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RAF No 332 Norwegian Squadron

Motto: Samhold i strid (Together in Battle)

History:The 332 was formally a Norwegian Squadron manned by expatriated Norwegians, but fought under RAF colours. They flew Spitfire Mk.IXc from North Weald from autumn 1942 until changing to IXe after the invasion of Normandy in 1944. The Squadron where ranked among the top RAF fighter squadrons throughout the war.

No. 332 Squadron of the Royal Air Force was formed at RAF Catterick on 16 January 1942, as a Spitfire-equipped fighter squadron manned by Norwegians.

In World War II

The squadron became operational on March 21, and moved on to RAF North Weald to operate alongside another Norwegian crewed squadron, 331 Squadron.

With squadron code 'AH' 332 squadron became part of No. 132 Wing RAF alongside Norwegian 331 Squadron. It operated as air cover for the Dieppe Raid, and later flew fighter sweeps and escort operations over occupied France and the Low Countries. In late 1943/early 1944 both squadrons were transferred to the 2nd Tactical Air Force and participated in the Normandy Landings as fighter-bombers and tactical air superiority fighters. From September onwards 132 Wing participated in the Liberation of Holland.

In April 1945, the squadron was transferred to Scotland, and the following month transferred to Norway after the German surrender. On 21 September 1945, the squadron was disbanded at Værnes as an RAF unit and passed to the control of the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF). During the war between them, 331 and 332 Squadrons scored many air victories: 180 confirmed destroyed, 35 probables and more than 100 damaged. Combined losses were heavy as well: 131 aircraft lost with 71 pilots killed.

Squadron Codes used: - WW Allocated Apr - Sep 1939; HG Jan 1942 - Feb 1942; AH Feb 1942 - Nov 1945

In the Norwegian Air Force

In honour of the achievements of the RNoAF Squadrons during WWII, the Royal Norwegian Air Force has maintained the RAF squadron names. Thus Norway still has the fighter squadrons 331st and 332nd, now flying the F-16 instead of Spitfire MK IX. Today the Norwegian 332 squadron is based at Bodø Main Air Station.

Notable pilots

  • Sgt Per Bergsland (Captured August 1942)
  • Sgt Carl Sejersted Bødtker (April 1943)
  • Sgt Jan Staubo
  • Cpt Finn Thorsager
  • Lt Soren Kjell Liby
  • Lt Marius Eriksen
  • Gunnar Piltingsrud
  • Fnr Ola Gert Aanjesen
  • Maj Reidar Emil From
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