Macchi C.202 Folgore 51° Stormo 20° Gruppo 151° Squadriglia 51S20G151SA 151-1 Pilot Furio Doglio Italy 1942
Unit: 151-Squadriglia, 20 Gruppo, 51 Stormo Caccia Terrestre
Serial: 151-1 (MM9042)
Pilot - CO of 151-Squadriglia Captain Furio Niclot Doglio. Gela, Sicily, July 1942. Doglio was Italy's greatest Malta ace with 6 kills in 12 days to his credit before he fell to the guns of George Beurling's Spitfire on July 27th. It bears typical 'Smoke Rings' camouflage pattern, consisting of Light Chestnut Brown/Dark Olive Green upper surfaces and Light Blue-Grey for lower surfaces. The white command pennant and individual aircraft number '1', both identify the pilot as a Squadriglia commander. The famous 51 Stormo's 'Black cat and green mice' emblem is carried on the broad white fuselage band, standard for all Med. theatre of operations aircraft. Niclot Furio Doglio

Aermachi C.202 MM9066 della 151º Squadriglia 20º Gruppo 51º Stormo C.T. del Marescialo Enio Tarantola settembre 1942
Pilot - Sgt. Ennio Tarantola. Sicily, September 1942.
Tarantola Ennio

Artist: © Roberto Gualdoni Source: "Aermacchi C.202" by Gianni Cattaneo and Giovanni Massimello. Ali d'Italia. Collana di monografie aeronautiche diretta da Giorgio Apostolo. (c) La Bancarella Aeronautica - Torino, 2006.

Artist: © Angelos Dalassenos Source: 'Aces High', by Cristopher Shores and Clive Williams; Grub Street, London, 1994 Source: 'Malta: The Spitfire Year 1942', by Cristopher Shores, Brian Cull and Nicola Malizia Italy (fascists) - MC.202 28/02/2007

Artist: © Roberto Gualdoni Source: "Aermacchi C.202" by Gianni Cattaneo and Giovanni Massimello. Ali d'Italia. Collana di monografie aeronautiche diretta da Giorgio Apostolo. (c) La Bancarella Aeronautica - Torino, 2006. Italy (fascists) - MC.202 09/07/2009 Sardinia, 1942.


20 Gruppo

  20 Gruppo CT Squadriglie 351,352, 353 Stormo 51

20 Gruppo CT Squadriglie 351,352, 353 Stormo 51
Arrival Base Country Aircraft Zone Duties
10 Jun 1940 Ciampino Sud Italy CR32 G50 SQA3 NF, DF
19 Oct 1940 Ursel Belgium G50 CAI AE. DF
Apr 1941 Castelbenito Tripolitan G50 SQA5 DF
May 1941 Misurata Tripolitan G50 SQA5 DF.CE
May 1941 El Ftehja Cirenaica G50 SQA5 DF, CE, GA
Jun 1941 Martuba Cirenaica G50 SQA5 DF, GA. AE
Aug 1941 Gambut Cirenaica G50 SQA5 AR. AE
18 Nov 1941 Sidi Rezegh Cirenaica G50 SQA5 DF. AE
12 Dec 1941 Derna Cirenaica G50 SQA5 TG, DF. AE
14 Dec 1941 Agedabia Cirenaica G50 SQA5 DF. AE
Dec 1941 El Merduma Tripolitan G50 SQA5 DF. AE
20 Dec 1941 Ciampino? Italy MC 202 SQA3 TG
May 1942 Chinisia Sicily MC 202 ASIC AE. AR
30 Jun 1942 Gela Sicily MC 202 ASIC AE. AR
Nov 1942 Castelvetrano Sicily MC 202 ASIC CE.DF
Mar 1943 Ciampino Italy MC 202 G55 SQA3 TG
May 1943 Chinisia Sicily MC 202 G55 ASIC DF
16 May 1943 Capoterra Sardinia MC 202 G55 ASAR DF
Jul 1943 Casa Zeppera Sardinia MC 202 G55 ASAR DF
31 Jul 1943 Fohgno Italy MC 202 G55 SQA3 DF
23 Aug 1943 Milis Sardinia MC 202 ASAR DF
27 Aug 1943 Foligno Italy MC 202 G55 MC.205V SQA3 DF

