Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm FAA 885 Squadron

885 Naval Air Squadron ( 885 NAS ) was a British Royal Navy Air Force squadron.


The squadron was established on 1 March 1941 RNAS Dekheilassa -hand six Gloster Sea Gladiator and three in Buffalo. The squadron was transferred two days later, HMS Eaglelle a week before returning to Dekheilaan, where the squadron was disbanded on 1 May. In October, the squadron was transferred to a temporary number 775 squadron , but it still was removed during the same month. It was collected eventually Squadron, which formed the body set up 889 Squadrons .

The squadron was established on 1 December 1941 re- RNAS Yeoviltonissa -hand six Hawker Sea Hurricane IB PC ON , when it became a convoy of support ship HMS Charger . Support for the vessel to freeze the U.S. Navy to train pilots, a British air support squadron of ships was transferred in June 1942 HMS Victorious , which included convoy protected by July, the Arctic convoys PQ17 and QP13.

It went to air in August with the support of the vessel to the Mediterranean to protect the Malta convoys . The squadron was transferred in September Machrihanish to be trained in North Africa invasion , in which case their installations would be Supermarine Spitfire V's . The squadron later traded on the stock for six Seafire IB, IIC, and as last: as last.

The squadron was transferred to the mission for the HMS formidable , and it continued to the end of Sicily and Salerno, rises to protect countries. The squadron returned home in October 1943 the country where it was supposed to travel to the United States during December Brunswick fitted with ten Corsair. However, the squadron was disbanded on 15 November, Lee-on-Solent.

The squadron was established on 15 February 1944 re Lee-on-Solent connected to 3 Hävittäjälennostoon fleet. The equipment was 12 Seafire F. III, and L. III machine. A few weeks after the Normandy landings the squadron formed the 2 Tactical Air Force 34 Tiedustelulennoston fire management team. The same time, the fleet strength was increased to twenty aircraft. Squadron joined in July 886 and 887 squadrons remnants.

Squadron's equipment was moved in November of St. Merry's 709 and 715 squadron, when its fleet arrived 24 Hellcat I and II of the machine. The squadron was transferred one month later the HMS Rulerille be transferred to the British Pacific fleet.

Squadron protected from May 1945 onwards fleet complement the area, the Corsair was placed in a few countries Ponamiin. The same time became torpedolentue squadron, which was equipped with an Avenger. The squadron was equipped with Corsair in July with rockets, but they do not kerenneet to participate in military action before the Japanese surrender.

Fleet, visited Tokyo, and then moved to Australia with the support of the vessel. Connecting the squadron's 12 Lentotukialusrykmenttiin was canceled and it was disbanded on 27 September 1945 Schofield.


  • Garnett, JN 1 March - 1 May 1941
  • EDG, Lewis 1 December 1941 -
  • RHP Carver, DSC 2 February 1942 - 15 November 1943
  • SL Devonald 15 February 1944 -
  • JR Routley 7 November 1944 - 27 September 1945


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