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Vichy French R35 with the 63e BCC captured by Australian 7th Division near Tyre Lebanon IWM

 Vichy French R35 with the 63e BCC captured by Australian 7th Division near Tyre Lebanon IWM


Syria-Lebanon Campaign

Date:- 8th June - 14th July 1941
Location:- Syria and Lebanon
Result:- Allied victory with the Free French control of Syria and Lebanon, shortly followed by their independence
Allied: Axis:
  Australia   Vichy France
  United Kingdom   Syria
  India   Lebanon
  British Palestine   Germany
  Assyrian Levies  
  Free French Forces  
  Free Czechoslovakia  
Commanders and Leaders:
Allied: Axis:
  Archibald Wavell   Henri Dentz
  Henry Maitland Wilson  
  John Lavarack  
  Paul Legentilhomme  
Logistics and Forces used - Strength:
Allied: Axis:
Approximately 34,000 troops 45,000 troops
50+ Aircraft 90 tanks
1 Landing Ship 289 Aircraft
1+ Cruisers 2 Destroyers
6 Destroyers 3 Submarines
Casualties and losses
Allied: Axis:
~4,052 casualties 6,352 - 8,912 casualties
27 aircraft 179 aircraft

The Syria-Lebanon campaign, also known as Operation Exporter, was the Allied invasion of Vichy French-controlled Syria and Lebanon in June-July 1941, during World War II. Time Magazine referred to the fighting as a 'mixed show' while it was taking place and the campaign remains little known, even in the countries that took part. There is evidence that Allied censors acted to suppress or reduce reportage of the fierce fighting. Senior Allied commanders and/or politicians believed that knowledge of fighting against French forces could have a negative effect on public opinion in Allied countries.


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