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UB232 Flight from Singapore to Myanmar 2000

Photo's are taken from UB232 flight from Singapre to Yangon, Myanmar. Take off was delayed by the another aircraft coming into land. The other photos are taken while over flying the Ayeyarwady delta and then the last few shots are on final approach to Yangon.

Myanma Airways is the national flag carrier and state-owned airline of Myanmar, based in Yangon. It operates scheduled services to all major domestic destinations. Its main base is Yangon International Airport.


The airline was founded by the government after independence in 1948, 15th September, as the Union of Burma Airways (UBA). It initially operated domestic services only, and international services were added in 1950. The name was changed to Burma Airways in December 1972, and to Myanma Airways on 1 April 1989 following the renaming of the country from Burma to Myanmar. International services of Myanma Airways have been operated by Myanmar Airways International (MAI). Myanma Airways is the majority shareholder of Joint Venture Company MAI, set up in 1993.


As of September 2008, Myanma Airways operates scheduled passenger flights within Myanmar to:

* Ann
* Bagan (Nyaung U Airport)
* Bhamo (Banmaw Airport)
* Bokepyin (Bokepyin Airport)
* Dawei (Dawei Airport)
* Heho (Heho Airport)
* Hommalin (Hommalin Airport)
* Kawthaung (Kawthaung Airport)
* Kyaingtong (Kyaingtong Airport)
* Kyauk Htu (Kyauk Htu Airport)
* Kyauk Pyu (Kyauk Pyu Airport)
* Lashio (Lashio Airport)
* Loikaw (Loikaw Airport)
* Magway (Magway Airport)
* Mandalay (Mandalay International Airport)
* Mawlamyine (Mawlamyine Airport)
* Monghsat (Monghsat Airport)
* Monywa (Monywa Airport)
* Myeik (Myeik Airport)
* Myitkyina (Myitkyina Airport)
* Naypyidaw (Naypyidaw Airport)
* Pakokku (Pakokku Airport)
* Pathein (Pathein Airport)
* Putao (Putao Airport)
* Sittwe (Sittwe Airport)
* Tachilek (Tachilek Airport)
* Thandwe (Thandwe Airport)
* Toungoo (Toungoo Airport)
* Yangon (Yangon International Airport)

Additionally, Myanma Airways offers charter flights to the following destinations:

* Coco Island (Coco Island Airport)
* Hpa-An (Hpa-An Airport)
* Pyay (Pyay Airport)

Myanmar Airways' ATR 42-320 aircraft at Yangon International Airport

The Myanma Airways fleet includes the following aircraft (as of 19 September 2008):

* 1 ATR 42-320
* 2 ATR 72-210
* 2 ATR 72-500
* 2 Fokker F27-600
* 3 Fokker F28-4000

Web Reference: Myanmar Airways International - A Brief History

Myanmar's original and only national airline was called Union of Burma Airways and began operations in the 1950s when the country was still known as Burma. In the early 1970s it was renamed Burma Airways Corporation and continued services under this name until 1988, when Burma was officially renamed Myanmar and the airline was renamed Myanma Airways.

Myanmar Airways International (MAI) took off in August 1993, created by a joint venture between Myanma Airways and Singapore interests with the support of Royal Brunei Airlines.

With a new Singapore management team (many ex-Singapore Airlines staff), new Boeing aircraft with all expatriate cockpit crew, better-trained flight attendants and new UK Civil Aviation Authority operating standards, this was the beginning of a successful new era for our national airline. Meanwhile, Myanma Airways (UB) continued operations as a purely domestic carrier for the local population.

MAI became the international airline of Myanmar with regular flights between Yangon (the commercial capital of Myanmar) Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kunming, Dacca and Jakarta. MAI continued to develop regionally.

MAI's potential continued to attract investors and in February 2007, a new joint venture was formed in which Myanma Airways retained 51% and Region Air (HK) Ltd., took 49% stake.

Our aircraft are currently operated by an internationally experienced team of skilled aviation personnel.

More Recent Developments (2001-2004)
2001 - Highlights.

A new corporate identity and aircraft livery was rolled out to reflect our new modern and professional company culture.

By moving our head office to new premises in Sakura Tower, we increase administrative efficiency and provided an improved working environment for our employees.

We completed our first major cabin crew upgrade program.

2002 - Highlights.

We obtained our own new IATA airline designator codes (8M/599) and joined both the IATA Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA) and IATA Clearing House (ICH). As a result we are able to operate more efficiently and professionally with enhanced international credibility.

122 of our employees were sent on both local training courses and overseas training courses at Malaysian Airlines and Royal Brunei Airlines training centers.

2003 - Highlights.

We launched our first joint service code share agreement with Thai Airways International on the Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok route.

We added two new aircraft to our fleet: a Boeing 737-800 and a MD-82.

We increased flight frequency to Bangkok from 9 to 10 flights per week and to Singapore from 3 to 5 times per week.

We re-launched our Hong Kong route offering 2 flights per week.

A further 61 employees were sent on local and overseas professional training courses.

2004 - Highlights.

We Increased frequencies to Bangkok from 10 to 13 flights per week.

We commenced 3 flights per week to New Delhi, India--newest destination.

We resumed our seasonal twice-weekly service to Hong Kong.

We increased flight frequency to Kuala Lumpur from 2 to 3 flights per week.

We have new uniforms for all our ground staff and recruit a further 16 new cabin crew trainees.

2005 - Highlights.

Airline codes and callsigns
This list is sorted alphabetically by IATA code (2 characters), and also features the ICAO code (3 characters) and the radio callsign, when available (in italics). IATA codes are mostly used on public material (tickets, timetables, flight information screens, baggage tags and containers), while ICAO codes are mostly for professional use (flight plans, air traffic control scopes). Please note some IATA codes are authorized duplicates.

0B JOR Blue Air (Romania) Blue Transport
0C IBL Catovair/IBL Aviation Ltd (Mauritius) Catovair
0D DWT Darwin Airline (Switzerland)
0G GHT Ghadames Air Transport (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
0J JCS Jetclub (Switzerland) Jetclub
0K KRT Air Kokshetau/Kokshetau Airlines (Kazakhstan) Kokta
0V VFC VASCO Vietnam Air Service Company (Vietnam) Vasco
0W WCR West Caribbean Costa Rica (Costa Rica) West Caribbean
1B BGH BH Air (Bulgaria) Balkan Holidays
1I NVR Novair/Nova Airlines (Sweden) Navigator
1I EJA Netjets (USA) Execjet
1I AMB Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (Germany) Civil Air Ambulance
1T RNX 1Time (South Africa) Next Time
2A DBB Deutsche Bahn (Germany)
2B ARD Aerocondor (Portugal) Aerocondor
2B BAB Bahrain Air (Bahrain) Bahrain Air
2C TGV SNCF (France)
2D OST Alania Airlines (Russian Federation) Alania
2E PHW (United Arab Emirates) Phoenix Sharjah
2F FTA Frontier Flying Service (USA) Frontier Air
2F IRP Payam/IPTAS (Iran) Payamair
2G CRG Cargo Italia (Italy) White Pelican
2I SRU Star Peru (Peru) Star Up
2J VBW Air Burkina (Burkina Faso) Burkina
2K GLG Aerogal Aerolineas Galapagos (Ecuador) Aerogal
2L OAW Helvetic Airways (Switzerland) Helvetic
2M MDV Moldavian Airlines (Moldova) Moldavian
2N NTJ Nextjet (Sweden) Nextjet
2N UMK Yuzmashavia (Ukraine) Yuzmash
2P GAP Air Philippines (Philippines) Orient Pacific
2Q ETS Avitrans/Flygtransporter I Nykoping (Sweden) Extrans
2Q SNC Air Cargo Carriers (USA) Night Cargo
2R VRR VIA Rail Canada (Canada)
2S SDY Island Express (USA) Sandy Isle
2T TUX Tulpar Air Service (Kazakhstan) Tulpa
2T HAM Haiti Ambassador Airlines (Haiti)
2U ERO Sun d'Or International Airlines (Israel) Echo Romeo
2W WLC Welcome Air (Austria) Welcome Air
2Z CGN Changan Airlines (China) Changan
3B JBR Job Air (Czech Rep.) Jobair
3D APG Air People International (Thailand) Air People
3D DNM Denim Air (Netherlands) Denim
3E EMU East Asia Airlines (Macau)
3G AYZ Atlant-Soyuz Airlines (Russian Federation) Atlant-Soyuz
3H AIE Air Inuit (Canada) Air Inuit
3K JSA Jetstar Asia Airways (Singapore) Jetstar Asia
3L ISK Intersky (Austria) Intersky
3M GFT Gulfstream International Airlines (USA) Gulf Flight
3N URG Air Urga (Ukraine) Urga
3P TNM Tiara Air (Aruba) Tiara
3R GAI Moskovia Airlines (Russian Federation) Gromov Airline
3S AEN Aeroland Airways (Greece) Aeroland
3S GUY Air Guyane Express/Air Antilles Express (French Guiana) Green Bird
3T URN Turan Air (Azerbaijan) Turan
3U NCH Chanchangi Airlines Nigeria (Niger) Chanchangi
3U CSC Sichuan Airlines (China) Si Chuan
3V TAY TNT Airways (Belgium) Quality
3W VNR Wan Air (French Polynesia) Wanair
3X JAC Japan Air Commuter (Japan) Commuter
3Y XBO Baseops International (USA)
3Y KAE Kartika Airlines (Indonesia) Kartika
3Z VTS Everts Air/Tatonduk Outfitters (USA) Everts
3Z ZAW Zoom Airways (Bangladesh) Zed Air
4A AKL Air Kiribati (Kiribati)
4A EYE FS Air Service (USA) Sockeye
4B TUP Aviastar-Tu Co. (Russian Federation) Tupolev Air
4B PAG Perimeter Aviation (Canada) Perimeter
4C CTP Tashkent Aircraft Production Corporation (Uzbekistan) Cortas
4C ARE Aires (Colombia) Aires
4C CGK Click Airways (United Arab Emirates) Click Air
4D ASD Air Sinai (Egypt) Air Sinai
4E TNR Tanana Air Service (USA) Tan Air
4G GZP Gazpromavia (Russian Federation) Gazprom
4I IZM Izair (Turkey) Izmir
4J NWZ Nationwide Airlines Zambia (Zambia) Zamnat
4K KBA Kenn Borek Air (Canada) Borek Air
4L MJX Euroline (Georgia) Geo Line
4M DSM LAN Argentina (Argentina) Lan Ar
4N ANT Air North Charter (Canada) Air North
4O AIJ Interjet/ABC Aerolineas (Mexico) ABC Aerolineas
4P ABB Business Aviation (Congo - Democratic Rep.) African Business
4P VIK Viking Airlines (Sweden) Swedjet
4Q SFW Safi Airways (United Arab Emirates) Safi Airways
4Q AEI Air Italy Polska (Poland) Polish Bird
4R OEG Orient Eagle Airways (Kazakhstan) Orient Eagle
4R HHI Hamburg International Airlines (Germany) Hamburg Jet
4T BHP Belair Airlines (Switzerland) Belair
4U GWI Germanwings (Germany) Germanwings
4W WAV Warbelow's Air Ventures (USA) Warbelow
4X MEC Air Mercury/Mercury Air Cargo (USA) Mercair
4Y TUD Flight Alaska (USA) Tundra
4Y BLE Blue Line (France) Blue Berry
4Z LNK Airlink (South Africa) Link

