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Soukhoi Su-2 Сухой Су-2 List

IL2 CN Su 2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941 IL2 CN Su 2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941 NC IL2 CN Su 2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941 NM

Soukhoi Su-2 M-88B 'Yellow 68', unknown pilot 226th BAP, Chertkov, South USSR 1941

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CN Su-2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941
CN Su-2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941 NC
CN Su-2 226BAP Y68 Chertkov 1941 NM
Su-2 'Yellow 68', unknown pilot, unknown unit (226 BAP?), Chertkov (South USSR), July 1941.
Text courtesy of Erik Pilawskii (vvs.hobbyvista.com) - This aircraft was photographed by German soldiers after it was apparently abandoned during the early Barbarossa period. The original unit is unknown, as are the details of its service, but the photograph was taken in the area around Chertkov, in the south, during late July 1941 (it is therefore possible that it belonged once to the 226 BAP, but such is simply not confirmed at this time). "68" shows one of the curious three-colour schemes of the early-War, and immediately pre-War, era. Three-colour applications were certainly not unknown, but the unusual combination of AII lacquers Green/Dark Green/Black has been spotted so far only on the Su-2 programme. Interestingly, the Su-2 surviving at Monino is finished in this way. The Monino example has also a more complicated pattern of execution, but from what little evidence there is in the photographic record, this type of simplified pattern seems to be the more common in these colours. skin by Canon, April 2006
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