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a budapest france mutton small
abbess buffalo freezing-cold name smith
abbey bulgaria french narrative smoke
abbot bull french-language narrow smuggle
abdomen burden fresh nasty smuggler
abide burdensome friday near-to snail
abode burglar friend near snake
above burma frog nearby snow
abyssinia bus from nearly snowflake
academic but frost neighbour soap
academy butcher full neon soccer
accept butcher's-shop gaelic nepal socialism
accident butter game nephew socialist
accommodation butterfly garden neptune sociology
accompany buy gasolene nest sock
account buyer gasoline net sodium
accredit by gaunt network sofa
accuse bye gentle new sofia
acerbic by-night germ new-amsterdam soft
acetous by-now german newfoundland soiled
ache byzantium german-language new-york soldier
achieve cairo germany new-york-city some
acid cake get new-zealand somebody
acorn calcium ghana next-to somehow
acquire cameroon giraffe nicaragua someone
acre canada girdle nice some-one
acrobat canal girl nickel somewhat
across capital give-notice niger son
across-from capitalist gladness nigeria song
act capricorn glasgow night sort
actor captain glass nile sour
actress car god's-acre nine south-africa
ad carbon gold nitrogen sow
add carburettor good no spain
add-up card goodbye noise spanish
adieu carp goodness north spanish-language
adjutant carpenter goose northern sparrow
administration carpet gooseberry norway speedy
admiral carrot gown nose spiderweb
ado carry gram not spot
adopt castle grammar note spring
adore cat gramme nothing springtime
advertise cathedral grandfather noun squirrel
advertisement cello grandmother nourish staircase
advice celt grass novel stairs
advise celtic graveyard november star
aeroplane cement grease now start
affluent cemetery great nun station
afghanistan cent great-britain nurse stockholm
afraid centennial greece nuts stone
afresh centimetre green nylon stool
africa centipede greenland oak store
afternoon century guatemala oar storm
again ceremony gun oasis story
against chair hail oath straight
age change hair oats stranger
agent channel hammer oboe street
aid charge hand ocean string
aide-de-camp cheap handsome o'clock strong
air check harbor october substantive
aircraft cheese harbour of suck
airplane cheque hard oil sudan
airport cherry harvest okay sufficient
alarm chest hat omnibus sugar
alarmclock chicken hawk on sulphur
albania child hay once-more sultan
albanian chile head one summer
albanian-language chin heaven onerous sun
albatross china heavy one-thousand sunday
alcohol chinese hebrew on-the-other-side-of superstition
ale chinese-language hebrew-language on-top swan
algebra chlorine hectometre opera sweden
algeria choice hedonism opinion swedish
alibi christ heel opposed-to swedish-language
a-little chromium he-goat opposite sweet
alive church height optimist swift
alligator church-building hell or swine
alloy cigar helmet oslo switzerland
all-the cigarette help other syria
almost cinder helper other-than table
aloe city helsinki out-of take
alphabet class her over take-in
alps clay herb overcoat take-over
already clean hero overhead tale
also clear heroin oxygen tall
altar clergyman heroine pacific tanzania
alter clerk heron pacific-ocean tart
although client herpes pail tasmania
aluminium climate herring pain taste
aluminum climb hexagon pakistan teacher
always clock hiccup palestine ten
amazon cloud high pants tender
ambassador coat hill paper test
ambulance cobalt hippo paraguay that
america cocaine hippopotamus pardon the
among cocoa hog paris the-day-after-tomorrow
ampère coconut hole parish the-hague
amsterdam cocoon holland pastor the-netherlands
anchor cod holly pate they
and code hooker paw thirst
andes codfish hooter pawn though
angel coffee horn peat thousand
angle coffin horse penny three
angry cognac hospital per through
animal colour hot perform thumb
ankle comb hotel peril thursday
announce come hour permission tibet
another comfortable housefly persia ticket
answer commence house-of-worship person timber
ant complete hungary peru time
anus connect hunger petrol tin
anvil connect-up hyaena philippine-islands tired
any conversation iceland philippines to
anybody copper ill phosphorus toad
anyway cord in physician tobacco
apart-from corner inch pig today
ape corsica inconvenient pine toe
apennines costa-rica india pine-tree together
appear costly indonesia place tomorrow
appellation cougar in-exchange-for place-of-worship tongue
apple counsel inexpensive plane too
april count-in infant platinum tooth
argentina cow infernal plug-in tortoise
arm crazy in-front-of pluto to-some-extent
army crete insane plutonium toward
arouse crocodile inside poem towards
arrive cross instant poland town
arse cuba instructor poor train
ash cuckoo into pope tree
ashtray cup intoxicated pork triangle
asia curry iodine port triangular
ask-for customer iran portuguese tribunal
