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a bend disapprobation hope parsley
abacus beneath disapproval horizon part
abandon benefit disapprove horn parthian
abandonment bent disapprove-of horrible partial
abashed be-painful disciples horror partially
abate be-quiet discourage horse participate
abbess beret discover horse-chestnut participle
abbey berlin discovery horsepower particular
abbot berry discrete horseradish partly
abbreviation beside discuss horse-radish partridge
abc besides disease hospitable party
abdication besiege disgust hospital pass
abdomen be-similar dish host passable
aberration be-sorry-about dislike hotel passage
abet best dismal house pass-away
abhor be-succesful dismount housefly passenger
abhorrence bet dispose-of house-of-worship passenger-train
abhorrent be-taken-ill disposition how passion
abide better dissolve how-are-you passport
abiding beverage dissuade-from how-do-you-do pass-through
ability bevy distance howl past
abject be-willing-to distant hug paste
abjure be-worth distil huge pastor
ablaze be-worthy-of distinct human pate
able beyond distinguish humble path
abnormal bible distribute humid patience
abode bicuit district humour paw
abolish bicycle disturb hundred pay
abolition bid dive hungarian pay-attention
abominable big divide hungary pay-attention-to
abominate bike divorce hunger payment
abomination bile do hunt pay-out
abort bill doctor hurry pea
abortion billiards document hurt peace
about bill-of-exchange dog husband peak
about-face bind doll hut peanut
above binding dolphin ice pear
above-all birch done iceland pear-tree
above-board bird donkey idea peculiar
abridge birth door idol peer
abridgement birthday dose if pelvis
abroad biscuit dot ill pencil
abrogate bishop double illness penetrate
abrogation bit doubt illuminate peninsula
abrupt bite doubtful image penitent
abscess bitter dough imagination penthouse
abscond black dove imagine people
absence blackbird dowry imitate pepper
absent bladder dozen immediately per
absent-onself blame draft immense perceive
absolute blameworthy drag impertinent perchance
absolutely blank dragon imply perfect
absolute-ruler blanket draw important perform
absorb blaspheme drawer impossible perhaps
abstract bleak drawers imposter peril
abstraction bleat drawing improve period
abstruse bleed dreadful in periodical
absurd bleeding dream in-action permanent
abundance blind dreary in-addition permission
abuse blindness dress in-a-way permit
abysmal blister drink in-cash perplexed
abyss block drinkable incendiary-bomb persecute
abyssinia blockade drip incite persecution
abyssinian blond driver inclined person
academic blood droop include personal
academy blood-letting drop inconvenient persuade
academy-of-music blood-relationship drown increase petition
accede bloom drugstore increasingly petitioner
accelerate blotter drunk incredible petrol
accelerator blotting-paper dry incubate petroleum
accelerator-pedal blouse dry-nurse indeed petulant
accent blow dual india pheasant
accentuate blue dublin indian philosopher
accept blueberry duck indian-corn photograph
acceptable blunt dull indicate photography
acceptance blushing dumb indication physical
access boarding-house duplicate indo-china physician
accession boarding-school during induce pick
accidence boat dusk indulgence pick-out
accident body dust industry pick-up
acclaim boil dutchman in-exchange-for picture
acclamation boiler duty inexpensive picture-postcard
accommodating bold dwarf in-fact piece
accommodation bomb dwell infant pig
accomodate bonbon dwelling infect pigeon
accompany bon-bon dwelling-place infection pike
accomplish bond dwelling-place-residence infectious pile
accord bone dye infer pilgrimage
accordance bonnet dynamite inference pillow
accordion book each inform pincers
account bookcase eager ingredient pine
accountable book-keeper eagle inhabitant pineapple
accountant book-keeping ear inherit pine-tree
account-for bookseller early inhibit pink
accounting bookshop earmark injure pioneer
accredit bookstore earn injury pipe
accretion border earnest ink pitcher
accrue bore earth -in-law placard
accumulation bosom earthen inner place
accumulator boss earthenware in-no-way place-of-birth
accurate bother earthly inquiry-office place-of-worship
accusal bottle earthquake inquisitive plain
accusation bottom east insane plan
accuse bough easter insect plane
accused boundary easy inside plant
accuser boutique eavesdrop insist plate
accustom bow edge installment-payment platform
