124 Squdron Crest
RAF No 124 (Baroda) Squadron

Supermarine Spitfire photographs

Aircrew RAF 124 Sqn group photo taken at Biggin Hill England 1942 01

Information Source Revi 84

Spitfire MkVb RAF 124Sqn ONA flown by Michael Reid AA761 Biggin Hill Mar 1942 0A

Spitfire MkVb RAF 124Sqn ON-A flown by Michael Reid based out of Biggin Hill was shot down by Fw 190's from JG2 near St. Omer France 13th Mar 1942. RAF 124Sqn was part of 'Circus 114 raid' and lost three aircraft that day 2POW and 1KIA. Michael Reid later died as a POW on 7th Aug 1942 and is buried at Hardighen 8km E of Marquise formerly of the Gordon Highlanders.

Spitfire database record for Spitfire AA761 MKVb cn 2187 factory: CHA Engine: M45 Details: FF 11-10-41 8MU 13-10-41 54S 15-10-41 124S 17-11-41 Shot down by Fw190s nr St.Omer 13-3-42 P/O M G M Reid PoW died 7-8-42

Spitfire MkVb RAF 124Sqn ONA Michael Reid shot down by Fw190s nr St.Omer 13th Mar 1942 0A

Spitfire MkVI RAF 124Sqn ONH BR579 North Weald Jun 1942 01

Spitfire MkVI RAF 124Sqn ON Operation Jubilee Jan 1942 IWM 01

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Biggin Hill, England, United Kingdom Map

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