RAF 121 (Eagle) Squadron

Motto: “Either Fight Or Die”

No 121 Squadron BadgeOriginally formed in the light bomber role at Narborough on 1 January 1918, equipped with DH9s, it did not become operational and disbanded on 17 August 1918. The squadron reformed at Bracebridge Heath near Lincoln on 14 October 1918 to operate the DH10, but the Armistice a month later brought plans for its deployment to an end and it disbanded again in November without having received any aircraft..

Following the success of the first 'Eagle' squadron, No 71, and the increasing numbers of Americans coming forward to join the RAF it was decided to form a second such unit. As a result No 121 was formed at Kirton-in-Lindsey on 14 My 1941, equipped with Hurricanes. These were flown on defensive patrols in the North of England until October, when Spitfires arrived. These were taken south to North Weald in December 1941, from where the squadron took part in the full range of offensive operations and defensive duties being carried out by Fighter Command at that time, but on 29 September 1942 the squadron, together with the other two (71 and 133) 'Eagle' squadrons were transferred to the US Army Air Force to become the 4th Fighter Group, with No 121 becoming the 335th Fighter Squadron.

Squadron Codes used: - JY Allocated Apr 1939 - Sep 1939; AV May 1941 - Sep 1942


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