No 257 (Burma) Squadron

Motto: Thay Myay Gyee Shin Shwe Hti (Death or Glory)

Formed on 18 August 1918 from No's 318 and 319 Flights at Dundee, equipped with Felixstowe F2As, which it used for anti-submarine patrols over the North Sea. It disbanded on 30 June 1919.

The squadron reformed as a fighter unit at Hendon on 17 May 1940, equipped with Spitfires, but the following month it exchanged these for Hurricanes. It operated in throughout the Battle of Britain from bases in the South-East before moving to Coltishall in December. From March 1941, it began offensive operations over France as well as conducting some night fighter missions.

Although some Spitfires were received in April 1942, these had left by the following month and when re-equipment began in July 1942, it was with Typhoons. Initially missions consisted of low level interceptions, and escort duties but in July 1943, it began offensive operations as part of the preparations for Operation Overlord, having joined 2nd Tactical Air Force on its formation. These operations expanded into fighter-bomber raids in January 1944 and following the invasion it moved to France in July. It continued to move through France in into Belgium in support of the advancing Allied armies until 5 March 1945, when it disbanded at B89 (Mill).

It reformed on 1 September 1946 at Church Fenton as a Meteor equipped fighter unit, but in April 1947, it moved to a new base at Horsham St Faith and finally in October 1950 to Wattisham. Here in September 1954 it re-equipped with Hunter F Mk 2s and these were supplemented with F Mk 5s in July 1955, but on 29 March 1957, the squadron was disbanded again. Its final incarnation lasted from 1 July 1960 to 31 December 1963, as a Bloodhound equipped surface-to-air missile unit at Warboys.

Squadron Codes used: -

DT Allocated Apr 1939 - Sep 1939
ML May 1940 - Jun 1940
DT Jun 1940 - May 1941
FM May 1941 - Mar 1945
A6 Sep 1946 - 1951

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