Junkers Ju 87B-1 4 Staffel Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 4 (M9+YA) Nikolayev Ukraine 12 July 1942

Profile 01: Standard camouflage: upper surfaces RLM 70 and 71, lower surfaces RLM 65. Yellow (RLM 04) identification stripe. Belonging to a night 'harassment' unit, this plane, which blew up in flight over Russia on 12 July 1942, has had its nationality and undersides painted black. It is possible that the individual letter has also been painted this colour. The usual code for the Störkampfgruppe of Luftflotte 4 was 1K, except for Staffel 4 - as here - where it was 'M9', the Staffel's letter being 'A'.

New IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - COD skins

Cliffs of Dover game skin by asisbiz Ju 87B1 4.Storkampfgruppe Lfl.4 M9+YA Ukraine 12th July 1942

Battle Time Lines

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