5A AIP Alpine Aviation (USA) Alpine Air
5B EAK Euro Asia Air International (Kazakhstan) Eakaz
5C ICL CAL Cargo Air Lines/Cavei Avir Levitanim (Israel) Cal
5C HMA Air Tahoma (USA) Tahoma
5C NRR Nature Air (Costa Rica) Nature Air
5D SLI Aeromexico Connect (Mexico) Costera
5D UDD Dombass Airlines (Ukraine) Donbass
5E EKA Equaflight Service (Congo) Equaflight
5F CIR Arctic Circle Air Service (USA) Air Arctic
5F BST Best Air (Turkey) Barbie
5G SSV Skyservice Airlines (Canada) Skytour
5H FFV Fly540/Five Forty Aviation (Kenya) Swift Tango
5H HFY Hifly (Portugal) Skyflyer
5J CEB Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines) Cebu Air
5K HFY Hifly (Portugal) Sky Flyer
5K ODS Odessa Airlines (Ukraine) Odessa Air
5L ASU Aerosur (Bolivia) Asur
5M MUA National Airlines (USA) Murray Air
5N AUL Aeroflot-Nord (Russian Federation) Archangelsk Air
5O FPO Europe Airpost (France) French Post
5P HSK Sky Europe Airlines (Hungary) Matra
5Q BEA Best Air (Bangladesh) Best Air
5R KAJ Karthago Airlines (Tunisia) Karthago
5S PSV Servicios Aereos Profesionales (Dominican Rep.) Proservicios
5T MPE Canadian North (Canada) Empress
5U LDE LADE Lineas Aereas del Estado (Argentina) Lade
5U CHG Challenge Aero (Ukraine) Sky Challenger
5V UKW Lviv Airlines/Lvov Airlines (Ukraine) Ukraine West
5W ITM Itapermirim Transportes Aereos (Brazil)
5W AEU Astraeus Airlines (UK) Flystar
5X UPS UPS Airlines/United Parcel Service (USA) UPS
5Y IOS Isles of Scilly Skybus (UK) Scillonia
5Y GTI Atlas Air (USA) Giant
5Z BML Bismillah Airlines (Bangladesh) Bismillah
6A CHP Aviacsa (Mexico) Aviacsa
6B BLX TUIfly Nordic (Sweden) Bluescan
6D PAS Pelita Air Service (Indonesia) Pelita
6E IGO IndiGo Airlines (India) Ifly
6F FRJ Afrijet Airlines (Niger) Afrijet
6F FAO Falcon Air Express (USA) Panther
6H ISR Israir (Israel) Israir
6I IBZ International Business Air (Sweden) Interbiz
6I VVA Aviast (Russian Federation) Ialsi
6J JUB Jubba Airways (Somalia) Jubba
6J SNJ Skynet Asia Airways (Japan) Newsky
6K RIT Zest Airways (Philippines) Asian Spirit
6L AKK Aklak Air (Canada) Aklak
6M EUP EuroAir (Greece) Eurostar
6M MJC Majestic Air (Zimbabwe) Zimbird
6N NRD Nordic Regional (Sweden) North Rider
6O ASJ Air Satellite (Canada) Satellite
6P ISG Club Air (Italy) Clubair
6R TNO Aerounion/Aerotransporte de Carga Union (Mexico) Aero Union
6T LMT Almaty Aviation (Kazakhstan) Almaty
6V LCG Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises (Congo - Democratic Rep.) Congolaise
6W SOV Saravia Saratov Airlines (Russian Federation) Saratov Air
6Y LTC SmartLynx Airlines (Latvia) Latcharter
6Z PVI Panavia (Panama) Panavia
6Z UKS Ukrainian Cargo Airways (Ukraine) Cargo Trans
7A NXA Air Next (Japan) Blue Dolphin
7C COY Coyne Airways (UK) Coyne Air
7C JJA Jeju Air (Korea - Rep. of) Jeju Air
7D UDC Donbassaero Airlines (Ukraine) Donbass Aero
7E AWU Sylt Air (Germany) Sylt-Air
7F FAB First Air (Canada) First Air
7G SFJ StarFlyer (Japan) Starflyer
7G MKA MK Airlines (Ghana) Kruger-Air
7H CAI Corendon Airlines (Turkey) Corendon
7H ERH ERA Aviation (USA) Erah
7I INC Insel Air (Netherlands Antilles) Inselair
7I CSV Coastal Travel Limited (Tanzania) Coastal Travel
7J TJK Tajik Air (Tajikistan) Tajik Air
7K KGL Kolavia/Kogalymavia Airlines (Russian Federation) Kogalym
7L CRN Aero Caribbean (Cuba) Aerocaribbean
7M AAG Air Atlantique (UK) Atlantic
7O GAL Galaxy Air (Kyrgyzstan) Galaxy
7P BTV Batavia Air (Indonesia) Batavia
7Q PWD Pan Am World Airways Dominicana (Dominican Rep.)
7Q TLR Air Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) Air Libya
7S RYA Arctic Transportation Services/Ryan Air Services (USA) Ryan Air
7T RTM Aero Express Del Ecuador (Ecuador) Aero Transam
7T AGV Air Glaciers (Switzerland) Air Glaciers
7T TOB Tobruk Air Transport and Cargo (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) Tobruk Air
7U ERG Aviaenergo (Russian Federation) Aviaenergo
7V PDF Pelican Air Services (South Africa) Pelican Airways
7W WRC Wind Rose Aviation (Ukraine) Windrose
7Y AGO Angola Air Charter (Angola) Angola Charter
7Y NYL Mid Airlines (Sudan) Nile
8A WAP Arrow Panama (Panama) Arrow Panama
8A BMM Atlas Blue (Morocco) Atlas Blue
8C DXH East Star Air (China) East Star
8C CXI Shanxi Airlines (China) Shanxi
8C ATN Air Transport International ATI (USA) Air Transport
8D EXV Expo Aviation (Sri Lanka) Expo Avia
8E BRG Bering Air (USA) Bering Air
8G NGE Angel Airlines (Thailand) Angel Air
8H HWY Highland Airways (UK) Hiway
8H HFR Heli France (France) Helifrance
8I MYW MyAir (Italy) Franky
8J JFU Jet4you (Morocco) Argan
8L RHC Redhill Aviation (UK) Redair
8L LKE Lucky Air (China) Lucky Air
8M MXL Maxair (Sweden) Maxair
8M MMA Myanmar Airways International (Myanmar)
8N NKF Barents AirLink/Nordkalottflyg (Sweden) Nordflight
8P PCO Pacific Coastal Airlines (Canada) Pasco
8Q BAJ Baker Aviation (USA) Baker Aviation
8Q OHY Onur Air (Turkey) Onur Air
8R OLS Sol Lineas Aereas (Argentina) Flight Sol
8U AAW Afriqiyah Airways (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) Afriqiyah
8V ACP Astral Aviation (Kenya) Astral Cargo
8V WRT Wright Air Service (USA) Wright Air
8W PWF Private Wings Flugcharter (Germany) Private Wings
8Y CYZ China Postal Airlines (China) China Post
9C WDA Wimbi Dira Airways (Congo - Democratic Rep.) Wimbi Dira
9D THE Toumai Air Tchad (Chad) Toumai Air
9E GXL XL Airways Germany (Germany) Stardust
9E FLG Pinnacle Airlines (USA) Flagship
9G PGP Perm Airlines (Russian Federation) Perm Air
9H DNL Dutch Antilles Express (Netherlands Antilles) Dutch Antilles
9K KAP Cape Air (USA) Cair
9L CJC Colgan Air (USA) Colgan
9M GLR Central Mountain Air (Canada) Glacier
9N AJV ANA & JP Express (Japan) Ayjay Cargo
9N NSE SATENA (Colombia) Satena
9Q PBA PBair (Thailand) Pee Bee Air
9R VAP Phuket Air (Thailand) Phuket Air
9S CQH Spring Airlines (China) Air Spring
9S SOO Southern Air (USA) Southern Air
9T RUN ACT Airlines (Turkey) Cargo Turk
9T ABS Transwest Air (Canada) Athabaska
9U MLD Air Moldova (Moldova) Air Moldova
9V ALS Atlantis Airlines (Senegal) Atlantis Lines
9V AMV AMC Airlines (Egypt)
9V ROI Avior Airlines (Venezuela) Avior
9W JAI Jet Airways (India) Jet Airways
9X AXY New Axis Airways (France) Axis

