Jagdgeschwader 51 - JG51

Messerschmitt Bf 109E7B 2/.JG51 Black 4 Solzy Russia Feb 1942 Avions 190 P31

Source: Avions 190 Page 31

Messerschmitt Bf 109E 1./JG51 (B4+) Russia 1941-42 01

Photo 01: Weapons personnel with a Bf 109E fighter-bomber in Russia. Even on snow-covered airfields, no difficulties were encountered in taxiing or taking off with bomb-laden aircraft, provided the maximum bomb load did not exceed 250kg, that the surface of the runway had been hardened by rolling, and the aircraft was taxied at high speed. Extremely rapid turns had to be avoided, however, as this caused the outside wheel to press into the snow. A particular problem which arose in the Winter of 1941/42 when targets immediately ahead of friendly troops were attacked was that the winter clothing worn by both German and Russian forces made the identification of friendly and enemy troops extremely difficult. Because of this, there were several incidents when friendly troops were attacked in error and the soldiers' confidence in the Luftwaffe undermined. In this photograph, the Bf 109F fighter in the background is believed to have the 'Gemsbock' emblem of I./JG51, perhaps indicating that the fighter-bomber also belonged to JG51.

Messerschmitt Bf 109E 3./JG 51 Mannheim-Sandhofen Winter 1939-1940

The illustrated aircraft is an example of the camouflage scheme and national marking application introduced at the end of 1939, specifically during the 'Sitzkrieg' period and during the defense of Germany against the first retaliatory raids by the RAF. The aircraft is painted in the standard scheme of RLM 70 and 71 on the upper surfaces. The paint is affected by heavy weathering and wear. The lower surfaces are in light blue, RLM 65. An interesting feature on this aircraft, and occasionally seen on others, is the very large rendering of the national marking on the wings. The fuselage Balkenkreuz also has a more slender centre cross segment. The Totenhand marking below the cockpit is the 3./JG 51 unit insignia, while the Kitzbuheler Gams marking, which was used by I./JG 51 from its beginnings, was a reminder of the influx of Austrian pilots to the unit in 1938, at a time when it carried the markings of I./JG 233.

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Luftwaffe Badge

Luftwaffe pilot Hans Berthel - Hans (or Heinz) Berthel

Units: 2/JG-52 (10/39), Stab I/JG-52 (9/40 Channel)

Asisbiz: the records I have don't show Hans (or Heinz) Berthel ever flew this aircraft as he was attached to JG52 not JG51


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