Nachtjager NJG1

Heinkel He-219A Owl I./NJG 1 Münster-Handorf

Photo 01: Several units received the He-219, but the only one to operate the machine in any strength was I./NJG1 which, by October 1944, was under the command of Hptm. Werner Baake and based at Münster-Handorf. The unit remained there until 1 April 1945 when it moved to Westerland-Sylt, leaving behind a number of aircraft which could not be flown away. This example, which belonged to 1. Staffel and was still dRAFed in camouflage netting when it was photographed some two weeks later, appears intact but has had the propellers removed.

Heinkel He-219A Owl I./NJG 1 Venlo 1944

Photo 01: An He-219A-6 of I./NJG1 at Venlo in the summer of 1944. Note the small port in the wing root for one of the aircraft's MG 151/20 cannon.

Heinkel He-219A Owl I./NJG 1 with FuG 220d radar Münster-Handorf 1944-45

Photo 01: An He-219A-2 of I./NJG1 at Münster-Handorf in the winter of 1944/45. Note the black undersurface of the starboard wing, the spiral spinners, and the small Roman VI below the canopy which indicated that this aircraft was equipped with 'Lichtenstein' FuG 220d radar.

Stab I./Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 - Stab I./NJG1

Heinkel He-219A Owl Stab I./NJG1 (G9DB) WNr 420331 late war

Photo 01: This aircraft, WNr. 420331, had served with Stab I./NJG 1 and carried the operational code G9+DB on the fuselage..

Heinkel He 219A-0 Owl NJG1 Grove 1944

Photo 01: This He 219A-0 photographed taxiing at Grove in the summer of 1944 belonged to NJG1. No radar aerials have been fitted to the nose as this aircraft was used for training former Bf-110 and Ju '88 pilots converting to the type.

Heinkel He 219A Owl 3./NJG1 Münster-Handorf

Photo 01: Other aircraft at Münster-Handorf had been more systematically destroyed, as may be seen by these burned-out aircraft of 3./NJG1.

Heinkel He-219A Owl I./NJG 1 Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow 1944

Photo 01: At the beginning of 1944, German night fighters began to appear with one wing painted black, presumably as a feature to identify friendly aircraft to the Flak units. It is thought that this undersurface coloring existed only for a short time. However the He-219 shown here was flown by Hptm. Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow of I./NJG1 who was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 19 August 1944 after achieving 25 night victories and went on to increase his tally to 33 may mean the camouflage was used longer than first thought.

1 Staffel I. Gruppe Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 - 1./NJG1

Heinkel He-219A Owl 1./NJG1 (G9DH) WNr 290004 Paderborn AF Apr 10 1945

Photo’s 01-02: This He-219, WNr. 290004, was found at Paderborn airfield on 10 April 1945 and was the first example of the type to be examined by the Allies. Although the nose, centre section and left wing were burned out, considerable information was obtained from an examination of the remains. Note that all the tactical code, G9+DH, was in black with the aircraft letter 'D' narrowly outlined in white.

Heinkel He-219A-2 Owl I./NJG1 (G9TH) WNr 290123 Westerland-Sylt Germany

Photo 01: This He-219A-2, WNr. 290123, was surrendered at Westerland-Sylt and was camouflaged in the same basic scheme as WNr. 290126.This aircraft had flown with I./NJG1, and although the full operational code was G9+TH, it is not known if the smaller 'G9' was actually applied. Note that on all the aircraft shown on these pages with black undersurfaces, the fiont engine cowlings were finished completely in 76.

2 Staffel I. Gruppe Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 - 1./NJG1

Heinkel He 219 A-0 2./NJG1 (G9FK) Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow with FuG 220 SN-2 and FuG 212 Germany 1944

Photograph Source: Flugzeug Classic 2010-08

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