Profile: Fiat BR.20 Cicogna 7° Stormo 25° Gruppo BT 9a Sqadriglia coded 9-3 MM?? Ghemme June 1940.

7 Stormo


9 Squadriglia

  25 Gruppo BT Squadriglie 8, 9 Stormo 7

25 Gruppo BT Squadriglie 8, 9 Stormo 7
Arrival Base Country Aircraft Zone Duties
10 Jun 1940 Ghemme Italy BR 20 SQA1 DB
Apr 1941 Forli Italy BR 20 SQA2 DB. AR
Jul 1941 Camen Italy S84 SQA1 TG
1 Jul 1942 Sciacca Sicily S84 ASIC DB. AN
Jul 1942 Castelvetrano Sicily S84 ASIC DB. AN. NB
1 Oct 1942 Lonate Pozzolo Italy S84 SQA1 TG

This unit received the BR 20 in 1936. After a tour in Africa, they returned home before the war started. BR.20Ms arrived in the Spring ol 1940. On 12 June they began attacks on southern France. The next day they were intercepted by D 520s of GC 111/6 over the Toulon area. The CR 42 escorts defended them well.

Fifteen bombers were moved to Forli for operations over Yugoslavia. The bad weather reduced the effectiveness of this and other units in the area. By 29 July 1941. they were exchanging their BR 20s for S 84s. The new aircraft were difficult to train on. However, the unit was declared operational in April 1942 and moved to Sicily on I July with 24 S 84s.

Operations began against Malta and its shipping routes. On 7 May the unit became part of the Aerosilurante. but did not use the Savoias as torpedo-bombers and reverted to the Bombardamento Terrestre title on I October. In July and August the unit carried out high level escorted raids on Malta, as well as anti-shipping sorties.

Returning to Italy, they remained training until disbanded on 15 June 1943.

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Regia Aeronautica Aces (World War II)
Ace No of Kills
Teresio Vittorio Martinoli22 kills
Franco Lucchini22 kills (1 in Spain)
Leonardo Ferrulli21 kills (1 in Spain)
Franco Bordoni-Bisleri19 kills
Luigi Gorrini19 kills
Mario Visintini17 kills
Ugo Drago17 kills
Mario Bellagambi14 kills
Luigi Baron14 kills
Luigi Gianella12 kills
Attilio Sanson12 kills
Willy Malagola11 Kills
Carlo Magnaghi11 kills
Angelo Mastroagostino11 kills
Giorgio Solaroli di Briona11 kills
Mario Veronesi11 kills
Fernando Malvezzi10 kills
Giulio Reiner10 kills
Giuseppe Robetto10 kills
Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa10 kills
Massimo Salvatore10 kills
Claudio Solaro10 kills
Ennio Tarantola10 kills
Giulio Torresi10 kills
Adriano Visconti10 kills


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    Fiat BR.20 Cicogna Notes

  1. This was a mission flown against night-flying Superfortresses flown by a single Ki-100 piloted by Capt Masashi Sumita of the 18th Sentai.

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