P-51B Mustang

0 Unit Crest Emblem 51st Fighter Wing TC P 51B 14AF 51FG26FS 264 Summey Kunming CBI 1944 TT P 51B 14AF 51FG26FS 264 Summey Kunming CBI 1944 TT P 51B 14AF 51FG26FS 264 Summey Kunming CBI 1944 V0A

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P-51B Mustang 26th Fighter Squadron 51st Fighter Group flown by Summey Kunming, China

Skins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946, Storm of War (SW).

North American P-51B-15-NA Mustang 42-106957 51FG26FS Code:264 Pilot:Summey Kunming 1944
TT Tromplamort

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51st Fighter Group

Constituted as 51st Pursuit Group (Interceptor) on 20 Nov 1940. Activated on 15 Jan 1941. Assigned to Fourth AF and equipped with P-40's. Redesignated 51st Pursuit Group (Fighter) in Mar 1941. While training for combat, served as part of the defense force for the west coast. Left the US in Jan 1942, stopped in Australia and Ceylon, and arrived in India in Mar 1942. Assigned to Tenth AF. Redesignated 51st Fighter Group in May 1942. Defended the Indian terminus of the Hump route and airfields in that area. Flew strafing, bombing, reconnaissance, and patrol missions in support of Allied ground troops during a Japanese offensive in northern Burma in 1943. Moved to China in Oct 1943 and assigned to Fourteenth AF. Used P-38's, P-40's, and (in 1945) P-51's to defend the eastern end of the route over the Hump, guard air bases in the Kunming area, harass Japanese shipping in the Red River delta, and support Chinese ground forces in their drive along the Salween River. Returned to India in the fall of 1945 and sailed for the US in Nov. Inactivated on 13 Dec 1945.

Activated on Okinawa on 15 Oct 1946. Assigned to Far East Air Forces. Equipped with P-47's and P-61's in 1946, and with F-80 and F-82 aircraft in 1948. Trained, served as part of the occupation force, and provided air defense for the Ryukyus. Redesignated 51st Fighter-Interceptor Group in Feb 1950. Moved to Japan in Sep 1950 and, operating from bases in Japan and Korea, served in combat against Communist forces until the end of the Korean War. Used F-80's until Nov 1951 and then converted to F-86 aircraft. Supported ground forces and flew patrol, escort, interdictory, and reconnaissance missions. Frequently engaged the enemy's jet (MIG) fighters and reported numerous victories in aerial combat, Capt Joseph McConnell Jr becoming the leading ace of the Korean War. Returned to Okinawa in Aug 1954.

Squadrons. 16th: 1941-1945; 1946. 25th: 1941-1945; 1946. 26th: 1941-1945; 1946. 449th: 1943-1945.

Stations. Hamilton Field, Calif, 15 Jan 1941; March Field, Calif, 20 Jun 1941-11 Jan 1942; Karachi, India, 14 Mar 1942; Dinjan, India, 10 Oct 1942; Kunming, China, 2 Oct 1943; India, Sep-Nov 1945; Ft Lewis, Wash, 12-13 Dec 1945. Yontan, Okinawa, 15 Oct 1946; Naha, Okinawa, 22 May 1947; Itazuke, Japan, 22 Sep 1950; Kimpo, Korea, 24 Oct 1950; Itazuke, Japan, 3 Jan 1951; Tsuiki, Japan, 20 Jan 1951; Suwon, Korea, 27 Jul 1951; Naha, Okinawa, 1 Aug 1954-.