A0 AVI L'Avion (France) Lavion
A2 CIU Cielos Airlines (Peru) Cielos
A3 AEE Aegean Airlines (Greece) Aegean
A5 RLA Airlinair (France) Airlinair
A6 LPV Air Alps (Austria) Alpav
A7 MPD Air Comet (Spain) Red Comet
A8 BGL Benin Golf Air (Benin) Benin Golf
A9 TGZ Georgian Airways/Air Zena (Georgia) Tamazi
AA AAL American Airlines (USA) American
AB BER Air Berlin (Germany) Air Berlin
AC ACA Air Canada (Canada) Air Canada
AD AZU Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras (Brazil) Azul
AE MDA Mandarin Airlines (Taiwan) Mandarin
AF AFR Air France (France) Airfrans
AG ABR Air Contractors (Ireland) Contract
AG AMG Air Minas Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Air Minas
AH DAH Air Algerie (Algeria) Air Algerie
AI AIC Air India (India) Air India
AJ NIG Aero Contractors (Niger) Aeroline
AK AXM AirAsia (Malaysia) Asian Express
AL TXC Transaviaexport Cargo Airline (Belarus) Transexport
AM AMX Aeromexico (Mexico) Aeromexico
AP CYL Air One CityLiner (Italy) Cityliner
AP ADH Air One (Italy) Heron
AR ARG Aerolineas Argentinas (Argentina) Argentina
AS ASA Alaska Airlines (USA) Alaska
AT RAM Royal Air Maroc (Morocco) Royalair Maroc
AU AUT Austral Lineas Aereas (Argentina) Austral
AV AVA Avianca (Colombia) Avianca
AW SCH CHC Airways (Netherlands) Schreiner
AW DIR Dirgantara Air Services (Indonesia) Dirgantara
AX LOF Trans States Airlines (USA) Waterski
AY FIN Finnair (Finland) Finnair
AZ AZA Alitalia (Italy) Alitalia

B2 BRU Belavia (Belarus) Belarus Avia
B3 BLV Bellview Airlines (Niger) Bellview Airlines
B4 BKA Bankair (USA) Bankair
B4 BCF BACH Flugbetriebs (Austria) Bach
B5 HSA East African Safari Air (Kenya) Duma
B6 JBU JetBlue Airways (USA) Jetblue
B7 UIA UNI Airways Corporation (Taiwan) Glory
B8 ERT Eritrean Airlines (Eritrea) Eritrean
B9 CBC Caribair (Dominican Rep.) Caribair
B9 IRB Iran Air Tours (Iran)
BA BAW British Airways (UK) Speedbird
BA SHT British Airways Shuttle (UK) Shuttle
BB SBS Seaborne Airlines (Virgin Islands - USA) Seaborne
BB CBB Cargo B Airlines (Belgium) Cargo Bee
BC SKY Skymark Airlines (Japan) Skymark
BD BMA bmi British Midland (UK) Midland
BE BEE flybe (UK) Jersey
BF BBD Bluebird Cargo (Iceland) Blue Cargo
BF RSR Aero-Service (Congo) Congoserv
BG BBC Biman Bangladesh (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
BH BHA Hawkair (Canada) Hawk
BI RBA Royal Brunei Airlines (Brunei Darussalam) Brunei
BJ LBT Nouvelair (Tunisia) Nouvelair
BK OKA Okay Airways (China) Okayjet
BL PIC Jetstar Pacific Airlines (Vietnam) Pacific
BP BOT Air Botswana (Botswana) Botswana
BQ BBV Bravo Airlines (Spain) Bravo Europa
BR EVA EVA Airways Corporation (Taiwan) Eva
BS BIH British International Helicopters (UK) Brintel
BT BTI Air Baltic (Latvia) Air Baltic
BV BPA Blue Panorama Airlines/Blu-Express (Italy) Blue Panorama
BW BWA Caribbean Airlines (Trinidad and Tobago) Caribbean Airlines
BY TOM Thomson Airways - formerly Thomsonfly (UK) Tomson
BZ KEE Keystone Air Service (Canada) Keystone
BZ BDA Blue Dart Aviation (India) Blue Dart
C0 CLW Centralwings (Poland) Centralwings

C3 KIS Contact Air (Germany) Contactair
C4 IMX Zimex Aviation (Switzerland) Zimex
C5 UCA Commutair (USA) Commutair
C6 CJA CanJet (Canada) Canjet
C7 RLE Rico Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Rico
C7 UZS Samarkand Airways (Uzbekistan) Sogdiana
C9 RUS Cirrus Airlines (Germany) Cirrus
CA CCA Air China (China) Air China
CA CAO Air China Cargo (China) Airchina Freight
CB SAY Scot Airways (UK) Suckling
CC MCK Macair (Australia)
CC ABD Air Atlanta Icelandic (Iceland) Atlanta
CD LLR Air India Regional (India) Allied
CF SDR City Airline (Sweden) Swedestar
CG TOK Airlines PNG/Airlines of Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea) Balus
CH BMJ Bemidji Airlines (USA) Bemidji
CI CAL China Airlines (Taiwan) Dynasty
CJ CFE BA CityFlyer Express (UK) Flyer
CK CKK China Cargo Airlines (China) Cargo King
CL CLH Lufthansa Cityline (Germany) Hansa Line
CM CMP Copa Airlines (Panama) Copa
CN GDC Grand China Air (China) Grand China
CO COA Continental Airlines (USA) Continental
CP CPZ Compass Airlines (USA) Compass Rose
CQ EXL Sunshine Express Airlines (Australia) Sea
CS CMI Continental Micronesia (Guam) Air Mike
CU CUB Cubana de Aviacion (Cuba) Cubana
CV CLX Cargolux (Luxembourg) Cargolux
CV CVA Air Chathams (New Zealand) Chatham
CW MRS Air Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands) Marshall Islands
CX CPA Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong) Cathay
CY CYP Cyprus Airways (Cyprus) Cyprus
CZ CSN China Southern Airlines (China) China Southern
D0 DHK DHL Air UK/DHL Air Ltd (UK) Eurotrans

D2 SSF Severstal Aircompany (Russian Federation)
D3 DAO Daallo Airlines (Djibouti) Dalo Airlines
D4 LID Alidaunia (Italy) Alida
D6 ILN Inter Air (South Africa) Inline
D7 XAX Air Asia X (Malaysia) Xanadu
D8 DJB Djibouti Airlines (Djibouti) Djibouti Air
D9 DNV Aeroflot-Don/Donavia (Russian Federation) Donavia
DB BZH Brit Air (France) Britair
DC GAO Golden Air (Sweden) Golden
DD NOK Nok Air (Thailand) Nok Air
DE CFG Condor Airlines (Germany) Condor
DG SRQ South East Asian Airlines (Philippines) Seair
DJ PBN Pacific Blue/Polynesian Blue (New Zealand) Bluebird
DJ VOZ Virgin Blue (Australia) Virgin
DK VKG Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia (Denmark) Viking
DL DAL Delta Air Lines (USA) Delta
DN DKN Kingfisher Red - formerly Simplifly Deccan (India) Deccan
DO RVL Air Vallee (Italy) Air Vallee
DQ CXT Coastal Air Transport (USA) Coastal
DR BIE Air Mediterranee (France) Mediterrannee
DS EZS easyJet Switzerland (Switzerland) Top Swiss
DT DTA TAAG Angola Airlines (Angola) DTA
DV VSV Scat Air/PLL Scat Aircompany (Kazakhstan) Vlasta
DV LTF Lufttaxi (Germany) Garfield
DW UCR Aero Charter Ukraine (Ukraine) Charter Ukraine
DX DTR DAT Danish Air Transport (Denmark) Danish
DY NAX Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway) Nor Shuttle
DZ NOE Transcaraibes Air International (Guadeloupe) French Hopper

