RAF No 18 Squadron emblem

RAF No 127 Squadron

Motto: Eothen (Out of the East)

Like 126, No 127 was formed in day bomber role on 1 January 1918, this time at Catterick, but before becoming operational, it disbanded on 4 July 1918.

The squadron reformed in Iraq on 29 June 1941 when a detachment of four Hurricanes and four Gladiators was given the numberplate at Haditha. It carried out fighter and reconnaissance operations during the invasion of Syria in July 1941 but was re-numbered as No 261 Squadron on the 12th of that month.

The squadron reformed once again, this at Kasfareet in Egypt, on 2 August 1941. However, it was composed entirely of ground personnel from No 249 Squadron as it continued to act as a ground servicing unit until March 1942, when it eventually recieved Hurricanes. It initially operated in the Western Desert from June, but moved back to Egypt in September for air defence.

During 1943 it moved westwards as the fighting in the desert progressed, it operated detachments from Cyprus and covered actions in the Aegean during November, but in April 1944, the squadron moved to Britain in preparation for Operation Overlord. Arriving at North Weald on 23April, it was equipped with Spitfire IXs, beginning operations in May. A move to the continent came in August 1944, where it remained until disbanding at Twente on 30 April 1945.

Its final incarnation started on 11 January 1956 when it was reformed as No 127 (Shadow) Squadron within No 229 OCU at Chivenor. It was now in the weapons training role equipped with Hunters, but on 1 November 1958, its 'shadow' status was transferred to No 234 Squadron.

Squadron Codes used: -

HF Allocated Apr 1939 - Sep 1939
EJ Jun 1942 - Jan 1943
9N Apr 1944 - Apr 1945

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