Thiri Mingala Kabar Aye Pagoda သီရိမင်္ဂလာကမ္ဘာအေးစေတီတော်

Kabar Aye Pagoda is located on Kabar Aye Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The name ‘Kaba Aye’ in Myanmar means ‘World Peace’ to which this pagoda is dedicated.

Different from the other pagodas, Kabar Aye Pagoda was only built during 1952. This pagoda is significant for the Sixth World Buddhist Synod which was held in its large precinct in 1954. Myanmar people are Theravada Buddhist and are very deeply devoted to the religion. For the Sixth Buddhist Council, which was held during 1954-56, the Kabar Aye Pagoda was built in dedication to the council. The pagoda was built in 1954. The Kabar Aye Pagoda compound is a large one intended to have peace and quiet environment for the monks (Sangas) and the devotees.

The circular platform around the main pagoda is enclosed in the manner of a cave-temple and there are five porches decorated in the traditional style of flamboyant arched pediments, lotus flowers, lotus buds and the swastika motif in carved stucco. The main pagoda is 117 feet 6 inches (35.82m) high, with subsidiary smaller pagodas on the five porches each 8 feet (2.4m) high. The compound of the Kabar Aye Pagoda is a large one consisting of many monasteries and the stairways to the pagoda are full of vendors on both sides, selling many hand made products.

The Buddhist Art Museum, Maha Pasana Cave and newly built Wizaya Mingala Dhammathabin Hall are also located in the same precinct.

Myanmar's Presivation List

GRAND state office buildings, richly decorated pagodas and elegant diplomatic missions are among nearly 200 buildings regarded by the Yangon City Development Committee as being worthy of preservation because of their heritage value. The buildings are identified on a list which includes the nation’s most revered religious site, the Shwedagon Pagoda. Other religious buildings cited for their heritage value include monasteries, mosques, temples and churches. According to criteria set by the YCDC, buildings on the list must be of architectural significance, more than 50 years old and not under private ownership. As reported in Myanmar Times (‘Preservation a priority: YCDC,’ page 1, Vol 4, No 75), the list resulted from a survey conducted in 1996. Heritage buildings can be renovated, subject to the YCDC’s approval and as long as their original design and appearance are not changed. The materials used in the renovations must not detract from the building’s appearance, said U Tin Maung Oo, the assistant head of the YCDC’s engineering department

(building). Any heritage buildings which are damaged are repaired as soon as possible. U Tin Maung Oo said repair work began immediately last year after the porch collapsed at the Myanma Railways headquarters at the corner of Bogyoke Aung San Street and Sule Pagoda Road. The list is published below. In some cases the names of buildings have changed since the list was compiled.


1 Central Women’s Hospital Min Ye Kyaw Swar St.
2 No-1 Basic Education High School 120-140, Min Ye Kyaw Swar St.
3 Myanmar Baptist Church Union 143, Min Ye Kyaw Swar St.
4 Office of township electric engineer 568, Strand Road
5 Institute of Medicine-1, Yangon 245, Lanmadaw St.
6 No-6 Basic Education Primary School 183-185, Lanmadaw St.
7 Hashin Casin Patil Trust Mosque 61-63, Wardan St.