accustomed bowl edging instantly platter
accustom-oneself box edible instigator play
ace boy eel instructor plaza
acerbic bra effect instrument plea
acetous bracelet effective insult pleasant
ache brain effectual insurance pleasantly
acheron brake efficacious intend please
achieve branch egg intention pleased
achievement brandy eggfruit inter pleasure
achilles brass eggplant intercessor plenty
achilles'-heel brazil egypt interest plough
achilles'-tendon brazilian eight interesting pluck
acid bread eighteen internal plug
acknowledge bread-and-butter eighth interrupt plume
acknowledgement break eighty intestine plunge
acolyte break-down elbow in-the-beginning po
acorn breakfast elect in-the-evening poem
acquaint break-oneself-of-a-habit election in-the-morning poet
acquaintance bream electricity in-time poetry
acquire breast electronic into point
acquisition breath elegant intoxicated pointed
acquisitive breathe element introduce point-out
acquittal breed elements in-vain poison
across breeze elephant invent poisonous
across-from bretagne elevator invest poland
act brew eleven investigation pole
act-for brick elm invite police
action bride else invoice policeman
activate bridegroom elsewhere in-what-way police-station
active bridge embassy ireland policy
activity brief embrace irishman polite
act-of-grace bright emerge iron politeness
actor brilliant emergency irrigate political
actress brim emmet islam politics
actual bring empire island pond
actually brinjal employ issue pool
actuate brink employee istria poop
acuity britain employment-exchange italian poopdeck
acute brittany empty italy poor
ad broad encounter itself poplar
adam broadcast encouragement jack population
adam's-apple bronze end jade pork
adapt broom ending jail port
add brother endive jam portable
adder brother-in-law end-up january portal
addled brow endure japan portent
address brown enemy japanese porter
address-list brush energetic jaw port-side
adherents brutal engine jawbone portugal
adieu bubble engineer jealousy portuguese
adjacent bucket england jericho pose
adjectival budget english jerusalem possess
adjective buffalo englishman jest possession
adjust buffet enjoyable jeweller possible
adjustable-wrench bug enlarge job possibly
adjustment build enlighten join post
adjutant building enormous joint postage
administer bulb enough joke postage-stamp
administer-the-last-sacraments bull enter jordan postal-code
administration bullet enterprise joseph postcard
admirable burden entertaining joshua poster
admiral bureau entertainment journal postman
admiration burgundy enthusiasm journalist post-office
admire burma entire journey potato
admission burn entirely jove pottery
admit burn-down entomb joy pour
admixture burst entrance judge poverty
admonition bury entreaty judgement power
ado bus envelope judgment practicable
adonis bush environment jug practical
adopt business environs july practice
adopted business-deal envy jump praise
adore businessman epic-poem june prawn
adorn busk epiphany juno pray
adriatic busy equal jupiter prayer
adriatic-sea but equality just precipice
adroit butcher equator keel precursor
adulterer butcher's-shop equilibrium keep preferably
adulterous butter erect keeper-of-the-records pregnant
adultery butterfly err keep-on prejudice
advance button errand keep-one's-hands-off premium
advancement buy error keepsake prepare
advantage buyer especially kettle prepay
advantageous by establish key presage
adventure by-accident estate keyboard presence
adverb by-chance esteem kidney present
adversary bye estimate kill present-day
adverse by-heart etc kind present-with
advert by-marriage et-cetera kindle preservation
advertence by-means-of etching kingdom preserve
advertency byname eternal kiss press
advertise by-no-means ethiopia kitchen pressure
advertisement by-now ethos klaxon presume
advice by-the-way etiquette knee pretty
advise cabbage europa kneel prevent
advise-against cabin europe knife previously
advocate cabinet european knob price
aeolus cable european-union knock pricey
aerate cactus eva knot prick
aerial caesar evade know priest
aeronautics cain even know-how principally
aeroplane cairo even-if knowledge principle
affable cake evening koran print
affair calabash evening-meal korea printer
affectation calculate evening-paper kremlin prison
affection calculation evening-star laborer prisoner
affiliation calf ever labor-exchange private
affined call every labourer prize
affinity call-on everybody labour-exchange probable
affirm calm everyday lack probably
