RAF 527 (Radar Calibration) Squadron

Motto: Silently We Serve

Formed at Castle Camps on 15 June 1943, this squadron was tasked with radar calibration duties. Initially equipped with Blenheims and Hurricanes, Hornet Moths arrived in December 1943, Spitfires in July 1944, Oxfords - September 1944, Wellingtons in April 1945 and finally Dominies in May 1945.

In September 1944 the squadron absorbed No 528 Squadon and the same month retired the Hornet Moths, the Hurricanes being retired in April 1945 and the Blenheims in May, whilst the remainder were flown until the squadron disbanded at Watton on 15 April 1946, where it had moved on 8 November 1945.

The squadron was reformed on 1 August 1952, by amalgamating and redesignating N and R squadrons of the Central Radar Establishment at Watton. It now flew Lincolns, Ansons and Canberras, later addind Meteor NF 11s and Varsitys. The last Lincoln left in March 1957 after which it became a pure jet unit with the Canberras and Meteors. It was disbanded by being re-numbered No 245 Squadron on 21 August 1958.

Squadron Codes used: - WN Jun 1943 - Apr 1946

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