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Curtiss P-40 Warhawk photo gallery

RAF 250 SquadronRAF 250 Squadron

Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk RAF 250Sqn LDB Pilot Mike Judd Egypt June 1942

Profile 00: Kittyhawk I AK919 of No 250 5qn, flown by Sqn Ldr Mike Judd, LG 91, Egypt, 6 June 1942. Early on 6 June, while flying thiS aircraft, Sqn Ldr Mike Judd, CO of No 250, led 11 other Kittyhawks on a sweep to the Knightsbridge-Acroma area. There, they met a dozen Bf 109s and C.202s, and in a brief fight Judd damaged one of each type without his unit suffering any losses. He remained with the squadron until November, claiming four kills. During this period No 250 Sqn's aircraft were marked with a red arrow over the exhaust stubs. Judd later became a wing leader with the 2nd TAF in Europe, where he is believed to have made his fifth claim. AK919 was struck off charge on 8 March 1944.

Curtiss P-40E RAF 250Sqn LD-E Pilot Flt Lt Gordie Troke FR120 Castel Benito, Libya 1942

Profile 00: Kittyhawk III FR120 of No 250 Sqn flown by Flt Lt Gordie Troke, Castel Benito, Libya, February 1943.Canadian Gordie Trake claimed three and two shared kills with No 250 Sqn between July 1942 and February 1943. He regularly flew this aircraft from 8 December 1942 through to 26 February 1943. He was flying it on a ground anack mission on 16 January when he strafed and destroyed a Ju-5213m, and also five days later when he destroyed a Ju-88 on the ground at Castel Benito. He was also at Ihe controls of FA120 over Ihe Marelh Une on the afternoon of 26 February when he engaged a Bf-109G which was credited to him as probably destroyed - his final Kittyhawk claim. FR120 was transferred to the Armee de l'Airon 3 March 1945.

Curtiss P 40K Kittyhawk MKIII 250Sqn LDI FR243 went missing from sweep near Lake Ampolino 9th Sep 1943

This aircraft was credited with two known kills by F/L Neil Gillespie RUSSELL
4 Nov 1942 one MC202 destroyed Fuka, 250 Sqn Kittyhawk FR243, LD-R
7 Nov 1942 one MC202 destroyed E of Sollum, 250 Sqn Kittyhawk FR243, LD-R

I represent a military Museum on Vancouver Island about an hours drive from where Stocky Edwards lives. We are setting up a display of Stocky Edwards and will feature several wartime pictures of him with the various Squadrons he flew with as well as the aircraft he flew post war. I came across the attached web page with a colour profile of his Kittyhawk III, would we be allowed to display this profile and make copies of it to sell as souvenirs of his connection to our museum and Vancouver Island.
I've attached a picture of Stocky and myself that was taken at the Y2-K Spitfire restoration hangar a few years ago, we have been friends for the past 12 years, I spoke to him several times this week regarding a 260 Sqn P-40 that was located in the North African desert last month with his codes HS-B. It has been under the sand these past 7 decades and seems in fairly reasonable shape. Stocky was amused to think that it was found after all thee years and as are many wondering how it got to where it was found, Stocky never crashed in the desert so it still remains a mystery.
Thank you
Pat Murphy
Vancouver Island Military Museum Nanaimo B.C. Canada


Kittyhawk MkIII RAF 250Sqn LDR FR241 at LG 91 Egypt during Operation LIGHTFOOT IWM CM3756

Photo: Kittyhawk Mark III, FR241 LD-R, of No. 250 Squadron RAF, taxying at LG 91, Egypt, during Operation LIGHTFOOT, the first phase of the Alamein offensive. FR241 is an early short-tail Mark III with a dorsal fin, which also served later with No. 112 Squadron RAF.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CM 3756

Kittyhawk MkI RAF 250Sqn LDB AK919 Sqn Ldr MT Judd CO at LG91 Egypt IWM CM3136

Photo: Squadron Leader M T Judd, Officer Commanding No. 250 Squadron RAF, sitting in the cockpit of Curtiss Kittyhawk Mark I, AK919 'LD-B', at LG 91, Egypt. It was in this aircraft that Judd shot down a Junkers Ju 87 over LG 21 on 8 July 1942, and damaged another on 19 July. Note the red arrow unit marking over the exhaust stubs on the engine cowling.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CM 3136

Aircrew RAF 250Sqn CE Cas Casbolt at LG91 Egypt IWM CM3144

Photo: Pilot Officer C E "Cas" Casbolt of No. 250 Squadron RAF, at LG 91, Egypt. Casbolt joined the RAF in 1937, qualifying as a sergeant pilot before joining No. 80 Squadron RAF in 1938. He saw action with the Squadron in the Western Desert and in Greece, scoring victories in the Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Hurricane, before being rested after 80 Squadron's withdrawal from Greece in 1941. He was commissioned and then joined No. 250 Squadron, with whom he achieved the last of his 14 confirmed victories on 12 May 1942.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CM 3144

Curtiss Kittyhawk MkIIIs RAF 250Sqn LDY LDX taking off from Foggia Main Italy 1943 IWM CNA1760

Photo: A pair of Curtiss Kittyhawk Mark IIIs of No. 250 Squadron RAF taking off from Foggia Main (Gino Lisa), Italy, for a sortie.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CNA 1760


 Egypt Map

 El Adem, Libya Map

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