RAF No 310 (Czechoslovak) Squadron

Motto: We Fight to Rebuild

Formed at Duxford on 10 July 1940 as a fighter unit composed of Czechoslovak personnel who had managed to escape from Nazi occupied Europe. Becoming operational with Hurricanes in August 1940, it took part in the Battle of Britain, remaining at Duxford throughout the period and beyond.

In the new year it took part in fighter sweeps over France but in July moved north to Scotland. December 1941 saw the squadron moving again, this time to Cornwall and later Devon until June 1943 when it returned to Scotland once again. Here it formed part of the air defences for Scapa Flow.

Returning south in September, the squadron joined 2nd Tactical Air Force as a fighter-bomber unit both in preparation for and support of the Normandy landings. However, unlike other units of 2 TAF it remained in Britain carrying out armed reconnaissance operations from bases in Kent and East Anglia.

Following the end of the war 310 Squadron flew to Czechoslovakia, in August 1945, to form part of the newly reformed Czech Air Force, disbanding as a RAF unit 15 February 1946.

Squadron Codes used: -

UG Allocated Apr - Sep 1939
NN Jul 1940 - Feb 1946


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