome
broad extort make-fast route well
broken extortion make-use-of row well-beloved
broken-stones extra making row-boat well-known
brothel extract malay rowing-boat well-mannered
brother extremely male rub well-to-do
brothers-and-sisters eye male-cook rubber wench
brow eyebrow malicious rubbish west
brown eyelid malines rubbish-tip western-europe
brush fabricate man rubble wet
brussels façade manage rudder whale
brussels-sprouts face management rude whalebone
brutal facile manager rudiments wharf
bubble fact manicure ruin what-a
buck faction manifacture rule what-a-pity
bucket factory mantle rules what-for
buck-hare fag-out manufacture rum what-time-is-it
buckle failure manuring rumanian wheat
buck-rabbit faint map rumor wheeziness
budget fair marble rumour when
buffalo faithful march run where
buffer falcon margarine run-across which
buffet falkland-islands mark run-away while
bug falklands market rush whimstone
build fall marketplace russia whipped-cream
builder fallacious mark-out russian whiskers
building fall-away marmelade russian-woman whisper
building-contractor fall-ill marriage rye whistle
bulb fall-in-love-with married sack white
bulgar fall-off marry sad whitsunday
bulgaria fame marseilles sadness who
bulgarian familiarity marsh safe whole
bulgarian-woman family marvel safety wholly
bull famous marvel-at safety-pin_1 whore
bullet fan mashed-potatoes safety-pin_2 why
bullring fancier mass sage widower
bumper fancy massage sahara width
bumpy fantastic massive sailor wife
buoy far mast saint wild
burden far-away master salad wild-boar
burdensome far-east master-builder salary will
bureau farewell match sale willingly
burgomaster farm material sales-activity willingness
burial farm- matrimony salesman willow
burn farmer matter saleswoman win
burn-down fashion mattress sallow wind
burnt fast mature salmon windfall
burst fasten mauretanian salted-meat wind-off
bury fast-train maximum salt-meat window
bus fat may salutation wing
bush fate maybe salute winter
business fateful mayhap sand wipe
business-deal father mayor sandal wipe-off
businessman fatherland meager sandwich wire
busk fatty meal sap wireless
busstop faucet mealies sardina wish
bus-stop fault mean sardinia with
busy favor meaning sassenach within
busy-oneself favour means satan without
but favourable measure satisfied without-a-name
butcher fear measurement satisfy without-delay
butcher's-shop fearful meat sauce without-prejudice
butter feast mechanic saucepan withstand
butterfly feast-of-tabernacles mechlin saucer with-young
button feather medicine savage witness
buy february mediterranean save woe
buyer federal meet saviour wolf
by feed meet-with saw woman
by-accident feel melon saxe womb
by-chance feeling melt saxon wonder
by-day feign melting saxony wood
bye felloe member say wooden
by-heart fellow memento say-goodbye woodpecker
by-means-of felly memory say-goodbye-to woods
by-no-means female menace say-yes word
by-now female-cat mend scale work
by-the-way female-cook mentally-deficient scale-off worker
by-way female-hairdresser mention scales working-man
cabbage female-journalist menu scandal workman
cabin female-laborer merchant scandinavia work-out
cabinet female-relative merciful scarcely workplace
cable female-singer mercifulness scare world
cab-stand female-stenotypist mercy scatter worldglobe
cactus female-tailor merit scenery worm
café female-teacher message scent worn
cafetaria femal-labourer messenger schedule worn-out
cake femal-worker metal scheldt worry
calabash feminine metaphor scheme worship
calculate fence method school worship service
calculation ferry methylated spirit science worth
calf fertile metre scientist wound



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