Commanders. Col Homer L Sanders, 1941; Col John F Egan, 23 Mar 1943; Lt Col Samuel B Knowles Jr, 20 Sep 1943; Col Louis R Hughes Jr, 27 May 1944; Lt Col William E Blankenship, Feb-13 Dec 1945. Col Loring F Stetson Jr, 15 Oct 1946; Col Homer A Boushey, 12 Apr 1947; Lt Col James F McCarthy, 1 Aug 1947; Col Homer A Boushey, unkn; Lt Col Bruce D Biddlecome, Jun 1948; Lt Col Kenneth L Garrett, 7 Mar 1949; Lt Col Robert F Worley, 24 May 1949; Col John T Shields, 1 Jul 1949; Lt Col Irwin H Dregne, Jun 1950; Col Oliver G Cellini, 1950; Col Irwin H Dregne, 24 Apr 1951; Lt Col John M Thacker, 21 Jul 1951; Lt Col George L Jones, 13 Nov 1951; Lt Col William M Shelton, Mar 1952; Lt Col Albert S Kelly, Jun 1952; Col Robert P Baldwin, Jan 1953; Lt Col Harold C Gibson, Aug 1953; Col Malcolm E Norton, Oct 1953; Lt Col Harold G Shook, 23 Mar 1954; Lt Col William A Campbell, 9 Jul 1954; Col George V Williams, 10 Aug 1954-.

Campaigns. World War II: India-Burma; China Defensive; China Offensive. Korean War: UN Offensive; CCF Intervention; 1st UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive; UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea Summer-Fall, 1952; Third Korean Winter; Korea Summer-Fall, 1953.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: Korea, 28 Nov 1951-30 Apr 1953. Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations: [Sep] 1950-30 Jun 1951; 1 Jul 1951-31 Mar 1953.

Insigne. Shield: Per fess nebuly abased azure and or, issuing from partition line a demipegasus argent with a machine gun in each wing bendwise sable, gun fire proper. Motto: Deftly And Swiftly. (Approved 5 Feb 1942. This insigne was modified 2 May 1956.)

Aces of the 51st Fighter Wing
With its lineage dating back to 15 January 1941, the 51st Fighter Wing has compiled a distinguished combat record in two major conflicts – World War II and Korean War. Twenty pilots achieved Ace status. Two became Double Aces, one of which attained Triple Ace status.

World War II Record
During World War II, 51st Fighter Group pilots battled Japanese pilots over the skies of India and China between October 1942 and August 1945. Pilots of the group’s 16th, 25th, and 26th Fighter Squadrons flew the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (until March 1944) and the North American P-51 Mustang (from March 1944) while pilots of the 449th Fighter Squadron (assigned in August 1943) flew the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.

Although the 51 FG had been based at Karachi, India, in March 1942, it did not achieve any level of combat readiness status until June 1942. The 16 FS was the first squadron to finally receive its full complement of P-40s, and was declared combat ready. Given the desperate situation in China, though, the 16 FS immediately was detached from the 51st and attached to the 23 FG, based in China. The 16 FS remained with the 23d until October 1943 when it rejoined the 51st. Meanwhile, the 25 FS was combat ready in September 1942 and the 26 FS in October 1942 at which time the squadrons moved with the group headquarters to the Assam Valley, in northeast India.

The group saw aerial combat action within a week after moving to Dinjan and Sookerting airfields in the Assam Valley. On 19 October 1942, 1st Lt Alvin B. Watson, 26 FS, recorded the group’s first aerial victory of World War II. From then on, group pilots engaged Japanese aircraft whenever opportunities arose which were sporadic between October 1942 and October 1943. With the exception of Japanese air raids over the Assam Valley in late October 1942 (eight aerial victories) and the group’s air defense of Fort Hertz, Burma, in February 1943 (12 aerial victories), pilots were credited with only 22 aerial victories.

After the group was reassigned to Fourteenth Air Force in October 1943, it moved to Kunming, China. From that location, squadron pilots deployed to various airfields in China, and aerial engagements with Japanese aircraft increased substantially. During its 22 months in China, group pilots recorded 148 aerial victories. In all, 111 group pilots received official credit for 170.58 aerial victories during World War II. Six pilots achieved Ace status—all while based in China.

Rank/Name Squadron No. of Victories Date of Ace Status
Maj Robert L. Liles 16FS 5 18 December 1943
1st Lt Edward M. Nollmeyer 26FS 5 22 December 1943
2d Lt Lee O. Gregg 449FS 7 4 March 1944
1st Lt Robert B. Schultz 449FS 5 4 March 1944
Capt John F. Colman 26FS 5 21 September 1944
1st Lt Keith Mahon 449FS 5 5 January 1945

North American P-51B Mustang history and specifications

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