RAF No 18 Squadron emblem

RAF 336 Royal Hellenic Pursuit Squadron

callsign: 336 Μοίρα Βομβαρδισμού, 336 MB), callsign 'Olympus'

The second squadron to be formed from Greek personnel, this took place at LG 219 in the Western Desert on 25 February 1943. From them until February 1944 the squadron was involved in shipping protection and air defence duties along the Libyan coast.

Together with its sister unit, No 335, it moved to Italy in September 1944, from where it operated over the Albania and Yugoslavia. In November 1944 it returned to its homeland and carrieed out attacks against German forces in the Greek islands of the Aegean and Crete. The squadron moved to Salonika in May 1945, where on 31 July it was transferred to Greek control, ceasing to be a RAF unit.

Squadron Codes used: - ZP Allocated Apr - Sep 1939

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