RAF No 18 Squadron emblem


RAF No 73 Operational Training Unit

Formed at Sheikh Othman in Aden under the control of No 207 Group on 20 November 1941, although it was January 1942 before sufficient personnel were available to begin training. The unit operated Mohawks and Hurricanes and was tasked with training fighter pilots in desert conditions. From April 1942 the unit also operated a defence flight, equipped with Mohawks, however, on 24 November 1942 it was reduced to cadre and ended training. It then moved to Abu Sueir via Rougal in Knenya and El Ballah, where it began operating in February 1943 as a fighter-bomber training unit. It came under No 203 Group on 10 May 1943 and moved to Fayid in June 1944, disbanding there on 25 September 1945.

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