Supermarine Spitfire photographs

Junkers Ju 88 sd RAF 132Sqn Spitfire Vb over Paris IWM C3805

Junkers Ju 88 sd RAF 132Sqn Spitfire Vb over Paris IWM C3805

Still from camera gun footage shot from the Supermarine Spitfire Mark VB of Squadron Leader J A F MacLachlan, Commanding Officer of No. 132 Squadron RAF, when, during a sortie south of Paris with Flight Lieutenant A G Page, they shot down four training aircraft and two Junkers Ju 88s in ten minutes. This shows the second Ju 88 with its starboard engine on fire and main undercarriage dropped as it falls to cannon fire from MacLachlan's aircraft.

Imperial War Museum IWM C 3805

Spitfire MkVBs RAF 132Sqn lined up at Newchurch Kent IWM CH11473

Pilots and ground crews of No. 132 Squadron, RAF pose for the photographer with their Supermarine Spitfire Mark VBs, lined up at Newchurch, Kent.

Imperial War Museum IWM CH 11473

Spitfire MkIXe RAF 132Sqn FFJ during D-day ops 1944 01

Spitfire Mk.IXe, 132 Sqn, being loaded with a 500lb and two 250lb GP bombs. Advanced Landing Ground B11

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