Brewster Buffalo MkI RAF 67Sqn RDD W8245 Mingaladon Burma 1941

Profile 00: 276: In squadron service the Buffalos were painted, like Home Base Fighter Command aircraft, with Sky fuselage bands and spinners. The port undersides were refinished Night. Here is W8245, 'RD-D', of 67 Sqn at Mingaladon in I94I. This was one of the very few Bu.ffalos to survive the Burma campaign, returning to Dum Dum in March 1942 before eventually finding its way to I 5 I OTU at Risalpur in early I943. Apart from a filll set 0 f'fighter markings' W8245 also wears a very neat, but non-standard, white outline to its serial number

RAF 67 Squadron

16 Buffaloes at Mingaladon, Burma, with occasional dispersals to advanced fields at Moulmein and along the Tenasserim peninsula. First actions were strafing across the border in Malaya; heavily engaged defending Rangoon from Japanese bombers on 23 and 25 Dec, and again on 24 Jan. Withdrawn to Magwe on xx Feb and with 4 remaining aircraft to India on 10 Mar.

Sqn Ldr R A Milward RAF, DFC (wounded by shrapnel 23 Dec)
Flt Lt Jack Brandt RAF (took command 15 Jan)
Flt Lt Colin Pinckney RAF (claimed a bomber on the ground 13 Jan; shot down 23 Jan; killed)
Flg Off P M Bingham-Wallis RAF
Flg Off J S Wigglesworth RAF (crashed 29 Jan; killed)
Flg Off John Lambert RAF (claimed a Ki-21 23 Dec; shot down 25 Dec; killed)
Plt Off G S Sharp RNZAF
Plt Off H Christensen RNZAF
Plt Off C McG Simpson RNZAF
Plt Off Paul Brewer RNZAF (shot down 20 Jan; killed)
Plt Off A A Cooper RNZAF
Plt Off P Parsonson RNZAF
Sgt Vic Bargh RNZAF (claimed a Ki-21 23 Dec)
Sgt John Macpherson RNZAF (shot down 25 Dec; killed)
Sgt E E Pedersen RNZAF
Sgt Ken Rutherford RNZAF
Sgt E L Sadler RNZAF
Sgt Gordon Williams RNZAF
Sgt G Norton RAAF
Sgt E H Beable RNZAF
Sgt W J Christiansen RNZAF
Sgt P T Cutfield RNZAF
Sgt John Finn RNZAF (shot down 20 Jan; killed)
Sgt Ted Hewitt RNZAF (shot down 25 Dec; killed)
Sgt Ron McNabb RNZAF (shot down 25 Dec; killed)

IL-2 Sturmovik 'Cliff's of Dover' - CLOD/COD has no 3D model yet !
IL-2 Battle of Moscow and Battle of Stalingrad
They have this aircraft now available but the skins are in dds format which is too large for me to host at this stage!
IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946 skins
  IL2 game skin by JF Buffalo MkI NEIAF 2-VLG-V ML-KNIL B-3132 van Dalen Indonesia 1942
  IL2 game skin by JF Buffalo MkI NEIAF 2-VLG-V ML-KNIL B-3132 van Dalen Indonesia 1942 V0A

  Sunday, November 02, 2008
Buffalo MkI also known as FA2-A by the US Navy
Hi to all, This Skin work in Buffalo MkI folder...
Netherlands East Indies campaign (1941-1942) Buffalo Model 339D Unit: 2-VLG-V, ML-KNIL Serial: B-3132 Pilot - Sgt van Dalen. He was lost above Tjiater (Indonesia), on 21st February 1942. Template by IMME. Tnx. Cheers from Spain by Jose Manuel Lopez Fuertes

  IL2 game skin by VP MkI NEIAF 2-VLG-V B-3122 Indonesia 1942
  IL2 game skin by VP MkI NEIAF 2-VLG-V B-3122 Indonesia 1942 V0A

  RNEIAF (Royal Netherlands Indies Army) serving in Singapoore, 1942. Vpmedia_


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