Catania Fontanarossa Airport

Catania-Vincenzo Bellini Airport


Catania Airport's history dates back to 1924, when it was the region's very first airport. During World War II it was seized by the Allies during the Sicilian Campaign and used by the United States Army Air Forces as a military airfield. Twelfth Air Force used the airport as a combat airfield, stationing the 340th Bombardment Group, which flew B-25 Mitchells from 27 Aug-19 Nov 1943. In addition, the HQ, 51st Troop Carrier Wing used the airport from 29th Sep 1943 to 29th Jun 1944. Various transport units used the airport for the rest of the war, afterward it was turned back over to civil authorities.

By the late 1940s, it was clear that the airport was fast running out of space and it was deemed necessary to relocate and in 1950, the new bigger and improved Catania Airport opened for business.

After 20 years of unexpected growth and high passengers levels, in 1981 it was once again necessary to restructure the airport to cope with demand. More recently in 2007, a state of the art new terminal building was inaugurated.

Comiso Airport

Comiso Airport (IATA: CIY, ICAO: LICB), also known as Vincenzo Magliocco Airport is located in the Sicilian province of Ragusa, 5 km from Comiso and 15 km from Ragusa. It was changed from military to civil use during 2005-2008. The airport will open to general aviation and cargo in the near future.


The airport was designed in 1934 under the fascist regime but building works did not start until 1935 and were finshed in 1939. It was named after General Vincenzo Magliocco from Palermo who had been killed in the Ethiopian war in 1936.

During World War II it was bombarded and severely damaged by the Allied forces on 26 May and 17 June 1943, just before the landing on the nearby Sicilian beaches (Operation Husky).

Rebuilt and enlarged after the war, with a runway that was to be 1740m long, the airport was opened to civil aviation. The airport was also a base for the 41st Storm of Catania until 1973.

NATO base

From 1983 to 1991 Comiso airport was the largest NATO base in southern Europe and housed 112 American cruise missiles. Large pacifist demonstrations took place outside the airport before its closure.

IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - COD/CLOD skins - No 3d model at this stage
IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946 skins
  IL2 game skin by AB Macchi MC200 Saetta 6 Gruppo Autonomo 79Sa Comiso 1941
  IL2 game skin by AB Macchi MC200 Saetta 6 Gruppo Autonomo 81Sa Comiso 1941
  IL2 game skin by AB Macchi MC200 Saetta 6 Gruppo Autonomo 88Sa Comiso 1941


  IL2 game skin by HM MC 200 1S6G79Sa 79-8 Fontanarossa Feb 1941
  IL2 game skin by HM MC 200 1S6G79Sa 79-8 Fontanarossa Feb 1941 NM
  IL2 game skin by HM MC 200 1S6G79Sa 79-8 Fontanarossa Feb 1941 V0A

  HM _Harpia_Mafra55_


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