Heinkel He 111H6 4./KG4 (5J+GM) Iraq 1941 01

Heinkel He 111H Iraqi Coup ex 6./KG4 (5J+JM) 0A

Heinkel He 111H Iraqi Coup exKG4 01

Heinkel He 111H Iraqi Coup ex 6./KG4 (5J+JM)

He 111 as was used in the Iraqi coup against the British early in the war. It can easily be deduced that the use/loan of this aircraft was a hasty decision, the German markings being very crudely painted over.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstürer in Anglo-Iraqi WarMesserschmitt Bf 110 Zerstorer in Anglo-Iraqi War

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    Fliegerführer Irak Footnotes

  1. Some sources indicate that this unit was named "Special Force Junck" (Sonderkommando Junck)
  2. Playfair states this force was made up initially of 14 Messerschmitt 110s and 7 Heinkel 111s.[6] Lyman states it was 12 Heinkel 111s and 12 Messerschmitt 110s.[1] Mackenzie states the force consisted of 15 Heinkel 111s and 14 Messerschmitt 110s.[7] Kurowski states the force consisted of 9 Heinkel 111s and 12 Messerschmitt 110s.[2]
  3. Lyman indicates von Blomberg was shot down by Iraqi troops while Kurowski indicates that he was shot when Arab tribesmen fired into the air and was found to be dead upon landing

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