E2 KMP Kampuchea Airlines (Cambodia) Kampuchea
E4 RSO Aero Asia International (Pakistan) Aero Asia
E7 ESF Estafeta Carga Aerea (Mexico)
EB PLM Pullmantur Air (Spain) Pullmantur
EC TWN Avialeasing Aviation Company (Uzbekistan) Twin Arrow
EC BOS OpenSkies/BA European Limited (UK) Mistral
ED ABQ Airblue (Pakistan) Airblue
EF ESY EasyFly (Colombia) Easy Fly
EH AKX A-Net/Air Nippon Network (Japan) Alfa Wing
EI EIN Aer Lingus (Ireland) Shamrock
EJ NEA New England Airlines (USA) New England
EK UAE Emirates (United Arab Emirates) Emirates
EL ANK Air Nippon (Japan) Ank Air
EM AEB Aero Benin (Benin) Aeroben
EM CFS Empire Airlines (USA) Empire Air
EN DLA Air Dolomiti (Italy) Dolomiti
EO ALX Hewa Bora Airlines (Congo - Democratic Rep.) All Congo
EP IRC Iran Asseman Airlines (Iran)
EQ TAE TAME (Ecuador) Tame
ER DHL ASTAR Air Cargo (USA) Dahl
ES DHX SNAS/DHL/DHL International Aviation ME (Bahrain) Dilmun
ET ETH Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia) Ethiopian
EV ASQ Atlantic Southeast Airlines (USA) Acey
EW EWG Eurowings (Germany) Eurowings
EY ETD Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates) Etihad
EY EFL Eagle Air (Tanzania) Flying Eagle
EZ SUS Sun Air of Scandinavia (Denmark) Sun Scan
EZ EIA Evergreen International Airlines (USA) Evergreen

F3 FXL Fly Excellent (Sweden) Fly Excellent
F3 FSW Faso Airways (Burkina Faso) Faso
F3 SGB Sky King (USA) Songbird
F4 SHQ Shanghai Airlines Cargo (China) Shanghai Cargo
F5 COZ Cosmic Air (Nepal) Cosmic Air
F7 VRE Volare Airlines (Ukraine) Ukraine Volare
F7 BBO Flybaboo (Switzerland) Baboo
F8 FDM Freedom Airlines (USA) Liberty
F9 FFT Frontier Airlines (USA) Frontier Flight
FA SFR Safair (South Africa) Cargo
FB LZB Bulgaria Air (Bulgaria) Flying Bulgaria
FC WBA Finncomm Airlines/Finnish Commuter Airlines (Finland) Westbird
FC FCX Falcon Express Cargo Airlines (United Arab Emirates) Falcon Cargo
FD AIQ Thai AirAsia (Thailand) Thai Asia
FG AFG Ariana Afghan Airlines (Afghanistan) Ariana
FI ICE Icelandair (Iceland) Ice Air
FJ FJI Air Pacific (Fiji) Pacific
FK WTA Africa West Airlines (Togo) West Togo
FL TRS Airtran Airways (USA) Citrus
FM CSH Shanghai Airlines (China) Shanghai Air
FN RGL Regional Airlines (Morocco) Maroc Regional
FO ATM Airlines of Tasmania (Australia) Air Tas
FO FXX Felix Airways (Yemen)
FP FRE Freedom Air/Aviation Services (Guam) Freedom
FP FPG TAG Aviation (Switzerland) Tag Aviation
FQ TCW Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (Belgium) Thomas Cook
FQ BRI Brindabella Airlines (Australia) Brindabella
FR RYR Ryanair (Ireland) Ryanair
FS ACL ItAli Airlines (Italy) Itali
FV SDM Rossiya Russian Airlines (Russian Federation) Russia
FW FRI Ibex Airlines (Japan) Ibex
FX FDX FedEx Express/Federal Express (USA) Fedex
FY NWR Northwest Regional Airlines (Australia)
FY FFM Firefly (Malaysia) Firefly
G0 GHB Ghana International Airlines (Ghana) Ghana Airlines

G2 VXG Avirex Gabon (Gabon) Avirex Gabon
G3 GLO GOL Transportes Aereos (Brazil) Gol Transporte
G3 AHG Aerochago Airlines (Dominican Rep.) Aerochago
G4 AAY Allegiant Air (USA) Allegiant
G4 GZD Grizodubova Air Company (Russian Federation) Grizodubova Air
G5 HXA China Express Airlines (China) China Express
G6 BSR Guine Bissau Airlines (Guinea-Bissau)
G7 GJS GoJet Airlines (USA) Lindbergh
G8 CEL CEIBA Intercontinental (Equatorial Guinea) Ceiba Line
G8 ENK Enkor (Russian Federation) Enkor
G8 GOW GoAir (India) Go Air
G9 ABY Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates) Arabia
GA GIA Garuda Indonesia (Indonesia) Indonesia
GC GNR Gambia International Airlines (Gambia) Gambia International
GD GSC Grandstar Cargo International Airlines (China) Grandstar Cargo
GD AHA Air Alpha Greenland (Greenland) Air Alpha
GE TNA TransAsia Airways (Taiwan) Trans Asia
GF GFA Gulf Air (Bahrain) Gulf Air
GI IKA Air Company Itek-Air (Kyrgyzstan) Itek Air
GJ EEZ Eurofly (Italy) E-Fly
GL GRL Air Greenland (Denmark) Greenlandair
GM SVK Air Slovakia (Slovakia) Slovakia
GO KZU Kuzu Airlines Cargo Transport (Turkey) Kuzu Cargo
GP GES Gestair (Spain) Gestair
GP GDR Gadair European Airlines (Spain) Gadair Lines
GR AUR Aurigny Air Services (UK) Ayline
GS GCR Grand China Express Air (China) China Dragon
GW KIL Kuban Airlines (Russian Federation) Air Kuban
GX JXX Primera Air/JetX Airlines (Iceland) Jetbird
GY GBK Gabon Airlines (Gabon) Gabon Airlines
GY TMG Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines (Indonesia) Trilines

H2 SKU Sky Airline (Chile) Aerosky
H4 HLI Heli Securite Helicopter Airlines (France) Heli Saint Tropez
H4 IIN Inter Islands Airlines (Cape Verde)
H5 HOA Hola Airlines (Spain) Hola
H6 HAG Hageland Aviation Services (USA) Hageland
H7 EGU Eagle Air (Uganda) African Eagle
H9 SUL TAM Cargo (Brazil) Tam Express
H9 PGT Pegasus Airlines (Turkey) Sun Turk
HA HAL Hawaiian Airlines (USA) Hawaiian
HB HAR Harbor Airlines (USA) Harbor
HC ATI Aero-Tropics Air Services (Australia) Aerotropics
HD ADO Hokkaido International Airlines/Air Do (Japan) Air Do
HE LGW LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter (Germany) Walter
HG HRB Haiti International Airline (Haiti) Haiti Airline
HG NLY Niki (Austria) Flyniki
HJ AXF Asian Express Airlines (Australia) Freight Express
HK FSC Four Star Air Cargo (Virgin Islands - USA) Four Star
HM SEY Air Seychelles (Seychelles) Seychelles
HN PTH Proteus Helicopteres (France) Proteus
HN HVY HeavyLift Cargo Airlines (Australia) Heavy Cargo
HO DKH Juneyao Airlines (China) Air Juneyao
HR HHN Hahn Air (Germany) Rooster
HS HSV Svenska Direktflyg (Sweden) Highswede
HT AHW Aeromist/Kharkiv (Ukraine) Aeromist
HU CHH Hainan Airlines (China) Hainan
HV TRA Airlines (Netherlands) Transavia
HW NWL North-Wright Airways (Canada) Northwright
HW FHE Hello (Switzerland) Flyhello
HX CRK Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong) Bauhinia
HY UZB Uzbekistan Airways (Uzbekistan) Uzbek
HZ SHU SAT Sakhalin Airlines/Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy (Russian Federation) Satair

