RAAF 21 City of Melbourne Squadron

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No 21 Squadron RAAF with Buffalo Mk1s was at Sungei Patani, in North West Malaya with a establishment of 18 Buffaloes (12 IE underscored, with 6 more IR held at Singapore) and one Wirraway (A20-59)(First Buffalo received 28/08/41; AN172, AN180, AN183, AN186, AN188, AN194, AN201, AN212, W8163, W8169, W8206, W8212, W8219, W8222, W8224, W8227, W8232, and W8236 with codes GA-* in Malaya) With heavy losses, and with only reserve aircraft available later that month, the unit merged with 453 Squadron to become 21/453 Squadron RAAF on 24th December 1941. The new squadron then moved to Sumatra but Japanese advances once again forced a withdrawal. The unit eventually abandoned Java and sailed to Fremantle, where it was disbanded on 4th March 1942.

The "City of Melbourne" squadron had 12 Buffaloes at Sungei Patani, Northern Malaya, on 8 Dec 1941. 8 destroyed on the ground that day, and the squadron withdrew to Butterworth. 2 more Buffs were shot down on 9 Dec in the first air-to-air combat for RAF fighters in the Pacific. The squadron was then withdrawn to Ipoh and merged with 453 Sq under S/L Harper (see below). Squadron embarked for Australia 27 Jan.

Sqn Ldr W F Allshorn RAAF
Flt Lt F H Williams RAAF
Flt Lt Max White RAAF (shot down 14 Dec; killed)
Flt Lt J R Kinninmont RAAF (crashed 15 Dec; claimed a scout and a Ki-43 19 Jan)
Flg Off G M Sheppard RAAF
Flg Off Bob Kirkman RAAF (claimed a Ki-51 19 Jan)
Flg Off C R McKenny RAAF (shot down 9 Dec; injured)
Flg Off H V Montefiore RAAF (shot down 9 Dec)
Flg Off D M Sproule RAAF
Flg Off J B Hooper RAAF (crashed 15 Dec)
Flg Off B Hood RAAF
Flg Off R H Wallace RAAF (crashed after midair collison 12 Jan; injured)
Sgt Henry Parsons RAAF (shot down 19 Jan; killed)
Sgt Norman Chapman RAAF (shot down 18 Jan; killed)
Sgt G Harrison RAAF (crashed after midair collison 12 Jan)

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