emblem RAF RAF No 211 Squadron

The squadron letters on Blenheim Is of this period have been interpreted as dull red by many illustrators, but at this date, given the Air Ministry Orders of the day and the various other examples in photographs, it is hard to conclude anything other than that they are dull grey.

Source: http://www.211squadron.org/bristol_blenheim_i.html#L1535

Bristol Blenheim MkI RAF 211qn UQ based in Greece

Blenheims over Greece RAF 211 Squadron article by FlyPast 2013-04 01-04

Bristol Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQB shot down Greece 1941 01

Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQ L6670

Seen in one photo with the Squadron's war-time UQ code but without an individual letter, L6670 apparently operated as UQ-R.

Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQD L8376 'The Porpoise'

Damaged by CR.42 attack in an early afternoon raid on Derna. Forced-landed, wheels up, near by. S/Ldr Bax, Sgt Bain, AC Wise all safe but PoW—Bax with a broken leg.

Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQP L1540

Nine aircraft attacked targets South of Valona on New Year’s Eve 1940. Intercepted by several fighters, on the return leg the port engine of L1540 was seen to be on fire. The aircraft was last seen leaving the formation but under control some 20 miles South of Valona. Sgt Bennett, Sgt Tunstall and Sgt France were posted missing believed killed and are commemorated on the Alamein memorial. It was many years before the crash site and probable resting place of the crew was found, near the Albanian village of Mavrove.

Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQR L6670

After the loss of L8511 on Corfu in November 1940, Squadron Leader JR Gordon-Finlayson (GF or 'The Bish') and his crew P/O Davis and P/O Geary returned in triumph to the Squadron. Within five days, they had a replacement aircraft, ex 84 Squadron: L6670. Taking it up for an air test on 29 November with F/Sgt Bagshaw (IC ‘A’ Fight groundcrew), GF seems to have liked his 'new war horse'. Nine times in the first three weeks of December, he and the boys flew L6670 from Menidi to raid the Italians, deep in Albania.

Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQS L8664

Easter Sunday 1941 raid as above. About the same time as Godfrey and co in L8449 were under attack, in L8664 F/O CEV Thompson DFC, P/O Hogarth, F/Sgt W Arscott were also severely hit and also in flames. Their aircraft crashed on the Northern side of the Mikrilomni—Karies road, near Karies, about 2 miles from the lake, not far from the crash-site of Jimmy James’ L1539. The three men did not survive. Godfrey and James were able to bury their friends, however, they are among the missing 211s commemorated on the Alamein Memorial. Karies: also referred to as Karia, Karya, and Karie.

Source: http://www.211squadron.org/

Blenheim MkIF RAF 211Sqn UQR L6670 landing at Menidi Tatoi Greece 1941 IWM CM290

Blenheim Mark IF, L6670 UQ-R, of No. 211 Squadron RAF, landing at Menidi/Tatoi, Greece, after a raid on Italian positions in Albania.

Imperial War Museum IWM CM 290 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205208731

Blenheim MkIF RAF 211Sqn UQR L6670 at Menidi Tatoi Greece 1941 IWM CM288

Bristol Blenheim Mark I, L6670 ‘UQ R’, of No. 211 Squadron RAF preparing to taxy at Menidi/Tatoi, Greece

Imperial War Museum IWM CM 288 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205208730

Bristol Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn at Menidi-Tatoi Greece IWM MERAF422

Two American Army officer observers talk to two Canadian members of 211 Squadron RAF at Menidi/Tatoi, Greece.

Imperial War Museum IWM ME(RAF) 422 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205212042

IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - COD/CLOD skins
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQB L1481 Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQD L8376 Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQP L1540 Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQQ Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQ L6670 Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQR L6670 Greece April 1941
  CLOD game skin by asisbiz Blenheim MkI RAF 211Sqn UQS L8664 Greece April 1941

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