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Curtiss P-40 Warhawk photo gallery

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk photo gallery

SAAF No 1 Squadron

Photo: Leading pilots of No. 1 Squadron SAAF pose for a group photograph in the back of a lorry, during a hunting expedition at Agordat, Eritrea. Left to right: Captain A Duncan, Captain A W Driver, Lieutenant R Pare, Major L A Wilmot (Commanding Officer) and Captain B J L "Piggy" Boyle. Duncan achieved four victories during the East African campaign, Driver became the most successful Commonwealth fighter pilot in East Africa with ten victories, Pare and Boyle scored five victories each and Wilmot scored one victory and one shared victory before he was shot down over Makale on 23 February 1941 and imprisoned.

Source: IWM CM 742

SAAF No 2 Squadron

SAAF No 4 Squadron

SAAF No 5 Squadron

Profile 00: Tomahawk llB SAAF 5Sqn GL-F flown by Capt Johnny Human AM401 LG 121 Egypt March 1942. No 5 Sqn SAAF had begun operations in early March 1942, and on the evening at the 11 th one of its patrols encountered enemy bombers. Two Ju88s were shot down and two others damaged, one of the latter by future ace Capt D W 'Johnny' Human, who was flying this aircraft (which had previously served with No 2 Sqn SAAF) when he made his first accredited claim. He left the squadron four days later for No 2 Sqn SAAF. AM401 did not survive long, being shot down on a sweep on 3 June.

Photo: Curtiss Tomahawk Mark IIB (named "Chaka") of No. 5 Squadron SAAF, piloted by Lieutenant R C Hirst, on the ground at LG 121, Egypt. From this landing ground east of Sidi Barrani, the Squadron flew its first operational sorties in March 1942, being responsible for the air defence of Egypt between Mersa Matruh and Sollum, and for the protection of convoys resupplying Tobruk.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CM 2513

Photo: Lieutenant R Pare of No. 5 Squadron SAAF, sitting in the cockpit of his Curtis Tomahawk "Shirley III" at LG 121, Egypt. Pare joined the South African Permanent Force and attended the Military College as a Cadet. He was commissioned in the SAAF in April 1940 and posted to No. 1 Squadron SAAF, seeing action over East Africa until April 1941. After a period as an instructor in the Union, he joined 5 Squadron in December 1941. He was promoted commander of 'B' Flight on 31 May 1942, but was shot down and killed by Oberleutnant Hans-Joachim Marseille of I/JG27 near Bir Hacheim on 3 June, just after scoring his sixth victory.

Source: Imperial War Museum IWM CM 2515

SAAF No 40 Squadron

Tomahawk IIB SAAF 2Sqn TA-C Danny Saville AN311 El Adem, Libya 21st November 1941.

Profile 00: Tomahawk IIB AN311 of No 2 Sqn SAAF, flown by Lt Danny Saville, EI Adem, Libya. 21 November 1941. On 21 November 1941 Lt E C 'Danny' Saville opened his account In a most unconventional way whilst flying top cover to No 4 Sqn SAAF. His flight tangled with three C-2005. and during the fight Saville got so close to one that his starboard wing struck the Italian fighter, which fell away. Some accounts suggest that it crashed, but in any event he was officially credited with a probable. Saville made his first confirmed claim on 4 December when he shot down a Ju 87. He later served with RAF units, and was killed by flak in Italy in September 1943 while commanding Kittyhawk equipped No 260 Sqn. AN311 laler served with No 208 Sqn. belore being transferred to the Royal Egyptian Air Force on 1 May 1943.


 Egypt Map

 El Adem, Libya Map


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