affirmation canada every-one lad problem
affix canary-islands everything ladder proceed-with
affluence cancel everywhere laddie process
affluent candle evident lady proclaim
afford capable evolve lady-day proclamation
afghan cape-town exact lady-help produce
afghanistan capitulate exactly laggard product
afire capricorn exaggerate laid-up profess
aflame captain examination lake profession
afraid capture examine lamb profit
afresh car example land profound
africa card except lane progress
african care except-for language prohibit
after care-for excise lapland project
afternoon careful excise-duty lapsed promenade
afterwards careless excite large promise
again caress exclude lark promote
against carnation exclusively lass promotion
age carpet excommunication last prompt
agency carriage excuse-me lasting pronounce
agent carrot executioner last-night proof
aggrandize carry exercise late propeller
aggravating carthage exercise-book latvia proper
aggression case exert laud property
aggressive cash exhausted laugh prophesy
aggressor casserole exhibition laughter proportional
agile cast exhortation laundry prosecute
agitation castile exile laurel proselyte
aglow castle exist lawless prosper
ago cat existence lawn protect
agog catalogue exit lawsuit protection
agonize catch expect lawyer protégé
agonizing catching expense lay-down protégée
agony caterpillar expensive lay-hold-of protest
agrarian cathedral expertness lazy protocol
agree cato expire lead proud
agreeable cauldron explain leader prove
agreeably cauliflower explanation leaf provided-that
agreement cause exploit league provoke
agriculture caution exposition lean prow
ague cautious expression leap prudent
ahead cease extension leap-year pub
aid cede exterior learn public
aide-de-camp ceiling external leather publication
ailment celebrate extinguish leave public-square
aim celebration extort leave-behind publish
air celery extraordinary lebanon pull
air-out cello extreme leek pull-down
airplane cemetery extremely left pulse
airport censor eyebrow left-side pulverize
airy-fairy censurable eyelid leg pump
aix-la-chapelle censure fabricate leghorn punctual
ajax cent face lemon punish
akin centennial facile lentil punishment
alacrity centimetre fact less-and-less pupil
alarm centipede faction lesson puppet
alarmclock central factory let purchase
alaska centre fag-out let-know purchaser
albania century fail letter pure
albanian cerberus failure letterbox purge
album certain faint lettuce purity
alcohol certainly fair level purpose
alcoholic certificate fairy level-crossing purser
alcove chain fairy-tale lever pursue
alder chair faith librarian pursuit
ale chalk faithful library push
alexander challenge fall licentious put
alexandria chamber fall-ill lid put-down
algeria champagne fall-off lie put-off
algerian champion false life put-on-airs
algiers chance family lift put-on-stamps
alien change famous light put-on-the-stage
alike channel fanatical lighter put-onto
all chaplain fancier lighthouse put-out
all-about character fancy lightning put-up
alley characteristic fantasy like put-up-with
all-hallows charge far likely quarter
all-knowing charitable farewell like-that quarter-of-an-hour
all-of-a-sudden charity farm likewise quash
all-over-again charm farmer limb quay
allow charming fast lime quell
all-powerful chase fasten lime-tree question
all-saints'-day chasm fast-train limit quickly
all-sorts chat fat limp quiet
all-sorts-of chatter father linden-tree quit
all-souls'-day chatterbox father-in-law line quite
all-the chauffeur fatherland lineage quiver
allude cheap fatigue lion quotation
almighty cheat fatty lip quotation-marks
almond check favor liquid quote
almost checker favour liquidate quotes
alms check-up-on fear lisbon rabbit
alone cheek feather list rabid
alongside cheerful february listen race
a-long-time cheers feed listen-in radiation
a-lot-of cheese feel lithuania radio
alphabet chef fellow little radish
alps chemist female little-by-little ragout
already chemistry female-cook little-red-ridinghood railing
alsace-lorraine chemist's-shop female-hairdresser live railroad
alsatian cheque female-journalist lively railway
also cherry female-relative liver railway-carriage
altar cherry-tree female-singer living-room rain
alter chest female-stenotypist load rainbow
alteration chestnut female-tailor loaf raise
alternative chestnut-tree female-teacher loathe ranch
although chew female-thief lobster rand
altitude chicken feminine location rapier
altogether chief fertile loch rare
