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German flak crew site infront of the Acropolis following the defeat of Greece April 1941-01

German flak crew site infront of the Acropolis following the defeat of Greece April 1941 01

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Battle of Greece Timeline

The German armies invade Greece.
The German 164th Infantry Division captures Xanthi.
German troops seize Thessaloniki.
The German 72d Infantry Division breaks through the Metaxas Line.
The Greek Second Army capitulates unconditionally.
The Germans overcome the enemy resistance north of Vevi, at the Klidi Pass.
General Wilson decides to withdraw all British forces to the Haliacmon river, and then to Thermopylae.
Elements of the Greek First Army operating in Albania withdraw toward the Pindus mountains.
Hitler issues his Directive No. 27, which illustrates his future occupying policy in Greece.
The spearheads of the 9th Panzer Division reach Kozani.
After fighting at Kastoria pass, the Germans block the Greek withdrawal, which extends across the entire Albanian front.
Wilson informs General Papagos of his decision to withdraw to Thermopylae.
Rear admiral H. T. Baillie-Grohman is sent to Greece to prepare for the evacuation of the Commonwealth forces.
After a three-days struggle, German armored infantry crosses the Pineios river.
The 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler—which had reached Grevena— overwhelms several Greek units.
German troops enter Larissa and take possession of the airfield.
German troops capture Ioannina.
The commander of the Greek forces in Albania, General Georgios Tsolakoglou, offers to surrender his army to the Germans alone.
The Bulgarian Army invades Thrace.
The final decision for the evacuation of the Commonwealth forces to Crete and Egypt is taken.
The Germans capture the port of Volos.
Official surrender of the Greek forces in Albania to both the Germans and the Italians after a personal representation from Mussolini to Hitler
The Germans attack the Commonwealth forces at Thermopylae. The British rear guards withdraw to Thebes.
5,200 Commonwealth soldiers are evacuated from Porto Rafti, East Attica.
The few RAF squadrons leave Greece. Some 10,200 Australian troops are evacuated from Nauplion and Megara.
The Germans stage an airborne operation to seize the bridges over the Corinth Canal.
The first Germans enter Athens.
Italian troops start occupying the Ionian and Aegean islands.
5th Panzer Division units reach the south coast of Peloponnese, where they are joined by SS troops arriving from Pyrgos.
The evacuation of 42,311 Commonwealth soldiers is completed. The Germans manage to capture around 7-8,000 Commonwealth troops.

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