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Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAFSergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF

Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF

Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF

Photos of Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF during his RAF service

Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF

Official No.: 787 556
Date and place of birth: 1st October 1909, Opatovice
Date and place of death: 2nd January 1978, Ledec nad Sazavou
War Service

Sgt. Bohumír Fürst

He came to No. 310 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron on 6th August 1940 anf there he was retrained on Hurricane.

On 18th October four Czech pilots from No. 310 Squadron were posted into two British squadrons of No. 11 Group which had big casualties. Sgt Furst with P/O Goth was transfered to No. 605 Squadron to Croydon. P/O Goth died on 25th October, so Sgt Furst returned on 28th October to No. 310 Squadron alone.

On 8th February 1941 he made crash landing with the undercarridge down at East Darehamu with Hurricane I P3539 (NN-G).

On 7th March 1941 he finished his operational duty and he moved to Debden to No. 52 Opearational Training Unit (O.T.U.) where he became instructor. On 13th June 1941 he was promoted to P/O. Three days later he was allocated to No. 2 Secondary Flying Training School (S.F.T.S.) at Brize Norton. On 29th May 1942 he ws promoted to the rank of F/O.

In June 1942 he was transfered to No. 6 Pilots' Advanced Flying Unit (P./A.F.U.) and in July he moved for short time to another Pilots' Advanced Flying Unit No. 11. On 14th September 1942 he came to Hendon to No. 24 Transport Command Squadron. Before the end of the year 1942, on 1st December, he was tranfered to No. 510 Transport Command Squadron.

On 29th July 1943 he was promoted to the rank of F/Lt and on 2nd December he was appointed to the function of Flight Leader of No. 510 Squadron.

On 6th June 1945 he was first time after war back in Czechoslovakia and in August he returned finally to Prague. After war he served as pilot at Transport Regiment. In this time he hanged his German name Furst for Czech Firt.

On 1st September 1948 he was promoted into the rank of Major but on 1st February 1949 he was turned off from Czechoslovak Air Force. In the midnight of 10th January 1950 he was arrested and posted into work camp at Mirov. On 2nd November he was degraded to private.

On 10th August 1951 he was released by the reason of bad health condition. Then he worked only as store-keeper.

On 28th August 1965 he retrieved his rank but he couldn't returned into active duty.

He died on 2nd January 1978 in Ledec nad Sazavou of heart attack.

Sgt. Bohumír Fürst Unit Since To Rank
Sergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAFSergeant Bohumír Fürst, (Czechoslovakian) 310SQN., RAF
310 06.08.1940 18.10.1940 Sgt
605 18.10.1940 28.10.1940 Sgt
310 28.10.1940 07.03.1941 Sgt
No. 52 O.T.U 07.03.1941 16.06.1941 Sgt, P/O
No. 2 S.F.T.S 16.06.1941 June 1942 P/O, F/O
No. 6 P./A.F.U. June 1942 August 1942 F/O
No. 11 P./A.F.U. August 1942 14.09.1942 F/O
24 (TC) 14.09.1942 01.12.1942 F/O
510 (TC) 01.12.1942 August 1945 F/O, F/Lt

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