alum chiefly fertilize lock raspberry
always chief-of-police fervor locust rat
amateur child fervour lofty rate
amaze chile festival logical-reasoning rather
amazon chilly fetch london raven
ambassador chimney fever long raw
amber chin fiancée look ray
ambiguous china field look-after reach
ambition chinaman field-hospital look-at react
ambulance chinese fifteen look-for read
america chisel fifth looking-glass ready
american chive fifty lord real
american-indian chlorine fig lorry reality
amnesty chocolate fight lose realize
amortize choice fig-tree loss really
amount choke figure lost rear
amount-to choose file loudly rearguard
amputate chord film lounge rear-lamp
amuse christ filter louse rear-light
amusement christen fin lovable reason
amusing christening finally love reasonable
anaemia christian financial lovely rebuke
analyse christian-name find low receipt
analyst christmas find-oneself lower-arm receive
analytical-chemist chuck fine low-tide recent
anathema church finger loyal recently
anatolia church-building finish lucifer recess
anchor cider finished luggage recipient
anchovy cinder finland luggage-van recite
ancient cinema finn lukewarm recognize
andalusia circle fir lump recollection
andalusian circus fire lunatic recommend
andes citadel firebrand lung recommendable
andorra citation first luxury recommendation
andorrian cite firstly machiavelli recruit
and-so-on city first-name machine red
anemone civil first-of-all mackerel redeemable
anew civilian fish mad redemption
angel clap fisherman madam reduce-the-price
angle clarify fishing-rod magazine reek
angola claw fission magpie referee
angolan clay fist maid refined
angolese clean fit mail refusal
angry cleanliness fitting mailbox refuse
anguish cleanse five mainly regard
animal clear fix maintain register
animate clergyman fixed maintenance regret
ankle clever fix-up maize regular
annexation client flag majority regularly
anniversary climate flame make regulation
annotation climb flannel make-a-contract reject
announce cloakroom flat make-a-mistake relate
announcement clock flat-iron make-an-offer-of related
annual close flatter make-a-project-of related-by-marriage
annul closed flavour make-clean relation
annunciation closet flaw make-fast relations
another clothe flea make-use-of relationship
answer cloud flee male relative
ant club flesh man relatives
antarctic clutch flight manage release
antarctic-ocean coach float management relinquish
antenna coal flood manager remain
anthology coast floor manner remit
anthracite cock flour manufacture remote
antibiotic cocoa flow map remote-control
anticipate cod flower marble rendezvous
antifreeze code flowerpot march rent-out
antilles codfish flute mark repair
antillian coffee fly market repayable
antique coffee-pot foam marketplace repeat
antiseptic coffin focus mark-out repentance
antwerp cognac fog marmelade repentant
anvil coin fold marriage reply
anxiety coition folder married report
anywhere cold folk married-people repose
apart colleague follow marry represent
apart-from collect following marvel representation
apartment collection fondle marvel-at representative
apathy college font masculine reproach
ape colour food mass reprove
apennines comb foolish mast republic
apiarist come foot master request
apocalypse come-about for match require
apologize come-across for-a-long-time material rescue
apology come-back forbid matter resemble
apoplectic-fit come-close forbidding mattress reserve
apostle come-closer force mature residence
apparatus comedy forecast maximum respect
apparently come-on forefather may respectable
appeal come-to-a-halt forehead maybe respiration
appear come-together foreign mayhap respond
appearance comfort foreign-country mayor responsible
appear-to-be comfortable foreigner meager rest
appease comfortably forest meal restaurant
appellation comic foretell mealies restrain
appetite comical foreward mean restrict
applaud command for-example meaning result
apple commander forget means resumé
apple-tree commence for-instance measure retain
applicant commencement fork measured retardation
apply commend formal measurement retarded
appoint commerce former meat retention
appointment commercial-at-sign formerly mecca return
appointment-to-office committee formidable mechanic return-ticket
appraise commodity formula meet reveal
appreciate common formulate meeting revenge
apprehension commonplace forsake melon revue
approach commotion for-the-greater-part melt reward
appropriate communicate for-the-most-part member rhine
