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a australian deem lass russia
abattoir austrian defence lasso russian
abc author delft late safety-pin
abdomen authority denmark latvia safety
abdominal autobus descend lawyer sagacious
aberration autogenous description lay-a-distress-upon sallow
abide automate design lay-down salon
able automatic desire lay-hold-of sandbank
abortive automoton desperate leader sassenach
about autonomic detention leaf satisfied
above autonomous device leap saturday
abroad autonomy devil lease saucer
abscess autumn diagram leasurely sausage
absent avant-garde diamond leave-behind say
absolute avenue dictionary leave scale
absolutely aversion dim lebanon scheme
abstract aviation dining-room lesson school
absurdity await diploma let screen
abundance awaken director letter scuffle
abysmal awkward disapprove-of lewd sea
abyss azerbaijan disapprove leyden seaside
abyssinia bad disease liberia security
academic badger dish librarian see
academy badly dislike library seize
accede baggage dispose-of libya sell
accent baghdad dissect lie-down send
accept baikal distinct lie sentence
access bairn divine light serious
accident baker do like set
accommodation baku doctor likewise settlement
accompany balance-sheet document lion seven
accomplishment balcony dog liquidate several-times
accord balkans dominican-republic lisbon share
accordance ball don-juan listen shareholder
accordion ballet door literal shark
account balloon doubt lithuania shave
accounting bamboo down little-brother she
accrue banana downstairs live shed
accumulator bandage dress liverpool sheen
accurate bangladesh drill location sheet
ache bank-clerk drink loch shock-absorber
achieve bank-official drivel lofty shoe
achievement bank drugstore london shop
achromatic bankruptcy drum long shore
ack-ack bar dublin look-at shortness-of-breath
acquire barefoot during look should
acquisitive barge dwell lorry shut
acrobat barium each lose sick
acrobatic bark eager loud side
across-from barn early lounge sideboard
across barometer east love silent
act-of-grace barren easy lovely sing
act barricade eel lower-arm sister
action barrier egypt luggage sit-down
active barrister-at-law eight lump sit
activity barrister elder lunacy sitting-room
actor base elect lust six
actress basin elements luxemburg ski
ad bass-voice elephant lyric sky
adam's-apple bass else mad slaughterhouse
addis-ababa bath-superintendant encourage madness slay
addled bathroom end-up madrid slowly
address baths-superintendant end maestricht snow-white
aden battalion ending magazine snow
adjutant battery engineer maintain so
administer battle- england major-road society
administration battle english-channel majority soldier
administrative bay english make-a-note sole
admiral bazaar englishman make-an-appeal-to solicitor
admiralship be-able-to englishwoman make solitary
admire be-acquainted-with enter malaysia some-one
adore be-afraid-of enterprise mali some
advantageous be-alive equilibrium man somebody
adventure be-called equipment manage someone
adventurous be-obstinate error management sometimes
advertisement be-stubborn esperanto manager son
advice be-willing-to estate map soon
advocate be esteem march soup
aerial bead estonia market south
aerodrome beam ethiopia marketplace soviet
aerolite bean europa marriage speak
aeronautical beard europe marsh speed
aeronautics beat even matter speedy
aeroplane beautiful evening-meal mayor sport
affair beaver ever mediterranean spot
affluence because-of everlasting melon spring
affluent become every-one menu springtime
afghanistan bed every meteoric-stone squirrel
afresh bedroom everybody meteorite staircase
africa beech everything meuse stairs
african-woman beefsteak exact mexico-city stand-up-to
african beginning excise-duty mexico stand
after behind excise middleclass-citizen start
afternoon behold exclusively middleclass station
again belgian-woman exercise-book midwife stay-over
against belgian exercise military stay
age belgrade expect minute steak
agency belly expensive miserable storage-battery
agent below eye mistake store
aggression bering-sea eyebrow moldavia stork
aggressive berlin facile monaco storm
aggressor beside fact mongolia story
aggro best factory monkey street-of-dover
agrarian better fade month stress
agree between failure moon strike
agreement beyond fair more striking
agricultural-labourer beyrouth family morning stroll
agricultural-worker bible farm- morse-alphabet strong
