RAF No 18 Squadron emblem

RAF No 351 (Jugoslav) Squadron

RAF No 351 (Jugoslav) Squadron

Formed on 1 July 1944 at Benina in Libya from Yugoslav personnel, it was equipped with Hurricane IICs in the fighter-bomber role. In September the squadron re-equipped with Hurricane IVs and moved to Italy, where it joined No 281 Wing.

281 Wing was part of the Balkan Air Force and the squadron was involved in supporting the Yugoslav partisans. The squadron used an advanced operating base on the island of Vis and from February 1945, was also able to make use of an advanced base on the Yugoslav coast.

On 5 April 1945 the whole squadron moved to what had been their advanced base in Yugoslavia, Prkos, from where it continued to operate until disbanding on 15 June 1945

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