I4 FWA Interstate Airlines (Netherlands) Freewayair
I5 CMM Compagnie Aerienne du Mali (Mali) Camali
I6 SEQ Sky Eyes (Thailand) Sky Eyes
I7 PMW Paramount Airways (India) Paraway
I9 AEY Air Italy (Italy) Air Italy
IA IAW Iraqi Airways (Iraq) Iraqi
IB IBE Iberia (Spain) Iberia
IC IAC Indian Airlines - Air India (India) Indair
ID ITK Interlink Airlines (South Africa) Interlink
IE SOL Solomon Airlines (Solomon Islands) Solomon
IF ISW Islas Airways (Spain) Pintadera
IG ISS Meridiana (Italy) Merair
II CSQ IBC Airways (USA) Chasqui
IJ GWL Great Wall Airlines (China) Great Wall
IK ITX IMAIR (Azerbaijan) Improtex
IM MNJ Menajet (Lebanon) Menajet
IN MAK MAT Macedonian Airlines (Macedonia - F.Y.R.) Makavio
IP JOL AAW Atyrau Air Ways (Kazakhstan) Edil
IQ AUB Augsburg Airways (Germany) Augsburg Air
IR IRA Iran Air (Iran) Iran Air
IS ISA Island Airlines (USA) Island
IT IRT Irtysh-Avia (Kazakhstan) Irtysh
IT KFR Kingfisher Airlines (India) Kingfisher
IV JET Wind Jet (Italy) Ghibli
IW WON Wings Abadi Air (Indonesia) Wings Abadi
IX AXB Air India Express (India) Express India
IY IYE Yemenia (Yemen) Yemeni
IZ AIZ Arkia (Israel) Arkia

J2 AHY AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines/AHY (Azerbaijan) Azal
J2 AHC AZAL Avia Cargo (Azerbaijan) Azalaviacargo
J3 PLR Northwestern Air Lease (Canada) Polaris
J4 BFL Buffalo Airways (Canada) Buffalo Airways
J5 EPA Shenzhen Donghai Airlines (China) Donghai Air
J6 VCR Cruiser Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Voe Cruiser
J6 AOC Avcom Aviation (Russian Federation) Aero Avcom
J7 CVC Centre-Avia Airlines (Russian Federation)
J8 BVT Berjaya Air (Malaysia) Berjaya
J9 JZR Jazeera Airways (Kuwait) Jazeera
J9 GIF Guinee Airlines (Guinea) Guinee Airlines
JA JGN Jagson Airlines (India)
JA BON B&H Airlines (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Air Bosna
JB JBA Helijet Airways (Canada) Helijet
JC JEX JAL Express (Japan) Janex
JE MNO Mango (South Africa) Tulca
JF LAB LAB Flying Service (USA) Lab
JH FFX Flex Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Flex Brasil
JI JAE Jade Cargo International (China) Jade Cargo
JJ AGX Aviogenex (Serbia) Genex
JJ TAM TAM Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Tam
JK JKK Spanair (Spain) Spanair
JL JAL Japan Airlines (Japan) Japan Air
JM AJM Air Jamaica (Jamaica) Jamaica
JO JAZ JALWays (Japan) Jalways
JP ADR Adria Airways (Slovenia) Adria
JQ JST Jetstar Airways (Australia) Jetstar
JS KOR Air Koryo (Korea - Dem. People's Rep.) Air Koryo
JT LNI Lion Airlines/Lion Mentari Air (Indonesia) Lion Inter
JU JAT Jat Airways (Serbia) Jat
JV BLS Bearskin Airlines (Canada) Bearskin
JW APW Arrow Cargo (USA) Big A
JX JEC Jett8 Airlines Cargo (Singapore) Taipan
JZ SKX Skyways Express (Sweden) Sky Express

K2 ELO EuroLOT (Poland) Eurolot
K4 CKS Kalitta Air (USA) Connie
K5 ABE Aban Air (Iran) Aban
K5 WAK Wings of Alaska (USA) Wings Alaska
K6 BRV Bravo Air Congo (Congo - Democratic Rep.) Bravo Aircongo
K8 ZAK Zambia Skyways (Zambia) Zambia Skies
K9 ESD Esen Air (Kyrgyzstan) Esen Air
K9 KRI Krylo Aviakompania (Russian Federation) Krilo
KA HDA Dragonair/Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (Hong Kong) Dragon
KB DRK Druk Air (Bhutan) Royal Bhutan
KC KZR Air Astana (Kazakhstan) Astana Line
KD KNI KD Avia/Kaliningrad Avia (Russian Federation) Kaliningrad Air
KE KAL Korean Air (Korea - Rep. of) Korean Air
KF BLF Blue1 (Finland) Blue Finn
KG BNX Linea Aerea IAACA-LAI (Venezuela) Air Barinas
KG GTV Aerogaviota (Cuba) Gaviota
KH AAH Aloha Air Cargo (USA) Aloha
KK OGE AtlasJet (Turkey) Atlasjet
KL KLM KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Netherlands) KLM
KM AMC Air Malta (Malta) Air Malta
KN CUA China United Airlines (China) Lianhang
KO AER Alaska Central Express (USA) Ace Air
KO QNK Kabo Air (Niger) Kabo
KQ KQA Kenya Airways (Kenya) Kenya
KR KMZ Comores Aviation (Comoros)
KS PEN Penair/Peninsula Airways (USA) Peninsula
KU KAC Kuwait Airways (Kuwait) Kuwaiti
KV MVD KMV Avia/Kavminvodyavia (Russian Federation) Air Minvody
KW KFA Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter (Canada) Flightcraft
KX CAY Cayman Airways (Cayman Islands) Cayman
KZ NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines (Japan) Nippon Cargo

L2 LYC Lynden Air Cargo (USA) Lynden
L3 JOS DHL de Guatemala (Guatemala)
L4 SSX Lynx Aviation (USA) Shasta
L5 HKS CHC Helikopter Service (Norway) Helibus
L5 LTR Lufttransport (Norway) Lufttransport
L6 VNZ TAM Air/Tbilaviamsheni (Georgia) Tbilavia
L7 LHS Lugansk Airlines (Ukraine) Enterprise Luhansk
L7 LNP Linea Aerea SAPSA (Chile) Sapsa
L8 LXG Air Luxor GB (Guinea-Bissau) Luxor Gulf
L9 TLW Teamline Air Luftfahrt (Austria) Teamline
LA LAN LAN Airlines (Chile) Lan
LC VLO Varig Logistica (Brazil) Velog
LC LOG Loganair (UK) Logan
LD AHK Air Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Air Hong Kong
LD TUY Linea Turistica Aerotuy (Venezuela) Aereotuy
LG LGL Luxair (Luxembourg) Luxair
LH DLH Lufthansa (Germany) Lufthansa
LH GEC Lufthansa Cargo (Germany) Lufthansa Cargo
LI LIA LIAT (Antigua and Barbuda) Liat
LJ SLA Sierra National Airlines (Sierra Leone) Selair
LL BSK Miami Air (USA) Biscayne
LM LVG Livingston Energy Flight (Italy) Livingston
LN LAA Lybian Arab Airlines (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) Libair
LO LOT LOT Polish Airlines (Poland) Pollot
LP LPE LAN Peru (Peru) Patagonia
LQ LAQ Lebanese Air Transport (Lebanon) Lat
LR LRC Lacsa/Lineas Aereas Costarricenses SA (Costa Rica) Lacsa
LS EXS (UK) Channex
LT LTU LTU International Airways (Germany) LTU
LU LXP Lan Express (Chile) Lan Ex
LV LBC Albanian Airlines (Albania) Albanian
LW NMI GeorgiaSkies (USA) Tsunami
LW ANV Pacific Wings (USA) Tsunami
LX SWR Swiss International Air Lines (Switzerland) Swiss
LY ELY El Al (Israel) El Al
LZ LBY Belle Air (Albania) Alban-Belle
M0 MNG Aero Mongolia (Mongolia) Aero Mongolia

M2 MZS Mahfooz Aviation (Gambia) Mahfooz
M3 NFA Air Norway/North Flying (Denmark) North Flying
M3 TUS ABSA Aerolinhas Brasileiras (Brazil) Turismo
M4 NOV Nova Airline (Sudan) Novanile
M6 AJT Amerijet International (USA) Amerijet
M7 MAA MasAir (Mexico) Mas Carga
M7 MSL Marsland Aviation (Sudan) Marsland Air
M9 MSI Motor Sich Aviakompania (Ukraine) Motor Sich
MA MAH Malev Hungarian Airlines (Hungary) Malev
MB MNB MNG Airlines (Turkey) Black Sea
MB EXA Execaire (Canada) Canadian Execaire
MC RCH Air Mobility Command (USA) Reach
MD MDG Air Madagascar (Madagascar) Air Madagascar
ME MEA MEA Middle East Airlines Airliban (Lebanon) Cedar Jet
MF CXA Xiamen Airlines (China) Xiamen Air
MH MAS Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia) Malaysian
MI SLK SilkAir (Singapore) Silkair
MJ MLR Mihin Lanka (Sri Lanka) Mihin Lanka
MK MAU Air Mauritius (Mauritius) Air Mauritius
ML ETC ATTICO African Transport Trading and Investment Co. (Sudan) Tranattico
MM SAM SAM Sociedad Aeronautica de Medellin (Colombia) Sam
MM MMZ euroAtlantic airways (Portugal) Euroatlantic
MN CAW Commercial Airlines (South Africa) Commercial
MO CAV Calm Air (Canada) Calm Air
MO AUH Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight (United Arab Emirates) Sultan
MP MPH Martinair (Netherlands) Martinair
MQ EGF American Eagle Airlines (USA) Eagle Flight
MS MSR EgyptAir (Egypt) Egyptair
MT TCX Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) Kestrel
MU CES China Eastern Airlines (China) China Eastern
MW MYD Maya Island Air (Belize) Myland
MW BUG Mokulele Airlines (USA) Speedbuggy
MX MXA Mexicana Airlines (Mexico) Mexicana
MY MWG MASwings (Malaysia) Maswings
MY MWA Midwest Airlines (Egypt)
MZ MNA Merpati Nusantara Airlines (Indonesia) Merpati