approval communication for-the-rest memento rhine-barge
approve communist fortunate memorable rhineland
approximately company fortunately memorize rhino
apricot compare fortune memory rhinoceros
april compartment forty menace ribbon
aptitude compass foster-parents mentally-deficient rice
arab compel foster-son mention rich
arabia compensate found menu rickety
arabian compensation foundation merchant ride
arabian-sea competition fountain merciful ridiculous
arabic complain fountain-pen merit rifle
arbiter complete four merry right
arbitrary completed fourteen message right-away
arbitrator completely fourth messiah righthand
arbor complexion fowl metal right-hand-side
arc compliment fox method right-now
arcadia component france methylated-spirit rigid
archbishop composer freeze mexico rim
archduke comprise freezing-cold mexico-city ring
archimedes computer french midday riotous
architect concave frenchman midday-meal ripe
archivist conceal frequently middle rise
arctic conceited fresh midget risk
ardennes concentrated friday midnight river
ardent concern friend milan road
are concerning friendly mild roar
arena concert friendship milk rob
argentina concise fright milliner robe
argentine conclusion frindge million rock
argument concord fringe mind rod
aria concrete frivolous mineral roll
arise concurrence frog ministry roll-call
aristocratic condemn frolic minority roller
aristotle condemnable frolicsome mint roller-blind
arm condemnation from minutes roman
armchair conduct from-here mirror rome
armenia conduct-oneself from-there miscarriage roof
armenian confectioner frontier miscarry room
armoury conference frost miscellaneous rooster
army confess froth miserable rough
army-chaplain confession fruit miserly round
aroma confidence fruitful misery round-off
around confine fry mist rouse
arrange confined-to-one's-bed full mistake route
arrangement confirm full-payment mister rubber
arrest conflict fully mixture rubbish
arrested-person confront fun moan rudder
arrival congratulate function mobile rude
arrive congress fund mode rudiments
arsenal connect fungus modest ruin
art connection funny mohammed rule
artery conquer fur moist rump
artichoke conscious furious monday run
article consciousness furniture money run-across
article-of-clothing consecutively furthermore monitor run-away
artillery consent future monkey rush
as conservation gag monologue russia
as-a-matter-of-fact conserve gain monotonous russian
asbestos consider gall monster rusty
ascend considerable gallery month rye
ascension-day consignee gallop monthly sabbath
ascertain console game monthly-nurse sack
as-for-the-rest constant gang monument sad
ash construct gaol mood sadness
ashtray consul garage moon safety
asia consulate garbage-can moped sagacious
asia-minor consultation garden morality sage
asian contact gardener more-and-more sail
asiatic contagion garlic moreover sailor
as-if contagious garment morning salad
ask contain garrison moscow salary
ask-for container gas mosquito sale
asparagus contamination gascony most sales-activity
aspect contempt gasolene mother sallow
asphalt contented gasoline mother-in-law salmon
ass contention gather motion-picture salon
assailant contents gathering motor salt
assault contest gaunt motorcycle salute
assemblage continual gay mouldy sample
assembly continue gaze mount sand
assent contract general mountain sardina
assert contradict generally mountain-chain sardinia
assertion contrast generation mountain-ridge sassenach
assets contribute geneva mouse satan
assigned-job contribution genoa moustache satisfied
assisi contrite gentle mouth saturday
assist control gentleman move sauce
assistant controller genuinly movement saucepan
associate convention geography movie saucer
assumption conversation german movie-theatre saudi-arabia
assure conversion germany mr sausage
assyria convert gesture mrs savage
assyrian convince get much save
asthma convoke get-cold mud saw
as-though cook get-married mudguard say
asylum cooked get-off muhammad say-goodbye
at cookie get-out-of-a-habit mulberry-tree say-goodbye-to
at-first cool get-up mule say-yes
athena cool-down get-used multiply scale
athene coping ghastly multitude scales
athenian copper gherkin murk scandal
athens copy gift muscle scarcely
at-home cork gifted museum scare
atlantic corkscrew gill mushroom scatter
atlantic-ocean corn giraffe musician schedule
atlantis corner girder mussel scheme
at-last corpulent girdle mustard scholar
at-least correct girl mute school
atmosphere correspond give mutton science