As part of the Rome defences, this unit had four CR 32s as interim nightfighters, plus 25 G 50s for day sorties. On 13 June 1940. the CR 32s were detached to Guidonia. From September the unit joined 56 Stormo. and took 45 G 50s and six Ca 133s to Belgium. Low range capability kept them from being more active in this theatre and several pilots suffered from severe frostbite due to lack of cockpit heating. However, escorts and sweeps were carried out over Ramsgate and Harwich, but without much opposition. The main sweeps were made over Margate and Folkestone by the CR 42s of 18 Gruppo. especially on 23 November. The Germans referred to the unit as 20/JG 56. After the main CAI units had left for Italy. 352 and 353 sq remained for patrols along the Dutch. Belgian and French coasts as far as Calais, until April.

With the Italian forces under pressure in Libya, the unit was rushed straight to the front there. It was about this time 351 sq went to 155 Gruppo and was replaced by 151 sq. During the Spring of 1941 they protected the troops and supply columns, and made local intercepts. Like most units they suffered from the sand, until filters could be fitted. In July they escorted 209 sq in attacks on Tobruk.

For the rest of 1941 they made many armed recces and escorted the dive-bombers, sometimes jointly with the Germans. On 19 November a commando raid on Sidi Rezegh cost them 18 G 50s. and five more on 22 December at Agedabia. With virtually no aircraft left they returned to Italy in the new year.

They now rejoined 51 Stormo. which had been disbanded from September 1940 to 1 January 1942. Receiving the MC 202 in March, the unit was then ordered to Sicily for operations around Malta, starting in June. On 21 March 1943 they were at Ciampino. receiving the third prototype G 55 for operational trials. The unit moved to Sardinia in May. where the G 55 successfully fought in several dogfights. During March the crews complained that the new' Macchis needed much modification to make them combat ready. Poor petrol quality and excessive oil loss caused problems. Hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems often caught fire. And the aircraft lacked radios!

Meanwhile, nine pre-production G 55s were taken on at Ciampino Sud. In June. 11 G 55/Is arrived and. together with the G 55/Os. were used by 353 sq for the defence of Rome from Ciampino Sud. The main unit was now at Foligno. On 5 August several aircraft and pilots were passed to 155 Gruppo.

On 23 August 151 and 352 sq went to Milis for interceptor duties, scoring well against USAAF P-40s. They were soon back at Foligno. where the unit also received a few MC.205Vs. They were hoping to fully equip with G 55s. but no more arrived before the armistice. 353 sq was still detached at Ciampino. with 12 G 55s on 7 September.

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Regia Aeronautica Aces (World War II)
Ace No of Kills
Teresio Vittorio Martinoli22 kills
Franco Lucchini22 kills (1 in Spain)
Leonardo Ferrulli21 kills (1 in Spain)
Franco Bordoni-Bisleri19 kills
Luigi Gorrini19 kills
Mario Visintini17 kills
Ugo Drago17 kills
Mario Bellagambi14 kills
Luigi Baron14 kills
Luigi Gianella12 kills
Attilio Sanson12 kills
Willy Malagola11 Kills
Carlo Magnaghi11 kills
Angelo Mastroagostino11 kills
Giorgio Solaroli di Briona11 kills
Mario Veronesi11 kills
Fernando Malvezzi10 kills
Giulio Reiner10 kills
Giuseppe Robetto10 kills
Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa10 kills
Massimo Salvatore10 kills
Claudio Solaro10 kills
Ennio Tarantola10 kills
Giulio Torresi10 kills
Adriano Visconti10 kills


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