RAF No 18 Squadron emblem

RAF 140 Squadron

Motto: Foresight

Initially planned, in November 1917, to be a O/400 or DH9 unit, to form on 1 April 1918, and although it remained in the planned programme until at least March 1918, after that it disappeared from these plans and therefore the squadron form during World War One.

The squadron eventually formed on 17 September 1941 as a Spitfire and Blenheim equipped photo-reconnaissance unit at Benson, when no 1417 Flight was raised to Squadron status. The Spitfires were used for daylight operations over Northern France and later the Low Countries and Belgium, whilst the Blenheims were used for night reconnaissance using flares.

The Blenheims were supplemented by Venturas in February 1943 and by August the Blenheims had left. In July 1943 the squadron was allocated to No 34 Wing of 2nd Tactical Air Force and its main operations now centred on the preparations for the forthcoming invasion. In November 1943, it began to receive Mosquitoes and with the Venturas leaving in January 1944 and the last Spitfire in April, it became wholly equipped with Mosquitoes. These continued to be used in both day and night roles for the remainder of the war, having moved to Belgium in September 1944. The squadron returned to Britain in September 1945 and disbanded at Fersfield on 10 November 1945.

Squadron Codes used: RM Allocated Apr 1939 - Sep 1939; ZW Aug 1941 - Feb 1942

Web Reference: http://www.rafweb.org/Sqn001-5.htm

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