RAF 681 Squadron

Motto: Nulla Rosa Sine Spina (No rose without a thorn)

Formed from No 3 PRU at Dum Dum in India on 25 January 1943, its main task was photo reconnaissance over Burma and Siam. To carry out this work, it was equipped with Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mitchells. Although some Mosquitoes were received, these were found unsuitable for operation in the highly humid conditions of SEAC and by December 1943 the squadron was solely a Spitfire unit.

The first Spitfire XIX arrived on 28 June 1945 and by VJ-Day had 11 on strength with a further five arriving after that date. In September 1945, No 681 moved to Hong Kong sending detachments to Java and Indo-China. It moved to Seletar in January 1946 with a detachment in Siam but in April the whole squadron moved to India and on 1 August 1946 it was disbanded by being re-numbered No 34 Squadron.

Web Reference: http://www.rafweb.org/Sqn671-1435.htm

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