N2 QNK Kabo Air (Niger) Kabo
N4 TNB Trans Air Benin (Benin)
N5 SGY Skagway Air Service (USA) Skagway Air
N5 MDM Medavia (Malta) Medavia
N9 NVD Avion Express (Lithuania) Norvind
NA NAO North American Airlines (USA) North American
NB SNB Sterling Airlines (Denmark) Sterling
NC NAC Northern Air Cargo (USA) Yukon
NC NJS National Jet Systems (Australia) National Jet
NE ESK SkyEurope Airlines (Slovakia) Relax
NF AVN Air Vanuatu (Vanuatu) Air Van
NG LDA Lauda Air (Austria) Lauda Air
NH ANA ANA All-Nippon Airways (Japan) All Nippon
NI PGA Portugalia (Portugal) Portugalia
NK NKS Spirit Airlines (USA) Spirit Wings
NL SAI Shaheen Air International (Pakistan) Shaheen Air
NM NZM Mount Cook Airline (New Zealand) Mount Cook
NN MOV VIM Airlines (Russian Federation) Mov Air
NO NOS Neos (Italy) Moonflower
NP SKP Skytrans Airlines (Australia) Skytrans
NQ AJX Air Japan (Japan) Air Japan
NR PIR Pamir Airways (Afghanistan) Pamir
NT IBB Binter Canarias (Spain) Binter
NU JTA Japan Transocean Air (Japan) Jai Ocean
NV CRF Air Central (Japan) Air Central
NW NWA Northwest Airlines (USA) Northwest
NX AMU Air Macau (Macau) Air Macao
NY FNA Air Iceland/Flugfelag Islands (Iceland) Faxi
NZ RLK Air Nelson (New Zealand) Link
NZ AWK Airwork (New Zealand) Airwork
NZ ANZ Air New Zealand (New Zealand) New Zealand

O4 ABV Antrak Air (Ghana) Antrak
O6 ONE OceanAir (Brazil) Oceanair
O7 OZJ OzJet Airlines (Australia) Ausjet
OA OAL Olympic Airlines (Greece) Olympic
OC OAV Omni Aviacao e Tecnologia/PGA Express (Portugal) Omni
OF FIF Air Finland (Finland) Air Finland
OF TML Transports et Travaux Aeriens de Madagascar (Madagascar) Tam Airline
OH COM Comair (USA) Comair
OJ OLA Overland Airways (Niger) Overland
OK CSA CSA Czech Airlines (Czech Rep.) CSA Lines
OL OLT OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport (Germany) Oltra
OM MGL MIAT Mongolian Airlines (Mongolia) Mongol Air
ON RON Our Airline (Nauru) Air Nauru
OO SKW Skywest Airlines (USA) Skywest
OP CHK Chalk's International Airlines/Flying Boat (USA) Chalk's
OQ CQN Chongqing Airlines (China) Chong Qing
OR CRF Krym (Ukraine) Crimea Air
OR TFL Arkefly/TUI Airlines Nederlands (Netherlands) Arkefly
OS AUA Austrian Airlines (Austria) Austrian
OT PEL Aeropelican Air Services (Australia)
OU CTN Croatia Airlines (Croatia) Croatia
OV ELL Estonian Air (Estonia) Estonian
OW EXK Executive Airlines (USA) Executive Eagle
OX OEA Orient Thai Airlines/One-Two-GO (Thailand) Orient Thai
OY ANS Andes Lineas Aereas (Argentina) Aeroandes
OY OAE Omni Air Express/Omni Air International (USA) Omni Express
OZ AAR Asiana Airlines (Korea - Rep. of) Asiana

P0 PFZ Proflight Commuter Services (Zambia) Proflight Zambia
P2 XAK Airkenya Express (Kenya) Sunexpress
P4 NSO Aerolineas Sosa (Honduras) Sosa
P5 RPB AeroRepublica (Colombia) Aerorepublica
P6 MUI Trans Air (USA) Maui
P7 ESL Russian Sky Airlines (Russian Federation) Eastline Express
P8 PTN Pantanal Linhas Aereas Sul-Matogrossenses (Brazil) Pantanal
P9 NCM Nas Air (Mali) Air Bane
PA FCL Florida Coastal Airlines (USA) Florida Coastal
PB SPR Provincial Airlines (Canada) Speedair
PC PVV Continental Airways (Russian Federation) Contair
PC FAJ Air Fiji/PacificLink (Fiji) Fijiair
PD POE Porter Airlines (Canada) Porter
PF PNW Palestinian Airlines (Palestinian Territory) Palestinian
PG BKP Bangkok Airways (Thailand) Bangkok Air
PH PAO Polynesian Airline of Samoa (Samoa) Polynesian
PI SUF Sun Air/Sunflower Airlines (Fiji) Sunflower
PJ SPM Air Saint-Pierre (St. Pierre and Miquelon) Saint-Pierre
PK PIA Pakistan International Airlines (Pakistan) Pakistan
PL ASE Airstars (Russian Federation) Morozov
PM TOS Tropic Air (Belize) Tropiser
PN CHB China West Air (China) West China
PO PAC Polar Air Cargo (USA) Polar
PP PJS Jet Aviation Business Jets (Switzerland) Jet Aviation
PQ PNF Panafrican Airways (Cote d'Ivoire) Panways
PQ TFK Transafrik International (Sao Tome and Principe)
PR PAL Philippine Airlines (Philippines) Philippine
PS AUI Ukraine International Airlines (Ukraine) Ukraine International
PT CCI Capital Cargo International Airlines (USA) Cappy
PT SWN West Air Sweden (Sweden) Air Sweden
PU PUA Pluna (Uruguay) Pluna
PV PNR PAN Air Lineas Aereas (Spain) Skyjet
PW PRF Precision Air Services (Tanzania) Precision Air
PX ANG Air Niugini (Papua New Guinea) Niugini
PY SLM Surinam Airways (Suriname) Surinam
PZ LAP TAM Airlines Paraguay/Transportes Aereos del Mercosur (Paraguay) Paraguaya

Q2 DQA Maldivian/Island Aviation Services (Maldives) Island Aviation
Q3 MBN Zambian Airways (Zambia) Zambiana
Q5 MLA 40-Mile Air (USA) Mile Air
Q6 CDP Aero Condor (Peru) Condor Peru
Q8 TSG Trans Air Congo (Congo) Trans Congo
Q8 PEC Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines (Philippines) Pac-East Cargo
QA CBE Click Mexicana (Mexico) Click
QB GFG Georgian National Airlines/SkyGeorgia (Georgia) National
QC CRD Air Corridor (Mozambique) Air Corridor
QD QCL Air Class Lineas Aereas (Uruguay) Acla
QF EAF Eastern Australia Airlines (Australia) Eastern
QF SSQ Sunstate Airlines (Australia) Sunstate
QF QFA Qantas Airways (Australia) Qantas
QH LYN Kyrgyzstan/Altyn Air Airlines (Kyrgyzstan) Altyn Avia
QI CIM Cimber Air (Denmark) Cimber
QK JZA Air Canada Jazz (Canada) Jazz
QL LER LASER Linea Aerea de Servicio Ejecutivo Regional (Venezuela) Laser
QL RNL Aero Lanka/Serendib Express (Sri Lanka) Aero Lanka
QM AML Air Malawi (Malawi) Malawi
QN ARR Air Armenia (Armenia) Air Armenia
QO MPX Aeromexpress (Mexico) Aeromexpress
QQ UTY Alliance Airlines (Australia) Unity
QR QTR Qatar Airways (Qatar) Qatari
QS TVS Travel Service/Smart Wings (Czech Rep.) Skytravel
QT TPA TAMPA Transportes Aereos Mercantiles Panamericanos (Colombia) Tampa
QU UGX East African Airlines (Uganda) Crane
QV LAO Lao Airlines (Laos) Lao
QW BWG Blue Wings (Germany) Blue Wings
QX QXE Horizon Air (USA) Horizon Air
QY BCS European Air Transport (Belgium) Eurotrans
QZ AWQ Indonesia AirAsia/Awair (Indonesia) Wagon Air

