USAAF 40-1494 Martin B-26-MA Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 40-1494 Martin B-26-MA Marauder

1940001494, 40-1494 Martin B-26-MA Marauder Fate: Accident 22BG Remarks: 22BG Red Raiders 18 Dec. 1941 Frost on plane increased drag and reduced lift, causing plane to stall during take-off at Muroc Dry Lake, CA. The plane caught fire, the bombs exploded and all of the crew were killed:Lt. John H. Work, pilot, Lt. Theodore M. Richards, co-pilot, Pfc, Frank Serao. bombardier, Pfc. Alfred G. Legenhausen, engineer, Pfc. Gerald J. Lucien, radio operator, and Pvt. Thomas J. Kennedy, gunner. Disposal: 18-Dec-41

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