RAF No 18 Squadron emblem


RAF No 61 Operational Training Unit

Formed at Heston on 9 June 1941 within No 81 Group to train fighter pilots for Fighter Command using Spitfires and Masters. It was moved to Rednal on 15 April 1942 and was transferred to No 9 Group on 20 April 1943 and then to No 12 Group on 15 September 1944. In October 1943, it operated 'Q' Flight, composed of 9 Gladiators and a Wellington, which were used to make a film depicting the Greek campaign of 1940/41. On 21 June 1945 it moved to Keevil, where it took over the Fighter Reconnaissance Wing of No 41 OTU. It disbanded by being redesignated No 203 Advanced Flying School on1 July 1947.

In the event of a German invasion the OTU would have become No 561 Squadron (and later also as No 565 Squadron) to operate from Woodvale.

Codes used: -

HX Jun 1941 - Jul 1947
UU xxx 1943 - Jul 1947
DE xxx 1944 - xxx xxxx
KR xxx xxxx - Jul 1947
TO xxx 1945 - Jul 1947

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