8 No-2 Basic Education High School 112, Bogyoke Aung San St.
9 Yangon General Hospital Bogyoke Aung San St.
10 Guang Dong Guang Yin Temple 668, Corner of Maha Bandoola and Latha St.
11 Fu Zin Kan Hou Chinese Buddhist Temple 426-432, corner of Strand Rd and Sint Ohdan St.
12 Liao San Tao Chinese Temple 53-55, Ahnawyahta St.
13 Maha Pein Ne Hindu Temple 149, 24th St.
14 Gulam Arif Masjit Waqf Mosque 62-64, Lanmadaw St. Panbedan
15 No-1 Basic Education High School 270, Shwedagon Pagoda Road
16 Holy Trinity Cathedral Church 446, Bogyoke Aung San St.
17 Bogyoke Market Bogyoke Aung San St.
18 Myanma Railway Headquarter(old) Corner of Bogyoke Aung San and Sule Pagoda St.
19 Saint John’s Catholic Church 368, Bo Soon Pat St.
20 Buddhist Great Ordination Hall 550, Maha Bandoola St.
21 Life Insurance Corporation of India 654, Corner of Merchant and Shwebontha St.
22 Headquarter of Myanma Oil & Gas Enterprise 604-608, Merchant St.
23 Myanma Economic Bank Branch-4 625, Corner of Merchant and 30th St.
24 Jewish Synagogue 85, 26th St.
25 Sri Kalima Hindu Temple 295, Kon Zay Dan St.
26 Cholia Muslim Darga Mosque 239, 29th St.
27 Sri Kamichi Hindu Temple 375, Corner of Bogyoke Aung San and Bo Soon Pat St.
28 Cholia Jamah Mosque 114, Bo Soon Pat and Maha Bandoola St.
29 Mugol Shiah Mosque 91, 30th St.
30 Sri Satanarayan Hindu Temple 23, 29th St.
31 Surti Sunni Jamah Mosque 149, Shwebontha St.
32 Account Department, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications 465-469, Maha Bandoola St.
33 Myanma Department Store 19-43, Bo Soon Pat St.
34 Nausaripuri Mosque 281, Shwebontha St.
35 Jain Temple 76-78, 29th St.


36 Central Fire Station 137-139, Sule Pagoda Road
37 The Headquarter of Fire Services Department (Yangon Division) 127-133, Sule Pagoda Road
38 City Hall Maha Bandoola St.
39 Myanma Insurance 142-144, Sule Pagoda Road
40 Immigration & Registration Department 416, Corner of Maha Bandoola and Maha Bandoola Garden St.
41 Department of Labour 138-158, Corner of Pansodan and Maha Bandoola St.
42 Office of the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism 77-91, Sule Pagoda Road
43 Immanuel Baptist Church 411, Corner of Maha Bandoola Garden St and Maha Bandoola St
44 Office of Myanma Posts & Telecommunications 125-133, Pansodan and Maha Bandoola St.
45 Supreme Court 89-133, Pansodan St.
46 Myanma Economic Bank (Department of Industrial Loans) 564, Corner of Merchant and Maha Bandoola Garden St.
47 Science & Technology Division, Cybermec 550-552, Merchant St.
48 Inland Water Transport 44-54, Pansodan St.
49 Myanma Economic Bank Branch-3 15-19, Corner of Sule Pagoda Road and Strand Rd.
50 Central Bank of Myanmar (old) 24-26, Sule Pagoda Road
51 Embassy of USA 581, Merchant St.
52 Myanma Export Import Enterprise 579, Corner of Merchant and Maha Bandoola St.
53 Embassy of India 545-547, Corner of Merchant and 36th St.
54 Office of Internal Revenue Department 55-61, Pansodan St.
55 Myanma Insurance (Fire & Engineering) 128-132, Pansodan St.
56 Myanma Industrial Development Bank 26-42, Pansodan St.
57 Myanma Economic Bank Branch-2 & saving Bank Branch-4 27-41, Corner of Pansodan and Bank St.
58 Information & Public Relations Department 22-24, Pansodan St.
59 Yangon Division Office Complex (old police commissioner office) 56-66, Bank St.
60 Yangon Division Statistics Office 22-34, Bank St.
61 Yangon Divisional Court (Civil) 1, Pansodan St.
62 Pension Department 27, Bank St.
63 Office of Myanma Port Authority 2-20, Pansodan St.
64 Strand Hotel 92, Strand Road
65 Embassy of Australia 88, Strand Road
66 Embassy of UK 80, Strand Road
67 Central Post Office 39-41, Corner of Bo Aung Kyaw and Merchant St.
68 Custom House 132, Strand Road
69 Central Naval Hydrographic Depot 55-61, Strand Road
70 Methodist Church 239, Seikkantha St.
71 Myanma Agricultural & Village Tract Development Bank 526-532, Merchant St.
72 Sule Pagoda Sule Pagoda Road
73 Bangali Sunni Jamah Mosque 93, Sule Pagoda Road
74 Surti Sunni Jamah Mosque 224-228, 35th St.