agricultural big farm-out moscow struggle
agriculture bill farm motor-road student
agriculturist billiards farmer motorcycle stupid
agronomics binoculars fast motorway subscriber
aide-de-camp birch father mountain such-a
ailing bishop fear movie-theatre such-as
ailment black feather mozambique such
aim blank female-student museum suddenly
aimless blasphemy female must summer
air-balloon bless field mutiny supper
air-force blessing fight mutton surname
air blockade files my swamp
aircraft blond find name swift
airdrome blouse fine nameless swiftly
airfield blue first-name nasty swim
airless blueberry first-of-all near-to swimming-bath
airline blunt first near swimming-pool
airmail blush firstly nearby table
airplane blushing five nearly take-along
airport board flask needle take-away
airway boat flat neither-nor take-in
alarm body flavour neither take-into-account
alarmclock bois-le-duc flea nepal take-over
alas bolivia flee new-amsterdam take
albania bomb float new-york-city talk
albino bombay folder new-york tall
album bone fool new tangle
alcohol book-keeper foolish newspaper tank
alcoholic book-keeping foot next-to target
alcoholism book for-sake-of next tasteless
algebra bookcase for nice tasty
algebraic bookshop foreign nicosia tea
algeria bookstore forest nine teacher
algiers boon forgetful nitrogen tell-a-lie
alien borax fork no-one tell
all-of-a-sudden bore form no ten
all-over-again boron fountain-pen nobody tenant
all-the boss four none testimony
all botany fragrant nonsense text
allow both france north thankful
almost bottle free nose that-over-there
alms boulevard french not that-way
alone bourgeois friend note that
along bourgeoisie friesland notebook the-antarctic
alphabet boutique fright notice the-hague
alphabetical bow frindge nought the-netherlands
alps box furious novel theatre
already boxer future now thee-and-thou
also brabant gabon nowhere then
altar brace gain nuts theologian
although bracelet gambia nutty theology
altitude braille gaol object there
altogether brain gap obstetrician thigh
aluminium brave garden occur thing
aluminum brazil gasolene of-a-battle think
always breach gasoline of-a-beaver third
ambition bread-and-butter gather of-the-coast this-evening
america bridge gazette okay this-morning
american-woman brigade genesis old those
american bring-along geneva omnibus though
ammonia britain genoa on-account-of thrash
amnesty british georgia on-the-other-side-of three
among broad german on-time throat
amphibian bronze germany on-top through
amphibious-vehicle brother get-off on thumb
amputate brow get once-more thursday
amputation brussels ghana one-hundred thus
amsterdam bucharest girder one ticket
amudaryra buffalo girl onerous tiger
amur buffer give only time
analogous buffoon gloss open-up tin-can
analogy building go-down open tin
analyse bulgar go-for-a-walk operative to
analysis bulgaria go-in opposed-to today
analytic bulgarian-woman go-up opposite together
analytical bulgarian go orange tomorrow
anarchic bull goal order tongue
anarchical bumper god ordinarily too
anarchism buoy gold other topical
anarchist burdensome golden ought-to topicality
anarchy burma good outline toward
anatomical bus gossip over-there towards
anatomist business-deal government over towel
anatomy business gram overhead tower
anchovy busy grammar owing-to town
and but gramme own translate
anecdote butterfly grandmother oxus transmit
anew button gratitude page travel
angola buy great-britain pain tree
angora by-now great painful trip
anise by greece painting trouble
ankara cabinet greedy pale trousers
annexation cairo greenland pancake truck
anonymous call-on greyhound pants trunk
another call grow paper tummy
answer caller guinea paragraph tup
antarctic cambodia gulf-of-finland pardon twaddle
antelope cameroon gulf parings twenty
antenna can gunner parliament two
anthracite canada haiti parlour type
anti-aircraft-guns canal half passion typewriter
antwerp candidate hall passionate umpire
any canoe ham pastor uncle
anybody canteen hand patient underneath
apartment capable handsome pawn understand
apathetic car hanoi pay unemployed
apathy card happen peanut unemployment
ape carpathian-mountains harp pencil unfortunately
apostle carpathians harsh per university-graduate
apparatus carpet hat perform university
appeal-to case havana periodical unknown
appeal castle have-to persia up-to-date
appellation catastrophe have persist up
appetite catastrophic he personal uphill