at-most corridor give-an-airing my scientist
atom corroborate give-back mysterious scissors
atom-bomb corsica give-in nail scold
atomic-energy cost give-notice naked scot
at-once costly give-off-an-odour name scotland
atpersand costume give-rise-to napkin scotsman
attach cough give-up narrate scratch
attack counsel give-way narrow scream
attacker counsellor gladness nasty screen
attain count glass nation screw
attempt counter glasses national screwdriver
attend countermand globe nationality scuffle
attendance counting-frame glow naturally sculptor
attention country glue nature sculpture
attentive countryside go nausea scythe
at-that-place coupé goal navy sea
at-the-outset couple go-astray near sea-dog
at-the-right-time coupon goat nearby seagull
at-the-same-time courage go-away nearly seal
attitudinize course go-back near-sighted seasickness
attract court go-backwards nebuchadnezzar seaside
attraction courteous go-beyond necessary season
attractive courtyard goblet neck seat
attune cousin god necktie second
aubergine cover godfather need second-cousin
audience covered go-down needle secret
audit cow god's-acre neglect secretion
auditory cowardice go-fast negligent section
augment crack go-in neighbour secure
august cradle going-down neighbourhood security
aunt crayfish gold neighbouring see
aurora crazy good nephew seek
australia cream goodbye neptune seem
australian credit good-bye nerve seemly
austria crevice good-day net seize
austrian crew good-evening nettle seizure
author crime good-health network seldom
authority crisis good-morning never self
autobus criticism good-natured new self-conscious
autocrat criticize good-night new-amsterdam self-interested
automoton croatia go-off newfoundland selfish
autumn crockery go-on newspaper sell
avail crocodile goose new-york send
available cross gooseberry new-york-city send-about-his-business
avaricious cross-cut-maryland go-out next sensible
average crowd gospel next-to sensitive
aversion crude go-through nice sentence
aviation cruel go-to-bed nickname separate
avoid crumble go-up niece september
await crumble-away gourd night serious
aware crumble-off govern nightingale serpent
awareness cry government nimrod servant
away cry-out gown nine serve
awful cultivate grab nineteen service
axe cup grade ninety set
axiom cupboard gradually no settlement
axis cure grammophone-disc nobility seven
axle currant grandchild node seventeen
azerbaijan current granddaughter no-doubt seventh
babysitter currently grandfather noise seventy
bacchus curse grandmother no-longer several-times
back curtain grand-nephew non-military severe
backbiting curve grandparents noon sex
back-door curved grandson north shack
background cushion grape north-america shade
backside cuss grapevine norway shadow
back-street custom grapple norwegian shaft
backward customary grasp nose shallow
backwards customer grass not shame
bacon customs grasshopper notary shanghai
bacterium cut gratitude not-at-all shanty
bad cutlet graveyard note share
badger cycle gravy notebook shareholder
badly cylinder grease notice shark
bag cypres greasy notification sharp
bagasse cyprus great notion shave
baggage czechoslovakia great-britain not-on-any-account she
bairn dagger great-grandfather nourish shed
bait daily great-grandmother nourishment sheep
baize daily-paper greatgrandson novel sheet
bake dainty greece november sheet-metal
baker dalmatia greedy nowadays she-goat
bakery damage greek now-and-then shelf
balance-sheet damascus green nowhere shell
balcony damp greenland nude shelter
bale dance greet number shine
baleen dancer greeting numeral shiver
balkans dane grey nurse shoe
ball danger grind nut shoemaker
ballad dangerous grip nuts shoot-dead
ballade danube grisly oak shop
ballast dare groan oath shore
ball-bearing dark ground oats short
ballet dark-blue ground-floor obedient shortage
ballet-dancer darkness group obey shortcoming
ball-frame darling grow object shortness-of-breath
balloon data growth objectionable short-sighted
ballpoint-pen date gruesome obligation shoulder
baltic-sea daughter gruff observation shout
balustrade dawn guarantee observe show
bamboo day guard obstinate shower
ban daybreak guess obstruct shrew
banana daylight guest obtuse shrub
bandit dazed guide obvious shut
banisters dead guilty obviously shy
bank deaden guinea occupation siam
bank-account deadly guitar occupy sicily
bank-clerk deaf gulf occur sick
banking-account deaf-and-dumb gum october side
bank-note deal-with gun odd sideboard