75 No-4 Basic Education High School 300, Theinbyu St.
76 Printing & Publishing Enterprise 228, Theinbyu St.
77 Ministers’ Office Theinbyu St.
78 No-6 Basic Education High School Anawyahta St.
79 Saint Paul's Cathedral 372, Bo Aung Kyaw St.
80 Compressor Station, Yangon City Development Committee 233-237, Maha Bandoola St.
81 No-2 Basic Education High School 152, Bo Myat Tun St.
82 Ciyin Baptist Church 152, Bo Myat Tun St.
83 Botataung Pagoda Botataung Pagoda Tarrace, Strand Road.


84 Methodist Church 256, Bo Myat Tun St
85 Shwe Bone Pwint Pagoda U Shwe Gone St.
86 Maha Vishnu Temple 137-139, 51st St.
87 Sunni Mosque (Yangon Eastern) 73, Ahnawyahta St.


88 Diplomatic Residence Compound 82, Corner of Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Avenue and Pyay Road
89 Ministry of Foreign Affairs 37, Diplomatic Avenue
90 Aein Dawya Pagoda Myoma Kyaung Lane
91 No-2 Basic Education High School (old Myoma school) 353, Myoma Kyaung Lane
92 Shwedagon Pagoda Shwedagon Pagoda Road
93 Yahandar Ordination Hall Shwedagon Pagoda Road
94 Maha Wizaya Pagoda Shwedagon Pagoda Road
95 Sein Yaung Chi Pagoda Shwedagon Pagoda Road
96 Saint Gabriel’s Church 64, Shwedagon Pagoda Road
97 No-1 Basic Education High School 57, Alanpya Paya Rd
98 Methodist English Church 65, Alanpya Paya Rd
99 Kyargu monastery 49, Shwedagon Pagoda Rd
100 Saint John’s Catholic Church 25, Corner of Mawgundaik Lane and Shwedagon Pagoda Road
101 Indian House 35, Diplomatic Avenue
102 Zafar Shah Darga 6, Ziwaka Lane
103 National Archives Department 114, Pyi Taungsu Yeiktha Avenue
104 Department of Public Health Laboratory 35, Mawgundaik Lane

Mingalar Taung Nyunt

105 Sri Marian Temple Corner of Daw Thein Tin Lane and 94th St.
106 Methodist Association Headquarter 20-22, Alanpya Paya Road
107 Sri Hanuman Temple 21, Kan Yeik Tha Lane
108 Sri Nagarthan Sulamani Hindu Temple 57, Factory Lane
109 Three-corner Mosque 35, Upper Pansodan St.
110 Saint Anthony’s Church 24, Upper Pansodan St.
111 Kandawgalay Mosque 106, Upper Pansodan St.
112 Lutheran Bethlehem Church 181-183, Thein Byu St.
113 Central Railway Station Kunchan Lane


114 Hou San Si Chinese Temple 160, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
115 Office of Ministry of Culture 131, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
116 Old Mayor Guest House (Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel) 22, Pearl Lane
117 Mayor House (old) (Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel) 21, Pearl Lane
118 Taingtaya Monastery Compound of Ngahtatgyi Monastery
119 Bogyoke Aung San Museum 25, Bogyoke Museum Lane
120 Ngahtatgyi Pagoda Shwegondaing Lane
121 Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda Shwegondaing Lane
122 Guang Yin San Buddhist Sasana Centre 136, Western Shwegondaing Lane
123 Zhong Hua Si Chinese Buddhist Nunnery 69, Yedashe Old Lane
124 Sa Zin Lon Chinese Buddhist Nunnery 29, Yay Ta Shay Old Lane
125 Guang Yin Si Chinese Buddhist Monastery 58, Arzarni Lane