R0 RPK Royal Airlines (Pakistan) Royal Pakistan
R2 ORB Orenair/Orenburg Airlines (Russian Federation) Orenburg
R3 SYL Yakutia Airlines (Russian Federation) Air Yakutia
R5 JAV Jordan Aviation (Jordan) Jordan Aviation
R6 DNU DOT LT/Danu Oro Transportas (Lithuania) Danu
R7 OCA Aserca Airlines (Venezuela) Arosca
R8 KGA Kyrgyzstan Airlines (Kyrgyzstan) Kyrgyz
R9 TSD TAF Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Tafi
R9 CAM Camai Air/Village Aviation (USA) Air Camai
RA RNA Nepal Airlines (Nepal) Nepal
RB SYR Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrian Arab Rep.) Syrianair
RC FLI Atlantic Airways (Faroe Islands) Faroeline
RD RYN Ryan International Airlines (USA) Ryan International
RE REA Aer Arann (Ireland) Aer Arann
RF FWL Florida West International Airways (USA) Flo West
RG VRN Varig/VRG Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Varig
RH RPH RPX Airlines/Republic Express Airlines (Indonesia) Public Express
RI MDL Mandala Airlines (Indonesia) Mandala
RJ RJA Royal Jordanian (Jordan) Jordanian
RK RKH Royal Khmer Airlines (Cambodia) Khmer Air
RO ROT Tarom Romanian Air Transport (Romania) Tarom
RP CHQ Chautauqua Airlines (USA) Chautauqua
RQ KMF Kam Air (Afghanistan) Kamgar
RR RFR Royal Air Force (UK) Rafair (+ various others)
RS ORF Oman Royal Flight (Oman) Oman
RT RKM RAK Airways (United Arab Emirates) Rakair
RU ABW AirBridge Cargo Airlines (Russian Federation) Airbridge Cargo
RU IWY Air Turks and Caicos (Turks and Caicos Islands) Islandways
RV CPN Caspian Airlines Service Company (Iran) Caspian
RW RPA Republic Airlines (USA) Brickyard
RY RWB SA Alliance Air Express (Rwanda)
RZ LRS SANSA Servicios Aereos Nacionales SA (Costa Rica)

S2 JLL JetLite (India) Lite Jet
S3 BBR Santa Barbara Airlines (Venezuela) Santa Barbara
S4 RZO Sata International (Portugal) Air Azores
S5 TCF Shuttle America (USA) Mercury
S6 SRR Star Air (Denmark) White Star
S7 SBI S7 Airlines/Siberia Airlines (Russian Federation) Siberian Airlines
S8 SWW Shovkoviy Shlyah Airlines (Ukraine)
SA SAA South African Airways (South Africa) Springbok
SB ACI Aircalin/Air Caledonie International (New Caledonia) Aircalin
SC CDG Shandong Airlines (China) Shandong
SD SUD Sudan Airways (Sudan)
SE XLF XL Airways France (France) Starway
SF DTH Tassili Airlines (Algeria) Tassili Air
SG MOD SpiceJet (India) SpiceJet
SI BCI Blue Islands (UK) Blue Island
SI AWS Arab Wings (Jordan) Arab Wings
SI SPA Sierra Pacific Airlines (USA) Sierra Pacific
SJ CGL Seagle Air (Czech Rep.) Seagle
SK CNO Scandinavian Airlines Norge (Norway) Scanor
SK SAS Scandinavian Airlines Intl/Danmark/Sverige (Denmark/Sweden) Scandinavian
SN BEL Brussels Airlines (Belgium) Bee Line
SO HKA Superior Aviation (USA) Spend Air
SP SAT SATA Air Acores (Portugal) Sata
SQ SIA Singapore Airlines (Singapore) Singapore
SQ SQC Singapore Airlines Cargo (Singapore) Singcargo
SS CRL Corsairfly (France) Corsair
ST GMI Germania (Germany) Germania
SU RCF Aeroflot Cargo (Russian Federation) Aeroflot Cargo
SU AFL Aeroflot Russian Airlines (Russian Federation) Aeroflot
SV SVA Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) Saudia
SW NMB Air Namibia (Namibia) Namibia
SY SCX Sun Country Airlines (USA) Sun Country

T0 TPU Taca Peru (Peru) Trans Peru
T2 TAS Lotus Air (Egypt) Lotus Flower
T2 TCG Thai Air Cargo (Thailand) Thai Cargo
T3 EZE Eastern Airways (UK) East Flight
T4 TIB TRIP Linhas Aereas (Brazil) Trip
T4 HEJ Hellas Jet (Greece) Hellas Jet
T5 TUA Turkmenistan Airlines (Turkmenistan) Turkmenistan
T6 TVR Tavrey Airlines/Tavria Aviakompania (Ukraine) Travey
T7 TJT Twin Jet (France) Twinjet
TA TAI Taca International Airlines (El Salvador) Taca
TB JAF Jetairfly/TUI Airlines Belgium (Belgium) Beauty
TC ATC Air Tanzania (Tanzania) Tanzania
TD LUR Atlantis European Airways (Armenia) Atlantic Liner
TE LIL flyLAL/Lithuanian Airlines (Lithuania) Lithuania Air
TF SCW Malmo Aviation (Sweden) Scanwing
TG THA Thai Airways International (Thailand) Thai
TH TSE Transmile Air Services (Malaysia) Transmile
TI TOL TolAir Services (Puerto Rico) Tol Air
TK THY Turkish Airlines (Turkey) Turk Air
TL TMA Trans Mediterranean Airways (Lebanon) Tango Lima
TL ANO Airnorth Regional (Australia) Top End
TM LAM LAM (Mozambique) Mozambique
TN THT Air Tahiti Nui (French Polynesia) Tahiti Lines
TO PSD President Airlines (Cambodia)
TP TAP TAP Portugal (Portugal) Air Portugal
TQ TDM Tandem Aereo (Moldova) Tandem
TR TGW Tiger Airways (Singapore) Stripe
TS TSC Air Transat (Canada) Transat
TT TGW Tiger Airways Australia (Australia) Go Cat
TU TAR Tunisair (Tunisia) Tunair
TX FWI Air Caraibes (Guadeloupe/Martinique) French West
TY IWD Iberworld (Spain) Iberworld
TY TPC Air Caledonie (New Caledonia) Air Cal

U2 EZY easyJet (UK) Easy
U3 AIA Avies (Estonia) Avies
U4 PMT PMTair/Progress Multitrade (Cambodia) Multitrade
U5 GWY USA 3000 Airlines/Brendan Airways (USA) Getaway
U6 SVR Ural Airlines (Russian Federation) Sverdlovsk Air
U7 UGA Air Uganda (Uganda) Uganda
U8 RNV Armavia (Armenia) Armavia
U9 KAZ Tatarstan Airlines (Russian Federation) Air Tatarstan
UA UAL United Airlines (USA) United
UB UBA Myanma Airways (Myanmar) Unionair
UC LCO LAN Cargo (Chile) Lan Cargo
UD HER Hex'Air (France) Hex Airline
UE NAS Nasair (Eritrea) Nasairways
UF UKM UM Air/Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (Ukraine) Ukraine Mediterrannee
UG SEN Sevenair (Tunisia) Sevenair
UI ECA Eurocypria Airlines (Cyprus) Eurocypria
UJ GMT Magnicharters (Mexico) Grupo Monterrey
UL ALK SriLankan Airlines (Sri Lanka) Sri Lankan
UM AZW Air Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Air Zimbabwe
UN TSO Transaero Airlines (Russian Federation) Trans Soviet
UO HKE Hong Kong Express (Hong Kong) Hongkong Shuttle
UP BHS Bahamasair (Bahamas) Bahamas
UR KMV UTair Express (Russian Federation) Kominter
US JIA PSA Airlines (USA) Blue Streak
US AWE US Airways (USA) Cactus
US PDT Piedmont Airlines (USA) Piedmont
UT TMN UTair Aviation (Russian Federation) Utair
UU REU Air Austral (Reunion Island) Reunion
UX AEA Air Europa (Spain) Europa
UZ BRQ Buraq Air Transport (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) Buraq Air

