Jagdfliegerschule 14 - JFS.14

Jagdfliegerschule 14 - JFS.14

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-14 ANR Jagdfliegerschule 14 White 7 WNr 464463 Holzkirchen 1944

The whole I. Gruppo Caccia after two monthes of inactivity without machines in Bergamo, was transferrred in late October 1944 first to Memmingen and then to Holzkirchen.

There, they were trained on Bf 109 G-6, G-12, G-14, G-14/AS and G-10's under the supervision of Kapitän Kanzell (no unit given). They were ordrerd back to Italy, with brand new Bf 109 G-10's in the first week of January, the journey being quite adventurous... The III. Gruppo Caccia was sent also to Holzkirchen, their trianing starting at once, but was never completed. There are a few photos depicting a Bf 109 G-14 "Weisse 7" published, as the whole story in: D'Amico and Valentino (1985): The Messerschmitt 109 in Italian service 1943 - 1945, Monogram.

Fliegertechnische Schule 3

Messerschmitt Bf 109G6AS Fliegertechnische Schule 3 TS+MB Munich Germany Mar 1945

The Bf 109 with the identification TS+MB belongs to the flyer Technical School Schleissheim. The machine has to cover some specifics. This photo was taken shortly after the war in the south-east forests of the airfield. Today at this point runs the A99 motorway. From TS + series machines are more occupied in Schleisheim, including an Fw 190! It is believed this is TS + .. not a "real" Stammkennzeichen but an internal identification of the technical school.
G. Brown
Bavarian Aircraft historian eV
Meanwhile, this assumption has been confirmed by various photographs. The machine is out here with the entry as Stammkennzeichen, to draw attention to that fact that there is no SKZ!

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