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IL2 skins and other aviation related website links

Enjoy Surfing and hope to see you back!!

Ubisoft - Owner and God of IL2 Game Series!!

SAS 1946 SAS!! IL2 best mods site!

Axis and Allies paintworks by Phase3 and Boelcke

airwarfare.com great for Cliff of Dover skins and hints etc

BF 109 Kurf├╝rst Skins by I./JG 53_Mad

1Java Il2 Skins - Dutch Website

150GCT Il2 Skins - Italian Website

ww2aircraft.net - Brillent site for Mods

Avia Il2 Skins - Russian Website

B Burys Il2 Skins

bRzSkins Il2 Skins - Brazilian Supported Website

Canons Skins Il2 Skins

Checksix Il2 Skins - French Website

Captain Farrels Il2 Skins

Gavca Il2 Skins - Brazilian Website

Hammerd Il2 Skins

http://www.helgsskins.com/ no longer working Helgsskins Il2 Skins - Great Skins

France-Simulation - Well Supported French Website - Great Skins

Flightsim Art Il2 Skins - Japanese Website

Flying Legends - Well Supported Website

Jagdgeschwader 4 Il2 Skins - Germany Website

Jagdgeschwader 51 Il2 Skins - German Website

Jutocsa Il2 Skins - Hungarian Website

Mission 4 Today Il2 Skins - Well Supported Website

Navirex Il2 Skins - French Website

Rafiger Il2 Skins - German Website

Raven Skins Il2 Skins

Skinz.Dojak Il2 Skins

Vp Media Il2 Skins - Home to one of Il2's well known skinners

Zargos Il2 Skins - Home to one of Il2's well known skinners

checksix-france Check your 6 Great French site

Combatfs CFS2 Skins

Swannysmodels - Aircraft Info Website

Simmers Paintshop - Well Supported Website

The Fly - Spanish supported Il2 Website

SimHQ Forums

Historical Related Websites

Andrew Arthy Focke-Wulf Fw 190 site with IL2 skins

Joe Baugher's USAAF and USN serials

Aviation books by Christer Bergström

Falcons Messerschmitt Hangar




JG 300

Aces of the Luftwaffe


Twelve O'clock High forums

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Aircraft in Profile

Nordic Aviation During WW2 - Lots of database material

SIG Luftwaffe in Norway - Luftwaffe Units based in Norway

R.A.F. Hurricanes in Russia

The 109 Lair

Messerschmitt Bf-109 - Great site for Photo's

The Battle of Britain History Site

The Hawker Temest Site

Little Friends - 8th Airforce Fighter Units

Blue Jacket - US Navy supported site

Aviation Flight Planning Software - Command Software Pty Ltd


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IL2 game skins list