V0 VCV Conviasa (Venezuela) Conviasa
V2 AKT Karat Air (Russian Federation) Aviakarat
V3 KRP Carpatair (Romania) Carpatair
V4 VEC Vensecar Internacional (Venezuela) Vensecar
V5 RYL Royal Aruban Airlines (Aruba) Royal Aruban
V6 VOG Voyager Airlines (Bangladesh) Voyager Air
V7 SNG Air Senegal International (Senegal)
V8 VAS ATRAN Aviatrans Cargo Airlines (Russian Federation) Atran
V8 TPS TAPSA Transportes Aereos Petroleros SA (Argentina) Tapsa
VA VAU V Australia Airlines (Australia) Kanga
VB VIV Viva Aerobus (Mexico) Aeroenlaces
VC VAL Voyageur Airways (Canada) Voyageur
VD KPA Kunpeng Airlines (China) Kun Peng
VF VLU Valuair (Singapore) Value
VG VLM VLM (Belgium) Rubens
VH ALV Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela (Venezuela) Alven
VI VDA Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russian Federation) Volda Dnepr
VI VES Vieques Air Link (Puerto Rico) Vieques
VK VGN Virgin Nigeria Airways (Niger) Virgin Nigeria
VL VIM Air VIA Bulgarian Airways (Bulgaria) Via Airways
VM VOA Viaggio Air (Bulgaria) Viaggio
VN HVN Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam) Vietnam Airlines
VO TYR Tyrolean Airways/Austrian Arrows (Austria) Tyrolean
VR TCV TACV Cabo Verde Airlines (Cape Verde) Cabo Verde
VS VIR Virgin Atlantic Airways (UK) Virgin
VT VTA Air Tahiti (French Polynesia) Air Tahiti
VU VUN Societe Nouvelle Air Ivoire (Cote d'Ivoire) Airvoire
VV AEW Aerosvit/Aerosweet Airlines (Ukraine) Aerosvit
VW TAO Transportes Aeromar (Mexico) Trans Aeromar
VX VRD Virgin America (USA) Redwood
VY VLG Vueling Airlines (Spain) Vueling

W1 WDL WDL Aviation (Germany) WDL
W2 WEA White Eagle Aviation (Poland) White Eagle
W3 ARA Arik Air (Niger) Arik Air
W3 DNU Danu Oro Transportas (Lithuania) Danu
W3 SWT Swiftair (Spain) Swift
W4 BES Aero Services Executive (France) Bird Express
W5 IRM Mahan Air (Iran) Mahan Air
W6 WZZ Wizz Air (Hungary) Wizz Air
W7 SAH Sayakhat (Kazakhstan) Sayakhat
W8 CJT CargoJet Airways (Canada) Cargojet
W9 JAB Air Bagan (Myanmar) Air Bagan
WA KLC KLM Cityhopper (Netherlands) City
WB RWD Rwandair Express (Rwanda) Rwandair
WC ISV Islena Airlines (Honduras)
WE CWC Centurion Air Cargo (USA) Challenge Cargo
WF WIF Wideroe Flyveselskap (Norway) Wideroe
WG SWG Sunwing Airlines (Canada) Sunwing
WI TDX TradeWinds Airlines (USA) Tradewinds Express
WJ LAL Air Labrador (Canada) Lab Air
WK EDW Edelweiss Air (Switzerland) Edelweiss
WL APP AeroPerlas (Panama) Aeroperlas
WM WIA Winair/Windward Islands Airways (Netherlands Antilles) Windward
WN SWA Southwest Airlines (USA) Southwest
WO WOA World Airways (USA) World
WP MKU Island Air (USA) Moku
WQ RMV Romavia/Romanian Aviation Company (Romania) Aeromavia
WS WJA WestJet (Canada) Westjet
WT WSG Wasaya Airways (Canada) Wasaya
WW BMI bmibaby (UK) Baby
WX BCY CityJet (Ireland) City Ireland
WY OAS Oman Aviation Services (Oman) Oryx
WY OMA Oman Air (Oman) Oman Air
WZ VAZ Red Wings Airlines (Russian Federation) Remont Air
WZ MDJ Jetran Air (Romania) Jetran Air

X3 HLX TUIfly (Germany) Yellow Cab
X7 AGB Air Service Gabon (Gabon)
X8 DAP Aerovias DAP (Chile) Dap
X9 KHO Khors Aircompany (Ukraine) Aircompany Khors
XA XAA ARINC/Aeronautical Radio Inc. (USA)
XB IAT IATA/Int'l Air Transport Association (Canada)
XC KDC KD Air (Canada) Key Dee
XE BTA ExpressJet Airlines (USA) Jet Link
XF VLK Vladivostok Air (Russian Federation) Vladair
XG CLI Clickair (Spain) Clickair
XG KLB Air Mali International (Mali) Trans Mali
XH KHH Alexandria Airlines (Egypt)
XH XXH Special Ground Handling Service (USA)
XI XXI AEROTEL/Aeronautical Telecommunications (Jamaica)
XJ MES Mesaba Airlines (USA) Mesaba
XK CCM CCM Airlines/Compagnie Corse Mediterrannee (France) Corsica
XL LNE LAN Ecuador (Ecuador) Lan Ecuador
XM SMX Alitalia Express (Italy) Ali Express
XM XME JetEx/Australian Air Express (Australia) JetEx
XN XAR Xpress Air (Indonesia) Travel Express
XO CXJ China Xinjiang Airlines (China) Xinjiang
XQ SXS SunExpress (Turkey) Sun Express
XR OZW SkyWest Airlines (Australia) Ozwest
XS SIT SITA (Belgium)
XT SKT Sky Star Airways (Thailand) Sky You
XU AXK African Express Airways (Kenya) Express Jet
XV IVW Ivoire Airways (Cote d'Ivoire) Ivoirairways
XW SXR Sky Express (Russian Federation) Skystorm
XW CXH China Xinhua Airlines (China) Xinhua
XY KNE Nas Air/Al-Khayala Airline (Saudi Arabia) Nas Express

Y2 GSM Flyglobespan (UK) Globespan
Y4 VOI Volaris (Mexico) Volaris
Y5 PCE Pace Airlines (USA) Pace
Y6 KHM Cambodia Airlines (Cambodia) Cambodia Airlines
Y8 PTB Passaredo Transportes Aereos (Brazil) Passaredo
Y8 YZR Yangtze River Express Airlines (China) Yangtze River
Y9 IRK Kish Air (Iran) Kishair
YB EXY SA Express Airways/South African Express (South Africa) Expressways
YC LLM Yamal Airlines (Russian Federation) Yamal
YD GOM Gomelavia (Belarus) Gomel
YD MTW Mauritania Airways (Mauritania) Mauritania Airways
YE IRY Eram Air (Iran) Eram Air
YF CFC Canadian Armed Forces (Canada) Canforce
YG OTL South Airlines (Ukraine) Southline
YI RSI Air Sunshine (USA) Air Sunshine
YJ NTN National Airways (South Africa) Natchair
YK KYV KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines (Cyprus) Air Kibris
YL BSA Air Bissau International (Guinea-Bissau) Bissau International
YM MGX Montenegro Airlines (Montenegro) Montair
YN CRQ Air Creebec (Canada) Cree
YO MCM Heli Air Monaco (Monaco) Heli Air
YQ SCO Helikopterservice Euro Air (Sweden) Swedcopter
YQ POT Polet Cargo Airlines (Russian Federation) Polet
YR EGJ Scenic Airlines (USA) Scenic
YS RAE Regional Compagnie Aerienne Europeenne (France) Regional Europe
YV ASH Mesa Airlines/go! (USA) Air Shuttle
YW ANS Air Nostrum (Spain) Nostrum Air
YX MEP Midwest Airlines (USA) Midex

Z3 SMJ Avient Aviation (Zimbabwe) Avavia
Z6 UDN Dnieproavia (Ukraine) Dniepro
Z7 ADK Aviation Development Company (Niger) Adco
Z8 MTZ Mali Airways (Mali) Mali Airways
Z8 AZN Linea Aerea Amaszonas (Bolivia) Amaszonas
Z9 DCP Delta Connection Kenya (Kenya) Nilecat
ZB MON Monarch Airlines (UK) Monarch
ZD FDN Dolphin Air (United Arab Emirates) Flying Dolphin
ZE AZE Arcus-Air Logistics (Germany) Arcus Air
ZF HHA Atlantic Airlines de Honduras (Honduras) Atlantic Honduras
ZG VVM Viva Macau (Macau) Jackpot
ZG AEJ Air Express (Tanzania) Khaki Express
ZH CSZ Shenzhen Airlines (China) Shenzhen Air
ZI AAF Aigle Azur (France) Aigle Azur
ZJ ARC Air Routing International (USA)
ZK GLA Great Lakes Aviation (USA) Lakes Air
ZL RXA Regional Express (Australia) Rex
ZM CNB CityLine Hungary (Hungary) Cityhun
ZN NAY NAYSA Navegacion y Servicios Aereos Canarios (Spain) Naysa
ZP AZQ Silk Way Airlines (Azerbaijan) Silk Line
ZR AZS Aviacon Zitotrans (Russian Federation) Zitotrans
ZS SMY Sama (Saudi Arabia) Najim
ZT TZT Air Zambezi (Zimbabwe) Zambezi
ZT AWC Titan Airways (UK) Zap
ZT VRN Voronezhavia (Russian Federation) Voronezhavia
ZW AWI Air Wisconsin (USA) Air Wisconsin
ZX GGN Air Georgian/Air Alliance (Canada) Georgian
ZY EZA Eznis Airways (Mongolia) Eznis

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