RAF No 115 Squadron emblem

RAF No 115 Squadron

Motto: Despite the elements

Formed at Catterick from a nucleus provide by No 52 Training Squadron on 1 December 1917. Various type s were used for training but in July 1918, it received its operational equipment in the form of Handley Page O/400s. It joined the Independent Force in France in September and until the end of the war carried out strategic bombing operations against targets in Germany. The squadron returned to Ford in March 1919 and disbanded there on 18 October 1919.

The squadron was reformed as a heavy bomber unit at Marham on 15 June 1937 from 'B' Flight of No 38 Squadron. It was now one of only two units to operate the Fairey Hendon monoplane bomber, but these were soon replaced by Harrows. In their turn these were replaced by Wellingtons in April 1939 and a year later the squadron began operations against German shipping and airfields in Norway and the surrounding waters. Following the German invasion of France, attacks were switched to targets in Germany, which remained their main area of operations for the rest of the war as part of Bomber Command's Main Force.

Hercules engined Lancaster IIs replaced the Wellingtons in March 1943 and these were replaced by Merlin engined Lancaster Is and IIIs in March 1944. The squadron was retained as part of the post-war RAF and received Lincolns in September 1949. During this time the squadron was linked to No 218 Sqn from 1 February 1949 until 1 March 1950, when the squadron was disbanded at Mildenhall.

The squadron was soon reformed as on 13 June 1950, it became a Washington unit at Marham, again having No 218 Squadron inked to it. Canberras replaced the Washingtons in February 1954 and continued in use until disbanding on 1 June 1957. The squadron came back on 21 August 1958, when No 116 Squadron at Tangmere was renumbered. It was now a Radar Calibration unit operating Varsities and Valettas. Argosies began arriving in February 1968 and when the last Varsity was retired in August 1970, the unit was solely equipped with this type. Andovers were added in November 1976 and the last Argosy left in January 1978, the Andovers continuing until disbanding at Benson on 1 October 1993, the squadron's role being sub-contracted to private contractors.


Award of Standard originally announced on 26 Nov 1963 , effective from 1 Apr 1963 but presented:- 30 September 1966 ACM The Earl of Bandon

Battle Honours:

Independent Force & Germany, 1918: Channel & North Sea, 1939-1943: Norway, 1940: France & Low Countries: German Ports, 1940-1945: Rhur, 1940-1945: Fortress Europe, 1940-1945: Invasion Ports, 1940: Berlin, 1940-1945: Biscay Ports, 1940-1943: Baltic, 1943: Normandy, 1944: France & Germany, 1944-1945: Rhine

Squadron Codes used: -

BK Apr 1939 - Sep 1939
KO Sep 1939 - Mar 1950, Jun 1950 - Apr 1951
A4 Nov 1943 - Oct 1944(only used by 'C' Flt)
IL Nov 1944 - Aug 1945

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