ask cycle iraq portuguese-language trigonometry
asphalt cyclone ireland potassium trilogy
ass cylinder iron potato trinity
assault cymbal israel pound trip
assistant cynical istanbul prague triumph
assistent cypres italian prejudice trombone
asthma cyprus italian-language prepare tropical
asthmatic czar italy pretty trousers
at dad jam price trout
atheist daddy jamaica pricey trumpet
athens dance january priest truth
athlete danger japan probably tuberculosis
atlantic danish japanese profound tuesday
atlantic-ocean danish-language japanese-language property tulip
at-night daughter jerusalem psalm tummy
atom day jordan pseudonym tumor
at-present dear journey psychiatrist tumour
attack death joy psychiatry tunisia
attempt december july psychologist tunnel
august deem june psychology turkey
aunt deep kenya puma two
australia deer key purchase uganda
austria den keyboard purchaser uncle
author denmark kidney pure unclean
autobus derry kill pyjamas under
autumn difficult kilo pyramid underneath
avoid diminutive kilometre quaker united-states-of-america
await din kind queen upon
awaken diplomat king question upstairs
axe direct kingdom quick uranium
baby dirty kiss quicksilver uruguay
back dismal kitchen quite usa
backward do klaxon rabbi valuable
backwards doctor knife rabbit vatican-city
bacon dog korea rabies venezuela
bad donkey kuwait raccoon very
badger doubt lad race very-much
bag downstairs laddie racoon vienna
baggage dress lake radar vietnam
bairn drunk lamp radiator village
baker dry language radio void
balkans dublin large radish volt
ballet duck lass radium vowel
bamboo during latin radius voyage
banana during-the-night law rain wait
bandit dutch laziness rainbow wait-for
bangladesh dutch-language lead ranch wake
bank dwelling leather rapid wake-up
basket dye leg raspberry wales
basque each lesson rat wall
basque-language eagle letter rather walnut
beach ear level ready waltz
bear early libya reality war
beard east lie receive warm
beautiful easter light recent warsaw
beauty eastward likewise red washing-bear
beaver eastwards limerick rent wasp
bed ecuador lime-tree rent-money watch
bedroom edinburgh linden-tree reply water
bee egg lip request waterfall
beech egypt liquidate residence watt
beef eight lisbon respond wax
beer election liter revolver way
beetle elephant litre rhine wealthy
before eleven little rhino wear
beg elk liver rhinoceros weather
begin else liverpool rich wednesday
behind emerge load rifle week
belfast emmet loaf ripe well
belgium empty location river well-off
believe end loch road welsh
belly ending lofty robber welsh-language
below end-up london robe wench
belt england londonderry robot west
bench english long rock wet
beneath english-language lovely rocket what-for
berlin enough low roe wheeziness
berry equal luggage roller wheezy
beside erroneous luxemburg roman when
bethlehem estate mackerel romania where
better ethiopia mad rome whereas
between europa madagascar root which
beyond europe madrid rope while
bicycle evade magnesium route whilst
bid even magnet russia whiskey
big ever make russian whisky
bike every malta russian-language white
bill everybody mam sack who
birch every-one mammy sad whore
bird except man saddle why
birth exist management sagacious widow
birthday expect manchester sage wife
bishop expensive map sail wind
bison eye marmelade sailor window
black face mars salmon wine
blackberry fair mast sardinia wireless
blackbird family mature saturday wise
blank farewell meal saudi-arabia within
blanket farm meat scandinavia without
blond fast menu school wolf
blood fat mercury scotland woman
bloom father metre sea wood
blue fatherland metropolis sea-dog woods
blushing february mexico seal word
boat feed microbe seed world
body feel microphone seldom worship
bomb feeling microscope sensation wrench
bone fellow mile september wrist-watch
book fetch milk serpent writer
bottle field millet seven wrong
bough field-hospital millimetre shame xylophone
boutique fifty million sharp yacht
box fig miserable she yard
boy filthy mistaken sheep year
brain fine mole shilling yellow
branch finished molecule shoe yemen
brandy finland mom shop yesterday
brazil fish moment shortness-of-breath yet
bread fisherman mommy siberia yew-tree
breed five monaco sicily yoghourt
bretagne floor monday sick yoghurt
brick flour money side york
bridge flower mongolia silver young
bright fly monk since youngster
brimstone food monkey singapore young-woman
bring foot month sister youth
bristol football moon sit zaïre
britain for moose six zambia
brittany foreigner morocco sixteen zebra
broad forest moscow sixty zenith
bronze forget mother skin zimbabwe
brothel forgetful mountain sky zinc
brother forgive mountain-lion slave zodiac
brown fork mouse slay zone
brussels four mouth sleep zoo
bucharest fowl mozambique slow zoology
bucket fox music slug  



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