126 Convocation Hall Yangon University Estate
127 Art Hall Yangon University Estate
128 Science Hall Yangon University Estate
129 Yangon University Library Yangon University Estate
130 Judson College Chapel Yangon University Estate
131 Sagaing Hall Yangon University Estate
132 Pinya Hall Yangon University Estate
133 Bago Hall Yangon University Estate
134 Inya Hall Yangon University Estate
135 Shwe Bo Hall Yangon University Estate
136 Thiri Hall Yangon University Estate
137 Dagon Hall Yangon University Estate
138 Tha Hton Hall Yangon University Estate
139 Ava Hall Yangon University Estate
140 Pyay Hall Pyay Road
141 Ta Gaung Hall Pyay Road
142 Nawaday Hall Tha Hton Lane
143 Universities’ Dhammayon University Avenue
144 Universities’ Sanatorium University Avenue


145 Kohtatgyi Pagoda Bargayar Lane
146 Kyun Daw Lane Ordination Hall Monastery Bargayar Lane
147 Myaynigone Jamah Mosque 248, Bargayar Lane
148 Oak Kyaung Bargayar Monastery, 241, U Wicara Lane
149 Sarpay Beikman 361, Pyay Road
150 No-2 Basic Education High School 29, Pyay Road
151 Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar 292/A, Pyay Road
152 Kyimyindine Railway Station Kyimyindine Railway Station Lane
153 Chinese Buddhist Nuns’ Temple 35, Tayoke Kyaung Lane
154 (a)Ordination Hall (b) Soon sar Kyaung (c) Pitakat Hall Wayluwun Monastery, Wayluwun Road
155 (a) Pitakat Hall (b) Ordination Hall Zayawady Monastery, Zayawady St.
156 Anglican Religious Training Centre 196, Kyundaw Lane


157 Saint Michael’s Church 153, Upper Kyimyindine Road
158 Ordination Hall Salin Monastery, Panbin Gyi Lane
159 Ohn Pin Dan Sunni Jamah Mosque 1-11, Ohn Pin Lane


160 No-4 Basic Education High School Lower Kyimyindine Road


161 Mogaung Pagoda Corner of Mogaung Pagoda Road and Dhammayon Lane
162 Supramanayan Hindu Temple 41, Butaryone Lane
163 Nagarlain Pagoda (Sandi Meidaw) Butaryone Lane
164 Kalayarna Temple (Zekwet Pagoda) Dhammayon Lane


165 Saint Francis’ CC Catholic Church 131, Kyaikkasan Road
166 M.A. Mamsa Mosque 161, Kyaikkasan Road
167 Masedi Khan Sunni Jamah Mosque 356, Kyaikkasan Road


168 Sri Mary Yeoman Church 49, Yangon-Insein Road


169 Kyaikkasan Pagoda Kyaikkasan Pagoda Lane
170 Saint Joseph’s Church 1-3, Thiri Marlar Lane
171 Than Yoke Monastery Kyauk Sar Daing Lane


172 Kaba Aye Pagoda Kaba Pagoda Road
173 Kyaik Waing Pagoda Kyaik Waing Pagoda Road
174 Aung Shwe Bon Tha Dhamma Beikman Monastery 9th Mile, Pyay Road
175 St Georges Anglican Church Yangon-Pyay Road
176 Saint Edward’s Catholic Church Yangon-Pyay Road
177 Tadmadaw Orthopaedic Hospital (old military officer training school) Yangon-Pyay Road
178 Kyaikkale Pagoda Yangon-Pyay Road
179 Kyaikkalo Pagoda Yangon-Pyay Road


180 Government Technical Institute, Insein Lower Mingaladon Road
181 Office of Criminal Investigation Department Lower Mingaladon Road
182 Insein General Hospital Min Gyi Road
183 No-1 Basic Education High School Min Gyi Road
184 Su Paung Yone (office complex) Min Gyi Road
185 Headquarter of Husbandry & Veterinary Science
186 Myanmar Institute of Theology Yangon-Insein Road

North Okkala

187 Meilamu Pagoda Thu Damar Road


(recently added to list)
188 No-2 Basic Education High School 124-142, Shwebontha St. 189 Sri Mugaparumen Hindu Temple 112-122, Shwebontha St.

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