Seetransportstaffel 1 - L.Tr.St.See 1 mixed photograph's

Artwork Junkers Ju 52 3mg6e(W) Seetransportstaffel 1 (8A+EJ) W1E Mediterranean 1943

Profile 0A: Ju.52/3mg6e(W) Unit: Seetransportstaffel 1 Serial: EJ/W1E November 1943. The squadron operated from German-occupied Crete in the Mediterranean.
Profile Artist: unknown Source: A Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc

Artwork Junkers Ju 52 3mg7e(W) L.Tr.St.See 1 1W+FT Agais Mediterranean 1941

Profile 0A: Ju.52/3mg7e(W) Unit: L.Tr.St.See 1 Serial: 1W+FT Based at Agais, 1941.

Profile Artist: © Seweryn Fleischer Source: 'Ju.52 Model Fan Encyclopaedia No.4', by AJAKS, Warsaw, 2002

Artwork Junkers Ju 52 3m(W) L.Tr.St.See 1 (1Z+MN) Aegean Mediterranean 1943 0A

Profile Source: Luftwaffe Vol 2 Transport Units 1943-45 page 155

Junkers Ju 52 3mg5eW DR+WO being flight tested prior to delivery to a Seetransportstaffel 01

Junkers Ju 52/3m(W) LTSta(See) 1 later Transportgeschwader 4 - TG4 (8A+HJ) Mediterranean 1943 01-02

Photograph Source 0A: Luftwaffe Vol 2 Transport Units 1943-45 page 153

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