bank-official dear habit of side-whiskers
bankrupt death hackneyed of-all-sorts siege
bankruptcy death-throes hades offence sigh
banner debt haggle offend sight
baptism decayed hail offer sightless-person
baptismal-font deceive hair office sign
baptize deceiver hairdresser officer signal
bar december hairs official signalman
barbarian decent half offset signature
barbaric decide half-brother offspring signify
barber decimetre half-sister of-ill-repute silent
bare decision halt of-noble-birth sill
barely decisive ham often silver
bargain deck hamburg of-use similar
barge declaration hamlet oil simple
bark decline hammer okay since
barley decorate hamper old sincere
barn decrease hand old-materials sing
barometer decree handicraft olive singer
baron decrepit handle olive-tree sir
barrack deduce handlebars omen sister
barracks deem handsome omnibus sister-in-law
barrel deep hang omnipotent sit
barren defeat hangman omniscient sit-down
barrier defence hang-onto on sitting-room
barring defend happen once six
barrister defendant happy once-more sixteen
barrister-at-law defense harbor one sixth
base define harbour one-hundred sixty
basin defining hard one-thousand sizable
basket definite hardly one-time size
bass definitive hard-worked onion skeleton
bast degree hardworking only sketch
bastard delay hare only-just skilfulness
bastion delegate haricot on-one's-back skill
bath deliberately harm on-purpose skillful
bathe delicate harmful on-that-account skillfulness
bathing-suit delivery harmony on-the-left skim
bathroom demand harsh on-the-other-side-of skimpy
battalion democratic haste on-the-right skin
battery demolish hate on-time skinny
battle demolition haul on-top skull
bay demonstration have open sky
bayonet denmark have-a-bath open-up sky-blue
bazaar denounce have-at-one's-disposal operative slander
be-able-to dense have-got opposed-to slay
beach dentist hay opposite sleep
beacon deny hazard oppress sleeping-car
be-acquainted-with depart hazelnut optician slender
be-afraid-of departure he option slice
beak depend head orange slow
be-alive dependent health orange-tree slug
beam depend-onldepend-upon heap orchard slum
bean deportment hear ordain small
bear depression heart order smell
beard depth heat origin smell-of
be-ashamed deputy heaven originate smile
be-asleep derive heel orkney-islands smoke
beast descend he-goat orkneys smokers
beat describe height ornament smokestack
be-at-loggerheads descry helix orpheus smooth
beautiful desert hello other snail
beauty deserve helm other-than snake
be-bold design help out snore
be-born desirable helper outer snow
be-called desire helpful outfit so
because desk hence outline sober
become-accustomed despise her outside sobriquet
becoming despot herb over social
bed dessert herd overall south-america
bed-clothes destine here overdrive spain
bedding destroy hereditary overhead spaniard
be-dependent-on detachment herring override stockholm
be-detained detail herself over-there sunday
bedridden detain hesitate overthrow swede
bedroom detention hide owe sweden
bee deter hide-oneself owl swiss
beech determine hideous own switzerland
beef determining high ox tangier
beefsteak deterrent high-tide oyster thailand
beehive develop hill pace thames
bee-keeper device him pack the-hague
bee-keeping devil himself package thursday
bee-master devilish hind packet tuesday
beer dew hinder pad turin
beet dexterous hindmost padre turk
befit diabolical hint page turkey
be-fitting diagram hinterland pail twelfth-night
be-found dialect hip pain tyrrhenian-sea
beg diamond hippo painful united-states-of-america
beggar diarrhoea hippopotamus paint uruguay
begin diary hire painter usa
beginning dictionary his painting us-citizen
behave die history pakistan vat
behavior die-away hit palace vatican-city
behaviour diet hither pale venetia
behind different hog palm venice
behind-one's-back differently hold panties venus
be-hungry difficult hold-back pants vienna
be-in-the-habit-of dilapidated hole paper vietnam
be-kept-in dim holland paper-basket wales
belgian dimension hollander parade wednesday
belgium diminish hollow paraffin-oil west
believe diminutive home paragraph xanthippe
bell din honest parallel yugoslavia
belly dining-room honey parapet yule
be-located dinner honor parcel zip-code
belong-to diploma honour parents zurich
below diplomat hood parents-in-law  
belt direct hoof paris  
be-married director hook parlour  
bench directory hooter parrot  
bench directory hooter parrot  



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