apple-tree catch health petrol upon
apple caucasus heaven physician upper-arm
apprehension caviar heavy physicist upstairs
approximately centennial height pick-out upwards
apricot century hell pick-up us-citizen
april certificate helpless picture useful
aquarium chair helsinki pilgrim useless
arab chamber her pilgrimage usually
arabia channel here-are pin valiant
arabian-woman chaos here-is pineapple valuable
arabian chaotic high pious vase
arabic charity hill placard velvet
arbiter chasm him place vend
arbitration cheap hip plain very-much
arbitrator cheat hippo plan very
arc cheese hippopotamus plane vessel
arch chemist's-shop hire plate view
archaeological chemist history platter vigour
archaeologist chief hit play village
archaeology child holiday plea visa
archbishop childless holland please visit
archipelago chile home pleased visitor
architect china hook-of-holland plume visé
architectonic choose hope pole vocabulary
architectural chord horse pool vodka
architecture chorus hospital poor volga
archive chunk hot popular voyage
archives cigarette hotel pork wail
archivist cinema house poster wainscot
arena circle how poverty wait-for
argentina city human-being practice wait
argument class hundred precipice waitress
aristocracy clean hungary pregnant wake-up
aristocrat clear iceberg present-day wake
aristocratic clergyman iceland present walk
arithmetic client if pricey wander
arm climate ill priest want
armature climb illiterate prison warrior
armchair clippings illness prisoner wart
armenia clock image problem wash
armoury clod impartial professor waste
army close important profit watch
arnhem closet in-a-way project water-bottle
aroma clothe in-action prompt water-colour
aromatic cloud in-english proper water
arouse club in-exchange-for property way
arrest coarse in-the-evening provided-that wealth
arrested-person coast- in-what-way pub wealthy
arrival coast in pulley weather
arrive coastal incendiary-bomb punctual wednesday
arsenal coir incidental purchase week
arteriosclerosis collect india pure weep
artery college indian-ocean purpose well-off
article colony indonesia put-down well
artillery come-about inexpensive put wench
artilleryman come-into infant quick what-a
artist command infernal quickly what-for
artistic commencement inquiry quite what
as-if competition insane race wheeziness
as-though concerning insanity rain wheezy
as concert inside ram when
asbestos concord insist ranch where
ascend concrete instructor rapid whereas
ascetic concurrence intelligent razor which
asia condemn intercessor read while
asian-woman confiscate interest realize whilst
asian confront interesting rear whip
asiatic congo into rearguard white
ask conifer-forest investigation rebel who
asphalt consent iran rebellion why
assailant consider iraq rebuke wind
assault container ireland receive windfall
assembly contented israel recline window
assimilation contest it recognize wine
assistant continuous italy records winter
association contour jail red wish
aster copenhagen jamaica referee witch
asthma copyright japan refuse with-young
asthmatic corner jester regard with
astrology corps job regrettably within
at-home correct jordan regulation without-a-name
at-present cost journal release without
at-that-place costly journey remain withstand
at counsel judge rent woman-chaser
atheism count jug rental woods
atheist countless jump renter word
athena country june reply work
athene countryside just repose worker
athenian courageous kabul reservoir working-man
athens course kazakhstan resist workman
athlete cramp-iron keeper-of-the-records respond worship
athletic craziness kieff rest write-down
athletics crazy kill revolt writer
atlantic-ocean crook kilo rhine-barge yacht
atlantic crude kilometre rich-man yalta
atlas cry kirghizia rich year
atmosphere cuba kitchen right yemen
atmospheric cupboard knee righthand yes
atom-bomb curaçao knife river yesterday
atom current know-how road yet
atomic-theory customer know roam yon
atomic cuttings korea rod yonder
attaché cyprus laborer rogue young-woman
attack dacca labourer room young
attacker daily-paper lake rouble your
attend dakar lamb route yugoslavia
auction damascus lament rubbish zaire
audience dance lamp-shade ruble zero
auditory danube lamp rudiments zoo
august dark land rule  
aunt date language run-across  
australia dear laos run-away  
australian-woman decide large run  



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